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September 30, 2020 Denise Potter Harvard Business School - mbaMission
Harvard Business School ( HBS ) will send out Round 1 interview invitations today, October 5, at noon eastern time. HBS will send alone one batch of interview invites, along with notifications of “ release, ” which are sent to candidates who will not be moving forward in the application process. HBS ’ s managing director of MBA admissions and fiscal aid, Chad Losee, addressed the impend invitations in a blog post.

now is the time to get quick for this crucial step in your application process. Check out these important resources created by mbaMission specifically for Harvard Business School consultation candidates .


Devi Vallabhaneni, a former Harvard Business School alumni interviewer, erstwhile HBS admissions board penis, and mbaMission ’ s HBS Interviewer in Residence, offers candidates the opportunity to prepare for their Harvard Business School interviews via bouncy intensive consultation simulations. With more than 20 years in MBA admissions and readiness and having conducted thousands of real and mock HBS interviews with candidates across all industries, geographies, backgrounds, and personal stories, Devi has the experience and heat to help applicants feel convinced and ready for their HBS interviews. The live interview simulation includes the following components :

  • Two or more 30-minute interview experiences customized to your application. Before your first session, Devi will spend several hours reviewing your written HBS application, following the same process she used when conducting candidate interviews for HBS. This allows her to target her HBS interview questions based on what she discovers about you from your application.
  • Personalized feedback. After each interview session, Devi will provide you with targeted feedback, talking you through her impressions and offering strategic advice for improving your Harvard Business School interview skills.
  • A reflection period. You will have time between your interview sessions with Devi to internalize the feedback and adjust accordingly before trying again.
  • Post-Interview Reflection support. After their interviews, intensive-simulation clients who are not already working with an mbaMission Consultant can have Devi provide targeted support on their HBS Post-Interview Reflection.

For more information and to secure your spot, please visit our HBS Intensive Interview Simulation page .


Another resource to help you prepare is our HBS Mock Interview and Post-Interview Reflection Support service. Through it, you work with an experienced mbaMission Senior Consultant or Managing Director who will have read your stallion Harvard Business School application and cook customized interview questions based on your campaigning. Via Q & A, feedback, and exhaustive reaction design, we will help you improve the capacity of your answers, your time management skills, and your overall presentation .
Harvard Business school asks all interview applicants to write a post-interview try and take it within 24 hours of their interview. This test has no password limit, and HBS suggests that candidates think of it as an electronic mail they would write to a acquaintance or colleague, rather than as a formal test .
As contribution of our target HBS consultation package, an mbaMission adviser will help you strategize your approach to this special essay. Your adviser will besides review a draft of the test and provide feedback and tips intended to assist you in making it stronger and more effective. Please note that because the HBS admissions agency explicitly states that applicants are not to write anything in advance or receive outside aid with this test, your mbaMission Consultant will not edit your writing but will rather offer detailed strategic management via comments only.

To purchase your HBS mock interview readiness school term, click here !


Download your complimentary copy of mbaMission ’ south Harvard Business School Interview Guide today .
In creating our consultation guides, we have drawn on countless communications with MBA students, alumni, admissions officers, and applicants, in summation to our huge library of interview reports submitted by stream and past clients. Our HBS Interview Guide provides the follow information :

  • Insight into what the school is evaluating and hoping to gain from the interview
  • An explanation of the school’s approach to interviewing (e.g., self-scheduled or invite only, blind versus comprehensive)
  • Past applicants’ firsthand accounts of their interview experiences and multiple sample interview question sequences
  • Tips on preparing for and responding to the interview questions that most often vex applicants
  • Help in formulating compelling interview questions of your own


Find out precisely what you need to do to prepare for your interview during our free “MBA Interview Workshop” webinar on October 20, 2021. Led by mbaMission Senior Consultant Nisha Trivedi, the webinar will cover the following MBA interview homework topics :

  • Best practices to help you prepare for and succeed in your business school interviews
  • The different types of interviews you might encounter
  • What admissions committees are looking for
  • Tips for time management

Enroll for free today!

good fortune to all Round 1 applicants ! If you believe you might benefit from one of our interview-planning services—or if you would plainly like more information on these offerings or on the interview work in general—feel free to contact us anytime !

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