Barefoot Contessa’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake Recipe –

I decided to use part almonds and part toasted spiced walnuts in the streusel, because I had these available. (I had recently made the walnuts with Alice Waters’ recipe for spiced nuts) So I made the streusel right in the food processor, after spinning the almonds to chop, I put all the other streusel stuff in and processed pulsing a few times, mixing and chopping well. I used a bundt pan, which was only about 8 1/2 inches across, so I made a buttered and floured foil collar as one would do for a souffle, knowing the batter would rise above the pan’s edge. I used twice the nuts called for, since I love a really, really nutty streusel! Also I used part brown sugar in the batter for a richer taste, and used 1/4 c yogurt and 1 c sour cream, since that is all I had in the fridge. Added about an extra tbsp butter to the batter, as the yoogurt was non-fat. Also, as if that is not change enough, I added about 2 c. frozen dark cherries, cutting up individually by hand first, and flouring them, before completely defrosted so they wouldn’t be mush. I added the cherries when I combined wet and dry ingredients, along with zest of one whole organic orange. So basically I just used the recipe as a template to create a whole new coffee cake recipe!<br/>I love adapting and subbing so I do so all the time. Yet the basic proportions of prime ingredients are there for a reason, so mainly I add in extras and more nuts, etc. I also put a half teaspoon of cinnamon in the batter, along with the dry ingredients. I shall call it Cherry-Orange Nut Streusel Coffee cale coffee cake. My thoughts are it would be tastier and healthier with whole wheat pastry flour in place of about half of the flour, still a splendid crumb, but with all the sugar and butter in here having some whole wheat makes one feel a bit more virtuous!

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