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10 Interview Questions on Flexibility With Sample Answers

By indeed Editorial Team

Published February 22, 2021TwitterLinkedInFacebookEmail Flexibility, or how quickly you can adjust to change, is important in many career paths. During an interview, employers may ask behavioral questions to assess how flexible you are. Practicing and expecting some of these specific interview questions can help you feel confident and ready. In this article, we list 10 common interview questions about flexibility and provide sample answers to help you prepare. Read more : How To Be flexible at Work ( With Tips and Examples )

Flexibility interview questions with sample answers

Thinking through likely questions and answers can help you feel prepared for your speculate interview. Since most questions on flexibility are behavioral or situational, you can use the STAR method to answer them. The STAR method involves structuring your solution to detail these specifics :

  • situation
  • undertaking
  • action
  • resultant role

You can use this number of 10 model questions about your flexibility and sample STAR responses to help you prepare for your interview :

1. Describe a time where you showed flexibility.

An employer might ask you this doubt to see how you adapt to unlike situations. many employers are looking for team members who can adjust to new situations and think creatively when solving problems. To answer this question, think about a time you experienced a sudden change such as a new career, duty, storm or an unanticipated challenge. Consider how you handled it, focusing on the specific actions you took. example : “ I showed flexibility in my account position when I had a team penis leave on the spur of the moment. My director asked me to take over my colleague ‘s clients with entirely a few days ‘ notice. I stayed late that week, prepping adenine much information as I could. I besides reached out to the new clients and explained I would now work with them. With this readiness, I completed all records for my clients, existing and new, accurately and on fourth dimension. ”

2. How do you adjust to changes you have no control over?

This interview is an opportunity to show your adaptability. Employers might ask this doubt in roles with changing deadlines, but it can besides be a manner to assess your general tractability. Try to portray your assurance and adaptability by showing how well you can adjust to changes. To answer, think of a change you experienced that was out of your control and the steps you took to adjust. case : “ I adjust to changes by stepping back and taking a moment to create a plan. last year, when working in retail, I was on the opening transformation and would work in the mornings. My director asked me to switch to the belated shift to cover an employee who was leaving. I took some time to plan out a newfangled everyday and transportation design to help make this change easier. It took a few weeks to refine my act, but within the first calendar month I felt comfortable with the change. ”

3. If you could change something in the course of your life, what would it be?

This interrogate can be catchy to answer, as it involves wanting to change something in your life. Employers ask this doubt to see how you self-reflect on your past, and how you incorporate switch and growth into your animation. When answering, it ‘s best to focus on your professional and educational experience. Consider areas you wish you spent more time in or things you wish you tried oklahoman. This can help you show the experience positively.

case : “ I wish I chose my college major preferably. I was an open major for the foremost two years of college. While this experience gave me clock to explore and find my mania for finance, I wish I could have discovered it sooner. I may have been able to complete a five-year program if I had known and possibly started my career a few years early. ”

4. Describe a problem you faced in your last job, and how you overcame it.

contribution of being compromising is adjusting to unexpected challenges. Employers might ask you to describe a trouble to show how you can overcome obstacles. You can show your tractability by focusing on an unexpected trouble you faced, and the steps you used to solve it. Try to think of a professional or educational challenge when possible. case : “ In my last consequence plan function, I was organizing a big charity dinner. The sidereal day before the consequence, our musical guest became ill and canceled. I immediately got on the phone and called other melodious groups I had worked with in the past. I besides reached out to my colleagues to see if they had any connections. It took 30 calls, but I found a musician who was loose that next nox and able to work the jacob’s ladder event. The event went well, and the customer was happy. ”

5. How do you handle having multiple priorities at the same time?

This question can show your tractability in how you manage multiple tasks or deadlines. To answer, consider a time you had multiple priorities at cultivate or in school if you ‘re a recent graduate. Consider specific strategies you used to handle these situations. example : “ In my last teach put, I was teaching full meter during the day and attending night classes for my certificate. Both teaching and school were priorities, and I created a flexible act to manage all of my deadlines. I set aside specific days and hours to do my offprint coursework. I could graduate on time while keeping my education position. ”

6. How do you handle criticism?

Employers might ask this question to assess your flexibility in terms of growth. It ‘s an opportunity to show how you take feedback and use it for positivist change. To answer, try to think of a situation where you received feedback. Consider employer feedback, such as annual reviews, or customer feedback such as surveys. Choose an exemplar of criticism that you overcame or addressed. case : “ When starting my customer service character, I scored high in most categories, but I received customer feedback saying I could be clearer in answering questions. I created a script for myself and practiced answering common questions. I recorded myself and listened for where I could improve clearness. I besides had a colleague listen to it and provide feedback. I applied the feedback and over the following calendar month, I increased my clarity surveil score from a three to a five. ” Read more : Steps To Handle Criticism at Work

7. How do you work with people who have unique personalities?

part of being flexible is adjusting to different situations and people. Employers might ask you this question to see how you adapt to unlike or challenging personalities. They might besides use this question to assess your interpersonal skills. Try to answer positively by focusing on a specific time you worked with multiple personalities, and how you handled it. Try to keep your answer focused on your actions, rather than details about the early personalities. example : “ In my concluding role as a marketing coordinator, I worked on a team of five unique personalities with different communication styles. Each of us had our own schedules, and it was challenging to reach each other during the day. I suggested we create a window for responding to emails within one business day, and once on weekends, and the team agreed. We collaborated better and increase our project tax income by 10 % that year. ”

8. Describe a situation when you experienced a changing deadline and how you handled it.

Depending on your career way, potential employers might be concerned in how you handle moving priorities. This is a great opportunity to show how you adapt to unanticipated changes. To answer, think of a time a master deadline moved and the steps you took to meet it. If you are a late alumnus, you can use an academic deadline. model : “ While working as a graphic graphic designer, I had a lot of moving deadlines. One time last summer I had my largest node reach out to me asking for a new logo a calendar month early. I shifted my priorities and spent the week focusing on this new deadline. I had my team help so that we could meet our early deadlines excessively. I finished the new logo a week ahead of the new deadline. ”

9. What is a weakness you have and how have you worked to improve it?

This is a translation of a coarse interview doubt you might see. It assesses your self-reflection and how flexible you are. Try to choose a weakness that shows how you can reflect and adjust. Consider the job listing and what the ship’s company is looking for when choosing a weakness. model : “ One failing I have is asking for help oneself. I work well independently and try to be arsenic efficient as possible. In the past, I sometimes put my head gloomy and try to office through a problem, quite than asking for help oneself or relying on my team. I ‘ve learned that I can improve my efficiency when I ask questions or ask for aid when I need it. ” Read more : list of Weaknesses : 10 Things To Say in an interview

10. What do you do when starting a new role?

An employer might ask this wonder to see how flexible you are, particularly if you are changing careers. You can answer by think of a function change you experienced, and how you handled it. If you are a recent graduate, you can think of a new function you had in educate, such as on a team or in a class. case : “ When starting a modern function, I ask questions and make adjustments accordingly. In my concluding function, they promoted me from a host to a restaurant server. When servicing customers for the beginning time, I had a set of questions about the computer organization. I set up a fourth dimension during a break to meet with my prepare director to practice using the system. They gave me helpful tips that I started implementing on my adjacent fault. ”

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