Blac Youngsta Addresses Backlash For Performing Young Dolph Diss Track

Blac Youngsta is speaking out amid backfire for performing his ill-famed Young Dolph dis traverse, “ Shake Sum. ”
A video circulating on-line shows the rapper stormily belting out the lyrics of the dis racetrack, which threatens Young Dolph with bodily damage during his performance at the Aces of Dallas cabaret in Dallas on Friday night .
Fans have been dragging the rapper for performing the birdcall and called his move insensitive as the rapper was good this workweek laid to rest .
Blac Youngsta is distinctly not over his beef with Young Dolph as he performed “ Shake Sum, ” a dis chase directed at Young Dolph in 2016 in which he name drop Dolph and sings about having killers waiting on his say so among other things.

The video recording shows him rapping along while his DJ is playing the song, but he then stops to light up a joint then tells the DJ to stop the song so he can freestyle the verse about Young Dolph .
“ Young Dolph Thorton wan na play ho/I ’ megabyte on tour with the K holmium, ” he raps while suggesting that Dolph can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be king of Memphis when he was born in Chicago .
He continued with the chorus rapping about killing and robbing people and their mothers .
Fans, however, felt the motion was aweless as the rapper was killed a calendar month ago and alone recently laid to rest .
One man has been arrested for the photograph of Young Dolph on November 17, where he was shot and killed in Memphis while inside Makeda ’ mho Homemade Cookies .
In the meanwhile, the gripe with Youngsta has stretched back years to Dolph and Yo Gotti feud and Blac Youngsta, who is signed to Yo Gotti ’ s CMG .

The feud about got madly between the rappers as Youngsta was arrested and charged for being involved in the February 2017 mangle attempt on Dolph ’ s life sentence in which his SUV was shot at over 100 times. fortunately for him at the meter, the fomite was bulletproof .
Youngsta was charged with six counts of discharging a firearm into occupied place and one count of felony conspiracy. Dolph had escaped unharmed .
Blac Youngsta has maintained his innocence and spoke about it in an interview in 2017 .
“ I ’ megabyte going to get to the bottom of a lot of this sh * metric ton once I beat this [ case ], ” he explained, adding that the police issued a warrant for him because of lyrics Young Dolph included on his Bulletproof project. “ People lecture and try to put sh * deoxythymidine monophosphate together and make sh * deoxythymidine monophosphate up, but at the end of the sidereal day I know for a fact that everybody is going to be looking crazy as hell when this sh * thymine is all over with. ”
The charges were finally dropped in 2019 .
Blac Youngsta is nowadays addressing the backfire he has received over the weekend for disgustingly performing the dis record .
“ I ’ m the type of nickel * * * who ain ’ thymine neva sat back and looked for cipher to feel blue fa me, ” he wrote in a drawn-out statement via his Instagram page. “ I come from the heart of Soth Memohis where you get no sympathy, don ’ t even know what that is. With that being said I could give 2 fluorine * * * s what the world think bout me. It amazes me how just because I ’ m a [ multi ] millionaire gangsta that I ’ molarity put under this blow up glass and every lil thing I do/say receives negativivity rather its to put out that way or not I ’ thousand homo I ain ’ metric ton perfect. ”

Blac Youngsta statement
Blac Youngsta besides revealed that his grandma is dying and that he received a fortune of threats from people wanting her to die in the hospital .
“ When the faithlessly allegations came out late last calendar month about sum happening to her house she was hospitalized the day before that, ” he wrote. “ I took all threats and hopes that she don ’ t make it from all type of people IDK. ”

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