‘Mare of Easttown’: Angourie Rice on Having Kate Winslet’s Support, Guessing the Killer, and the Secrecy of ‘Spider-Man’

From godhead Brad Ingelsby and conductor Craig Zobel, the seven-episode HBO limited series Mare of Easttown follows small-town Pennsylvania detective Mare Sheehan ( Kate Winsle thyroxine, who ’ south besides an administrator producer on the project ), as she investigates a ghastly local anesthetic murder that threatens to tear the community apart. At the same clock time, Mare ’ s own syndicate biography is a batch, which is starting to bleed into her career in a way that will lead to ineluctable consequences .
During a 1-on-1 interview with Collider, Aussie actress Angourie Rice ( who plays Mare ’ s daughter Siobhan, a adolescent trying to form a life of her own ) talked about how nervous she was to join the project, getting to improvise with co-star Winslet and Jean Smart, how Winslet went above and beyond in helping her shoot an inner scene, what she loves about Siobhan, the stress, and why they made her delay to read the final script. She besides talked about her know on the current Spider-Man films, where she plays Betty Brant, and why it ’ s important to keep everything top secret .
COLLIDER VIDEO OF THE DAY Collider: What’s it like for you to work on a project where you have Kate Winslet as your mother and Jean Smart as your grandmother? Do you have to take a moment, over how surreal that is?

ANGOURIE RICE : yea, decidedly. I was indeed nervous coming into the project. I didn ’ thyroxine expect to be cast, first of all. I merely thought it was gone. I didn ’ t think they ’ five hundred cast me. I was so surprise and overjoyed. I was therefore matter to in the project because I knew Kate was attached. It ’ s funny, we did a round table with all of the actors and everyone was like, “ Oh, yeah, I signed on because of Kate. ” We all knew it was gon sodium be bright because Kate was gon sodium be playing this character and we knew she could pull it off. And as you can see in the display, she wholly does. She was decidedly what drew me to the project initially, and then reading the script, I was like, “ Wow, I can see her playing this. I can see the global. I can see how they ’ re gon na create it. ” Definitely, there were many, many pinch me moments, in the star up to filming. once I got there, I was like, “ Okay, let ’ s do this. I ’ megabyte excited. I ’ molarity skittish, but I ’ megabyte excited. ”
You said that you didn’t think you’d get the role. Why is that? Is it just because they didn’t tell you for a long time, or are you always like that? mare-of-easttown-angourie-rice-02 Image via HBO rice : I ’ megabyte constantly like that. I ’ molarity always like, “ There ’ s no way I ’ meter gon na get this. ” I had missed out on roles in a similar vein before. Siobhan is a moment benighted and edgier than characters I ’ ve played before. besides, when I auditioned Spider-Man : far From Home had good come out, and I play identical preppy, goodie two shoes Betty in that movie, and I had played similar girl next door characters before. I merely didn ’ t think they were gon na cast me as Siobhan or give me a shot, but I was overjoyed that they did because I truly connected with her. I truly connected with her fib and felt that I had a lot to give her, and I actually wanted to be a separate of the project, so I was very overjoyed that they offered me the job .
What was it like to shoot the family scenes in the house? Both Kate Winslet and Jean Smart told me about getting to improvise a bit in some of those moments. Did you get in on any of that yourself?
rice : If they took the lead, then yes. The capital thing about improvisation is that, if one person does it, you have to respond uncoiled off and think of a reception. That ’ mho was a very fun challenge, as an actor. When you ’ re in that universe, it ’ mho precisely having a fortune of playfulness. It ’ second in truth bang-up to watch it back and to see those fiddling moments that were improvised that did make it in. I think that truly gives it a act of authenticity, angstrom well. The room that the show is written, watching it back, there are some moments where I ’ m like, “ That could have been a rewrite, or that could have been improv on the day, or that could have in the first place been in the script. ” The means that Brad [ Ingelsby ] wrote the dialogue, it ’ s so lifelike and it feels on the spur of the moment, even if it ’ second not. Those moments of improvisation actually blend into the worldly concern .
You’ve previously talked about how Kate hung around on set to help you through an intimate scene that you had to shoot. How did that come about? Did you guys talk about that ahead of time? Did you know that was going to happen, or did she just suddenly appear there?
rice : She had wrapped for the day. She had a fit before ours that had wrapped and she was like, “ I ’ molarity just gon na hang around. ” We talked about it ahead and she said, “ I ’ meter equitable gon na make sure you guys are all right and that everything ’ s running smoothly and that you ’ re feel comfortable. ” It was actually lovely. The scene was in a car, so she hopped in the trunk of the car, which was in truth nice. normally, direction is broadcast over the walkie talking picture, but she was like, “ I ’ ll just hop in the car. I ’ ll like avail you out from there. I ’ ll be the mediator, between you and the director, who ’ sulfur outside of the car. ” It was truly great because it meant that we could all have a laugh about it and everyone felt more comfortable. Laughing about something makes everyone feel a distribute more at ease .
mare-of-easttown-angourie-rice-kate-winslet Image via HBO Because Siobhan is the most together person in this family, people do tend to assume she’s okay rather than actually asking how she’s doing. It was especially interesting to see the moment with her father, where he even makes a point to say that to her. So, how is she doing?
rice : That ’ sulfur something we talked a draw about in pre-production, how it ’ s a given that Siobhan is okay. It ’ second because, for a long time, her parents have been dealing with other stuff and they don ’ t have the mental capacity to deal with the possibility of her not being okay. They ’ re dealing with then much other stuff in their lives. Mare distinctly has got so much going on, as you see in the show. It ’ mho one thing off her disturbance list, if Siobhan is fine. Siobhan has always felt that pressure to just be all right and kind everything out. She ’ s basically a part-time caretaker for this 4-year-old son and that ’ s a bad duty, a well as high educate and homework and her band. What I truly loved about her character is that she ’ s found a way to process the grief and she ’ s found a way to understand that. What I very loved about Brad ’ s write is that, even though she ’ second found a direction to process it, that doesn ’ t think of that her healing process is arrant and that she ’ s wholly fine, all the time. The testify, as a solid, is an exploration of grief and how different people understand it and how community understands it. The express has some in truth dark points and Siobhan has some very iniquity points, but there ’ s besides a lot of lightsomeness. It ’ south very nuanced. There ’ mho light and tad. That ’ s what I very love about how Siobhan deals with anything in her animation. She ’ s a complex being. She doesn ’ t have to feel one thing about something constantly. She can change her beware and she can feel contradict feelings and calm be valid, if that makes smell .

It’s also one of the really interesting ways that mental illness is handled in the show. We see how, even if you’re not the person who’s directly diagnosed, it still affects you.
rice : yea. Talking about the characters and what Siobhan ’ randomness upbringing would have been like, that was very present in how they would have functioned as a family, what led to the fracture of their family, how they dealt with that together, and what the timeline of that was like. now, Siobhan takes a draw of that province on, and that might silent be a carry over from growing up and it being taken for granted that she ’ s approve. She ’ second placid the mediator with her parents, and even with her ma and her grandma. She ’ randomness identical much the conciliator. She ’ s taken that function on .
How did you find the accent for this? How challenging was that for you to get it right and do you put a lot of pressure on yourself with that kind of thing? mare-of-easttown-angourie-rice-03 Image via HBO rice : Yes, I put a draw of imperativeness on myself for everything. The stress was very, identical nerve-racking. I didn ’ thyroxine wide area network na mess it up. My accent is probably the lightest in the indicate, which in some ways was easy, but in some ways it was harder because with something thus unhorse or so subtle, you don ’ thymine pale na unintentionally slip out of it. A distribute of it, for me, was bringing the placement of my voice down a spot because australian accents are then hideous. It ’ mho very astir in your nose, whereas Siobhan wouldn ’ thymine talk like that. Because I ’ megabyte talking to Americans now, I tone it down a bite, but around my friends, it ’ sulfur atrocious. With Siobhan, it was about picking out certain words that we wanted to emphasize in the Delco dialect, and then besides bringing vocal music placement down into the thorax. That was what we worked on. It was easier that everyone else was in that accent world, as well. We were all working hard on it, so that made it easier .
Because this show is solving a crime, there are twists and turns and they are shocking moments. Was the mystery of it all kept a secret from you until you had to know, or did the cast know the whole story from the beginning?
rice : I didn ’ metric ton know the whole story before we started shooting. I had read all of the scripts. But in the pre-production procedure, before I got to the States, they were still sending me the script to read through. I was offered the caper and they were sending me the scripts, but they wouldn ’ metric ton send me the last episodes until I had guessed. They gave me the episodes up until a sealed point, and then they made me guess what happens. That was reasonably average of them, but it was fun to keep the mystery animated for me, ampere well. I was getting cook to shoot this show and still reading the episodes, one by one, and not sitting down and binge -reading them all. I like how the episodes are coming out, one by one, like the olden days of television again .
You must be used to at least a little bit of secrecy, doing Spider-Man movies. What’s it like to deal with the height of everything being top secret?
rice : The way that like Marvel protects the history is beyond anything I ’ ve ever experienced. It ’ s therefore secret. Shooting Spider-Man was like getting to go to a in truth cool subject park, but you couldn ’ t tell anyone because it ’ s the earth ’ s most clandestine theme park. That was crafty. The beneficial thing about the second film was that I had my mother and my sister there with me, the unharmed time, so they were in on it and I could talk to them about anything because they were there. They are ace close about everything. After being a part of it and seeing how people speculate from photos on-line and individual lines in previous films, the fans of Marvel do some actually capital guess, for certain, so I understand .
Is it fun, in a situation like that, where it is so secretive and you’re in this bubble where you can’t tell anybody anything outside of that bubble, that you get to have the band back together each time, and you keep returning to the character with the same group of people there? mare-of-easttown-angourie-rice-jean-smart-izzy-king Image via HBO rice : yea. I grew up on Spider-Man, not in the common sense of growing up reading the comics, but I was 15 when I signed up to do the first one and by time this last one comes out, I ’ molarity gon na be about 21. It happened during very formative years in my life. I ’ m a very different person now than I was at 15, although possibly some people would beg to differ. But I feel like my life has changed so much since I was 15. In my judgment, Betty growing up, Betty getting fix to graduate, and Betty getting her first boyfriend and going to school dances and traveling oversea, that happened in my life, at the same time. Betty and me, our trajectories are identical twin, in terms of how we grew up. That community and that floor will constantly be a huge separate of my life and my adolescence .
Mare of Easttown airs on Sunday nights on HBO.

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