Camille Rowe Is a “Big Denim Human” With a Strict Daily Uniform

Camille Rowe has kept the first match of skinny jeans she ever bought 11 years ago in exceed condition. She silent wears them to this day. The exemplary, who was raised in Paris before moving to New York City in 2010, laughs as she recalls the story—how she arrived on the East Coast as a 20-year-old and immediately purchased the super-tight pair of pants. They were by Seven For All Mankind—a serendipitous concurrence, since Rowe is now the face of the trade name ’ sulfur latest political campaign, which was shot in Los Angeles by photographer Dan Martensen. Rowe, who says she was golden adequate to go back to France “ for a minute ” over the summer and during the holidays, has spent the entirety of the pandemic in Los Angeles, after plans to film a job in New York were postponed. “ I was on my way to the airport right when things were starting to get chilling, ” she remembers. “ I got a telephone call 10 minutes before getting to LAX being like, ‘ Production ’ s postponed. ’ So I turned right around and stayed in LA. ” Since then, she ’ s began working with Seven, a company that, as she tells it, is right in line with her stylistic sensibilities ; jeans are a large part of her regiment daily uniform, which consists of pants and a kashmir sweater. ( She sticks to it scrupulously. ) “ I am a big jean human, ” she states. In her style Notes interview, Rowe discusses wearing tortoiseshell glasses as a child, her deep love of Faye Dunaway ’ randomness fashion feel, and why she saved up to buy a house rather than splurging on excessive dress. Tell me about shooting the Seven For All Mankind campaign. Was it done remotely? No, the photoshoot took position in person—obviously, everybody was Covid test anterior, and there are a short ton of condom measures in place. But I ’ ve enjoyed shooting again in person. We were shooting kind of in the center of nowhere, about an hour from where I am now in LA. I ‘m dear friends with Dan Martensen, and I ‘ve been shooting with him since I was a adolescent, so it felt like buddies hanging out.

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans that have stuck with you throughout your life? A few pairs. The jean I have, I ‘ve had for a hanker time. I ‘m constantly looking for another perfect pair, but I think if you find a full vintage cut that ’ s right for you, you ’ ll keep it forever. Denim actually does mold to your body—the long you have it, the more limited it becomes. So I ’ ve held on to my jeans for a long time. What is your go-to outfit for a day off? I like pants more than anything—so either some good jean, or a copulate of slacks. I very like men ’ randomness trousers. I run on the coldness side, so I ‘m always in a sweater, and like a nice cashmere. Describe your style in three words. Oh boy. My style in three words … Fuck. Oh, excuse me. I would say “ dateless, ” but I do n’t want to sound pretentious—but very, I do n’t like anything excessively trendy. And I want to say “ comfort, ” but I do n’t inevitably think you should always be comfortable in your jeans … and I feel like saying “ chic, ” but that ’ s not it—more elevated, if that makes sense.

Courtesy of Seven For All Mankind

What was the last fashion purchase you made? I bought a black cashmere perspirer from The Row. I wear the same perspirer until it needs to be retired, and then buy another one. What is the best fashion tip that you’ve picked up on set? Layering was never something I would think about : a pop of shirt peeking out from the bottom of a sweater, or some color from a pair of socks. But stylists on fructify showed me the different ways to wear invest, which made me start thinking about the layer aspect. otherwise, I wouldn ’ t have thought of it. Do you have a favorite fashion moment from pop culture?

My biggest inhalation in terms of clothes, a lot of the time, are from movies. I specially love Faye Dunaway and Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair. actually, her in anything : network, Chinatown, Bonnie and Clyde. Musicians are besides a huge inhalation to me : whether it ‘s The factory and the Velvet Underground or David Bowie or Mick Jagger. And not that I was about when they were dating, but Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston, their position together. What was your style like as a teenager? honestly, not besides far from how it is right now. My dad ‘s a big vintage fanatic, so he in truth enjoyed dressing his daughters up. We always wore vintage Levi ‘s and a lot of Army shirts. I remember when I needed to get glasses, my dad was like, “ Oh, we ‘re going to get you these cool, tortoise shell, big, outsize glasses ” —which, I ‘m like 13 years erstwhile, and people are like, “ What ’ s your deal ? ” At the time, I was like, these suck—but I looked actually fucking aplomb ! And even though I wear a set of slacks now, I feel a short bit more feminine today than I was as a adolescent. What were the other kids wearing when you were growing up? They were wearing a fortune of Miss Sixty. And Avril Lavigne was popular, so I saw a crowd of people in neckties and white tank tops. I besides remember one friend of mine wore these little pink ballet flats with cherries on them with huge bell bottoms. Honestly, that sounds really chic. I think we did sort of o. At least when it came to my buddies, I wasn ’ triiodothyronine besides shocked about what people were wearing. possibly I barely was n’t thinking about it. Which friend or designer’s style do you most admire? I think my girlfriends and I have actually different styles. generally speaking, I admire person who just sticks to their thing—I ‘m actually happy with a uniform. I guess my friend Brett, he dresses dainty. What does he wear? Jeans and a jersey [ laughs ]. But you know what ? He ’ ll rock a western suit, which I think is reasonably potent. For person whose liveliness is not that put together, he looks actually put together, and I respect that. Do you remember what your first major fashion purchase was?

I bought a vintage Chanel purse, and that was a boastful deal. But honestly, I was dependable with money—I saved up and bought an apartment, not excessively much expensive dress or lavishness goods. But I do remember it being a adult deal that I bought a vintage Chanel. I distillery have it, it ‘s burgundy and gold. It ‘s actually big—I do n’t wear it that much, it ‘s a snatch loudly. What is your biggest fashion regret? I do n’t have excessively many regrets. I think if anything, I ‘ve always played it dependable. I was a little act louder when I lived in New York fair because my friends and I were out and about sol much, constantly doing things. Since I moved to LA, I just do n’t do a much as I used to. Maybe that ‘s besides because I ‘m older ; I do n’t have that many excuses to wear an extravagant outfit. So possibly I merely regret time passing me by .

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