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length : 184 pages
My rate : 2 out of 5 stars
Avery Black was one of Boston ’ s most noteworthy condemnable defense attorneys – until she successfully got a Harvard professor off murder charges, only for him to kill again, and dedicate his concluding murder to her. Avery ’ s life fell apart after the consequence and she lost everything in its consequence, including her husband and daughter. She began a new life as a collar in an undertake to put away the kind of people she earlier contend for, and her skill and talent has last gotten her promoted to Homicide Detective. Yet, she continues to face the contemn of her colleagues who distillery hate her and the public who is yet to forget what she ’ vitamin d done .
then a female child from an elect college turns up dead. Avery ’ s ability to truly get into the point of sociopath gets her delegate to the event, and she is forced to fight against the prejudices, distrust, and hatred her colleagues have for her as she attempts to solve it. But as the body count continues to rise, Avery finds herself pitted against a serial killer whale who is vitamin a brilliant as she is. Consumed with trying to redeem herself, Avery allows the case to become her entire life. But even she could not have expected the repugnance into which it would lead her, and from which she might not escape.

My take :
The basic story line of Cause to Kill has the potential to be an extremely good bible. Its execution, however, does not let that happen. Its potential was wasted by problems such as bad word picture, weak connections between events, and an average write dash .
The floor ’ mho main supporter, Avery Black, was quite annoying as a character. Her indigence for redemption for decidedly stressed upon, but she did little to actually make it reality. She was angstrom arrogant as she was earlier, while constantly reiterating that she was no long the same person. For person who was supposed to be bright, she made very unintelligent choices in cattiness of being mindful of the repercussions, and then blamed life for being unfair. not precisely the best behavior for person whose independent goal was to begin taking province for her actions and decisions. then there was the way she kept switching from good to flirty to friendly to God-knows-what – you good could not get an estimate of what she actually was as a person. So associating with her was very difficult .
Another annoying view was that Pierce seemed very bang-up on labeling her antagonist as a series killer whale. And she went on to do sol before the appearance of a second body and while the first sheath was still being worked upon as a personal crime. Serial killer based crime thrillers decidedly have a come – but Cause to Kill did not unfold like one, it was just assumed to be one from the beginning, which gave the integral investigation a muddled-up find.

The report besides seemed choppy. Some aspects could actually have been elaborated upon to give it that all-around feel, but they were left curtly. As a resultant role, the narrative felt like it was trying besides arduous on the unexpected twists, which ended up being abrupt, often pointless, and forced .
finally, the killer ’ sulfur motif and psychology were besides not explored to their broad potential. It began actually well, with big promise, but wasn ’ thymine actually delved into or even bothered with, which left you with that uncomfortable this-story-didn ’ t-end-in-a-neat-little-bow feel. And it besides precisely took away all the shock with which the cause of death ’ randomness history had begun .
What Cause to Kill did have going for it was the relatively firm pace and storyline which, at the very southern cross of it, was decently intriguing. That ’ mho why I would recommend it to :

  • people looking for a quick crime thriller junk read
  • hardcore crime thriller fans

After the slender disappointment that this book was, I would not bother with the lie of the Avery Black series by Pierce. But, I had decidedly enjoyed Once Gone more than I did Cause to Kill ( you can check out my review for that bible over hera ), so I may read some of her other series if I need a short and firm crime thriller fix .
Share your thoughts on Cause to Kill and Blake Pierce ’ s other works in the comments below !
– Rishika

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