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Working at Apple is a ambition for many developers, but preparing for coding interviews is no easy task. To make your life easy, we ’ ve compiled the top 30 interview questions you can expect during a technical interview with Apple .


Apple SRE interview process overview

Apple ’ second software engineer interview work differs from early larger technical school companies, like Amazon, due to the numeral of interviews they hold and their on-site action .
If you are asked to consultation at Apple, the process broadly looks like this :

  • Prescreen with Recruiter: It will take about a week from resume submission to first contact. A recruiter will usually reach out over LinkedIn or email to set up a time for a phone call. This phone screen will last from 15-30 minutes, and the questions will not be overly technical. You could expect questions like Why do you want to work for Apple? or What’s your favorite Apple product or service?
  • Technical phone interview: Usually a week later, they will schedule your next technical phone interview. There will be one or two technical phone screens with questions about your resume and a coding question on data structures and algorithms. The coding interviews are about 45-60 minutes, with 30 minutes to complete the challenge.
  • On-site interview: The onsite interview will last about 6 hours. You’ll meet with 8-12 Apple employees, and interviews will be a mix of behavioral, domain knowledge, and coding challenges. Each interview is about 45 minutes to an hour where you will be posed with technical problems. Behavioral questions are also very important for hiring managers.

What Is the Apple SRE Interview Process Like?

Before we look at apple interview questions, let ’ s first understand the Apple interview work. You can expect up to 9-12 rounds of interviews before bagging an offer. here is a breakdown of the Apple interview summons :

Phone Screen

There can be up to 2 call screen rounds. It will be a 30-minute informal conversation with a recruiter, who will assess your matter to in Apple and the function and how well you will fit in the team. The first call will be with an internal recruiter, but the second gear visit might be with a team precede since all the openings at Apple are team-specific. You will be asked questions about your academic qualifications, professional achievements, and by projects .
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Hi All, I am new to this chopine and looking for some help to lend a function in my dream company. I wasnt looking for speculate actively till last workweek, but opportunity came up from Apple. I dont see myself prepared at all. I am frighten and dont want to miss out on this position. I requested Apple recruiter to give me at-least a calendar month to prepare before appearing for any interview. fortunately, he agreed on that. I believe I can cover up the coding share easily but not surely on system blueprint. Could anyone please help me with what kind of questions they ask on organization design ? I m clueless on that. Your suggestions and help on this is highly appreciated in advance. # SystemDesignPreparation # sreinterview # sre # engineering. Thanks

What people are saying about the Apple SRE Interview

The interview work was relatively straight fore, aside from taking about 9 months from foremost contact to beginning day. Phone riddle, technical call screen, onsite, and then the extend. typical technical questions, some program challenges, nothing out of the ordinary. however, I ’ meter writing this inspection because of what came adjacent. After I started, I found out that the team I interviewed with had been split into multiple. I was placed with cipher I had interviewed with. not a large deal on its own, but I ’ d hush call it reasonably unprofessional. It ’ mho atrocious to walk in on your first day and learn that the people you liked in consultation ( an important retainer when considering a situation ! ) you won ’ metric ton be working with. I quickly realized that because of this change, I wouldn ’ t be receiving the kind of ferment I expected to, and was told I would in interview. While the previous surprise was borderline unprofessional, this was absolute crass. I mentioned it to my coach who promised to bring something my way. He didn ’ metric ton. I brought it up again and again in our regular meetings to which he responded with the same kind of nonsense, saying it ’ randomness coming, it will be soon, you will have it in X month. Well, X month came around and it was calm nowhere in sight. I ask my coach one more time about this and he finally admits I won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get what I want. Apple showed extreme dishonesty in my interview process and downright unprofessional actions, as a caller, afterwards. I felt suckered into to a function that benefited the ship’s company but left me no professional emergence .
I applied on-line. The march was relatively flying, since they were actively looking for SRE candidates. The process started with a call screen with a recruiter. This was followed by multiple interviews over the course of a one day onsite.It was a six hour virtual on-site interviews with randomly selected Apple employees in their respective areas of expertness. Everyone iodine had a new world chat with was super friendly and easy going, we didn ’ t have a trouble to keep the discussions going and there was batch of board to ask questions. sol semen train with questions !
Coding on They gave a static list to work with.
1. Convert a list to a dictionary with key as the detail and value as the count of the detail

2. Given the above dict sort and remove duplicates
System engineering questions:

  1. what is an inode?
  2. what is avg load on the Linux system?
  3. what is included in the Kubernetes control plane?
  4. given /24 subnet how many IPs are available to use?
  5. A Kubernetes pod is not starting up and is going in a pending state, how will troubleshoot this?
  6. – How are you today? –
  7. What is your strength?
  8. – What is your experience working remote offices?
  9. how to encrypt passwords


Does Apple do coding interviews?
You ’ ll have one or two technical foul call interviews, where you ’ ll be asked questions about your resume and a coding question on Data Structures and Algorithms. The Coding Interviews will be for about 45-60 minutes, where you’ll be given 30 minutes to complete the coding problem.
What kind of questions does Apple ask in an interview?
Top 3 Apple interview questions

  • What is your favorite Apple device? Why? …
  • Tell me about a time you completely failed. How did you bounce back from it? …
  • Tell me about a time you disagreed with your manager. …
  • Behavioral/situational. …
  • Leadership. …
  • Technical/skills questions. …
  • Company-specific. …
  • General competency-based.

Are Apple technical interviews hard?

When it comes to tech interviews- Apple’s is definitely the hardest. This is the definitive scout on what it takes to pass the interview .
How do I ace an Apple interview?
When it comes to tech interviews- Apple’s is definitely the hardest. This is the authoritative usher on what it takes to pass the consultation .

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