Homemade Carpet Stain Remover

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Inside: Searching for a DIY carpet stain remover? Check out these simple tips on how to remove old stains from the carpet with hydrogen peroxide. Easily make your own homemade carpet stain remover using daw and hydrogen peroxide.

homemade carpet stain remover
homemade carpet stain remover

I am always amazed at the mystery spots I find on my carpet. I am not sure if they come from the dogs or my son, but no one ever seems to know what they are from.

They are always the worst during summer. I think between the spring mud and dirt that the dogs track in and having my kiddo at home all summer the stains all come out.

The other day I decided to make up a batch of my favorite homemade carpet stain remover and cleaned some of the worst carpet stains. This mix is so simple to make and you probably have everything you need to make it at home. So if you are tired of looking at the carpet stains and spots whip up a batch of this easy homemade carpet stain remover.

Homemade Carpet Stain Remover

To get started you will need a few things. This dawn and hydrogen peroxide carpet cleaner is pretty easy to make.

You will need.

  • Spray bottle (I love these glass bottles from Amazon)
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • water
  • dish soap (I recommend Dawn brand)

Making a Batch of DIY Carpet Stain Remover

Start with a spray bottle and add about 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 cup water to the spray bottle.

Then add the 1/2 teaspoon of dawn dish soap to the spray bottle. Shake the bottle to mix up the stain remover completely.

diy carpet stain remover on rugs
diy carpet stain remover on rugs

Spot Testing The Carpet Cleaner

Next, you will want to spot test this mix on your carpet. My carpet is a light cream so it doesn’t bleach it out at all.

If you have a darker colored carpet you do run the risk of it bleaching the carpet. Find a small area of your carpet that is covered by furniture or in an area you don’t normally see and test it.

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Spray a small amount in that area and let it completely dry overnight. If your carpet is still the same color in the morning you should be good to go. I highly recommend doing this so you don’t ruin your carpet or rug.

Removing Stains with the Carpet Stain Remover

Spray the carpet stain remover over the areas of your carpet with the stains. Let it sit for about 2-5 minutes and then start to blot the stains away with a dry microfiber cloth.

Make sure you are pressing firmly on the stain, but not rubbing back and forth. If you rub too hard on the carpet you will tear up the carpet fibers.

If the stain doesn’t go away after a minute or two of blotting repeat the steps again.

Once you have removed all the stains take a clean, damp microfiber cloth and blot the area. This helps get up any soap and hydrogen peroxide residue.

Then allow the area to dry before you walk on it or put any furniture back into place. Check out my before and after!

This carpet stain remover is great because it is completely customizable. If you are worried about staining you can mix in more water and less hydrogen peroxide.

If your stain doesn’t come out you can also up the amount of hydrogen peroxide you are adding. You can find the perfect mix to get out all the stains and get your carpet looking great!

If you are looking for more carpet cleaning tips you can see how to use a carpet cleaner like a pro.

Homemade Carpet Stain Remover

1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide
1/2 cup water
1/2 teaspoon dawn dish detergent

Add 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 cup water to a small spray bottle. Then pour in 1/2 teaspoon dawn dish detergent. Close bottle and shake before each use. Spray over stained area of carpet and allow to sit for about 2-5 minutes. Gently blot the stains with a microfiber cloth. Repeat process if necessary. Once the stains are gone blot the area with a damp microfiber cloth and then allow to dry.

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