Healthified Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup — The Skinny Fork

I started making this soup a several years back and it was an instant hit with the entire family. The recipe has evolved here and there over time, so much so that it’s a far cry from where I initially picked it up from (which I honestly can’t even remember!)

It’s one of the most requested recipes among my family when we have our weekly(ish) dinners together, and has been ever since it came into our lives. Like I said, I’ve tweaked it through the years and have finally come up with what I would consider a near perfect chicken tortilla soup that satisfies in a guilt-free way. They’ll never guess it’s healthy, I promise!

If you aren’t generally a jalapeno fan, I would say to try it in this soup anyway. It really shouldn’t add much heat (especially if you remove the seeds), just mostly flavor!

Do not forget to add the lime at the end! The addition of the lime juice changes the flavor of the soup entirely and adds a whole new level of depth to the taste.

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