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Brian’s Famous Chili

Chili is a point of pride, especially for actor Brian Baumgartner. He’s been perfecting his famous recipe for years—and for National Chili Day, he’s partnered with us to share it with the world! Scroll on to make a mean pot of Brian’s Famous Chili at home. Brian’s not-so-secret ingredient? Bush’s® B-E-S-T Chili Beans. Already simmered in flavorful chili sauce, the pinto and kidney beans used in this recipe help Brian bring his A-game in the kitchen… and make his best chili even better.​ For Brian, the art of chili is all about balance. Whether it’s slow-sautéing shallots for a mild sweetness or dicing the perfect amount of green “peppies,” Brian brings his expert hand to every step of this recipe. Brian thinks of this chili as a customizable canvas. Try topping yours with extra cheese, sour cream, or whatever makes your chili famous! Pro Tip: make sure you have a towel ready; cooking chili can get messy.

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