10 Common Hotel Interview Questions (And How to Answer Them)

Going for an interview at a hotel ? Along with dressing smart, you need to prepare for the questions your interviewer will ask. here are the most common hotel interview questions ( and example answers ).

1. Why were you interested in this job role?

This is a common hotel consultation question because the interviewer will want to know why you applied. Most importantly, the interviewer will be looking for staff who are concerned in working there for the long condition. Managers want hotel staff who want to grow with the ship’s company. Have an answer prepared because this is a popular question and it can show your interviewer you have a good interest in the speculate. Example Answer: Since leaving educate, I ‘ve been interested in working in a hotel so I was in truth concerned when I saw this vacancy. As you ‘ve seen from my CV, I ‘ve held other types of front-of-house jobs and I believe I have the experience and skills to put myself fore for this speculate.

2. What do you think the roles and responsibilities of this job are?

The interviewer will want to see if you ‘ve read the job ad by rights and not equitable applied because you were concern by the wage. Before the interview, read over the job allude. It ‘s a good estimate to try and remember what they ‘re looking for because you can use it to create example answers and appearance you ‘re a great candidate. Example Answer: As a hotel receptionist, I expect the job responsibilities to include : helping guests check in and out, I will be answering the phones and helping guests with any queries or problems they have. As it ‘s a front-of-house position, the receptionist is the first-point-of-contact for anyone visiting the hotel so they need to be at their best at all times.

3. Do you have any experience working in a hotel?

Working in a hotel is demanding work and you ‘re besides interacting with guests. hotel managers want employees who have the skills and experience to work in a hotel. If you have any anterior experience, talk about it in your interview, tell them what roles you ‘ve worked in and how long you were there for. If you do n’t have any workplace feel in a hotel, refer to examples where you ‘ve worked front-of-house in early establishments ( like a shop, film, restaurant, etc ). Refer to any jobs where you ‘ve had to work with customers. Example Answer: I have never worked in a hotel before but I worked as a wait for two years at a restaurant in the middle of town. It was very busy and because it was 4 stars, we had to be dressed cleverly and provide a high quality service at all times. From this feel, I believe I am accustomed to working front-of-house and working with customers. As I am used to dealing with unhappy customers, I know how to stay professional and help fix a customer ‘s problem.

4. What is a concierge?

There are particular job roles you will only find in a hotel and some interviewers will be interest to see how much you know about hotels and how they work. Spend the time to research and understand the unlike hotel jobs. Example Answer: A concierge is responsible for helping guests book tours and trips, they can give advice on the best places to visit.

5. Why do you want to work at this hotel?

Your interviewer will want to know why you ‘ve expressed interest in working with them. Is it because they ‘re a world renowned hotel chain ? Do you like how it ‘s an independent hotel and has it ‘s own personal charm ? Before you go to the interview, make certain you have an answer prepared for this interrogate, it ‘s a identical park question. Example Answer: As Hilton is a world renowned brand I was very interested in applying for thymine he void. I have stayed at the Hilton hotel in London a few times and I ‘ve always enjoyed my stay, I appreciate the high quality service it offers.

6. Describe a time you had to deal with an unhappy customer.

just like in restaurants, hotels besides get dysphoric customers, some worse than others. In a hotel, hotel staff are creditworthy for fixing customer problems but it ‘s besides authoritative they do then professionally. Thanks to TripAdvisor and other review sites, it ‘s easy for customers to review a hotel and you do n’t want to be named and shamed.

If you have n’t worked in a hotel before, that ‘s fine, consult to another time you had an unhappy customer. As this is one of the most democratic hotel interview questions, have an answer prepared. Example Answer: When I used to work in a restaurant, there was a time where a customer was unhappy with the steak he had ordered. He was dysphoric with how it had been cooked and when he called me over, he acted like it was my demerit. I remained composure and listened to what he had to say, then I offered him some solutions, I could take it back to the kitchen or give him an alternate meal. He asked for me to take it back and I did, I asked the chef to cook another steak to the customer ‘s specifications and brought it out. The customer said he was glad with the changes and appreciated I had gone to the extra attempt.

7. Have you been on our hotel’s website? What do you think? 

More hotels are making an attempt to create helpful websites. Hotel websites can be used to promote the hotel and be used by customers to book rooms. They need to be flawless. Your interviewer will likely use this wonder to see if you have made the feat to search for them online and spend time navigating through the web site. If you get this question, it ‘s worthwhile to have a list of things you liked and did n’t like. Example Answer: I actually like how the hotel is presented on the web site, the videos available were great betray features and the FAQs have plenty of data. The only thing I would suggest exchange was the book form. It looks a sting old and it ‘s very long.

8. How would you feel about working night shifts?

Hotels are open 24/7 so they require their staff to work night shifts. Hotel staff indigence to be available to help guests, do check-ins and check-outs, and ensure the hotel continues to run smoothly. It ‘s significant you show your handiness. Example Answer: Yes I ‘m available to work night shifts. What is the general principle of working nox shifts, would I be expected to do a circumscribed numeral a month ? Tip: Ask questions in your consultation, it shows the interviewer that you ‘re concerned in the job.

9. What does excellent guest service mean to you?

As hotel staff are constantly working with guests, it ‘s authoritative they provide excellent servicing at all times. Example Answer: To me, excellent guest service means showing guests that you ‘re constantly available to help with any problems and you greet people with a smile. It ‘s all about going the extra mile for guests.

10. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Managers want staff who are looking to grow with the hotel and are interest in progressing through the career ranks. If you show a substantial interest in developing a career in the hotel industry, you can improve your chances of getting the job. Example Answer: I ‘m matter to in developing a career in hotel management. One day, I would like to transfer to different hotels around the world to gain know in unlike countries besides.

Make sure you look the part!

Along with preparing yourself with the most park hotel interview questions, you need to be dressed vigorously for the interview. Remember, most hotel jobs are front-of-house and you will be expected to look master. hotel staff are expected to wear appropriate footwear at make. It ‘s recommended you wear supportive and slip-resistant shoes to help reduce the casual of slips, trips and falls at work. We have a wide range of slip-resistant hotel shoes available.

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