Mike’s New Orleans Old School Seafood Gumbo Recipe by MMOBRIEN

It’s about time to put some old South in your mouth isn’t it?! If so, this recipe includes piles upon piles of extra spicy, chunky, delicious, juicy seafood and scrumptious smoky Andouille sausage!

No Okra is added to this Gumbo. Why? Because Okra is slimy, gross and terribly, terribly icky! Nope! Not gonna happen in my kitchen! Yuck! Just yuck! In fact, double yuck! Sorry for the rant. It’s my ONE culinary pet peeve. This is why the Roux and Gumbo Filet Powder are so important in this dish. Like Okra, they’re both thickeners. Just much, much tastier!

Anyway, on a happier note, your roux can be made as thick or thin as you desire. Half it by more if you’d like. Thinner? Served with an absorbent jalapeño corn bread. Just the way we enjoy it. Or, thicker? Served with a big assed spoon and a healthy shake or two of Tabasco or Louisiana Hot Sauce!

Be sure to serve this dish with a dash of additional Tony Chachere’s Creole Seafood Seasonings to the side for your guests. Fresh French Bread and chilly Egg Potato Salad are also great as Gumbo sides!

My 7 and 8 year old students had a blast making this messy, albeit, detailed dish this evening while jumping in and out of the pool and hot tub! I hope you will as well. Try making this tasty little dish as a family. After all, kids really do love cooking with mom and dad! Talk about some quality family time!

Shreaded chicken and white rice goes great in this dish as well. So, feel free to get creative with this flexible recipe!

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