45 Interview Questions for Hotel Front Desk Staff (With Example Answers)

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45 Interview Questions for Hotel Front Desk Staff (With Example Answers)

By indeed Editorial Team

Published March 29, 2021TwitterLinkedInFacebookEmail A occupation interview for a front desk position at a hotel can require you to demonstrate your customer serve, communication and organization skills. Researching possible questions before a job interview can help you prepare to incorporate examples of your career skills into your answers. In this article, we list general, setting and in-depth interview questions for hotel front desk staff and offer sample distribution answers to the lead interview questions for hotel employees. Related : hotel staff : employment Options and Descriptions

General hotel front desk interview questions

here are general questions an interviewer can ask during a subcontract interview for a hotel battlefront desk job :

  • Tell me about yourself .
  • How did you learn about this put ?
  • What interests you about being a front desk employee ?
  • Why should we hire you for this function ?
  • How familiar are you with the hotel industry ?
  • What is your greatest accomplishment in your career ?
  • What about working at a hotel is most appealing to you ?
  • What role do you take when you work on a team with others ?
  • What does customer service base to you ?
  • What are your scheduling expectations ?
  • What are your wage expectations ?
  • What are your long-run career goals ?

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Questions about experience and background

Below are questions an interviewer can ask about your feel and background for a hotel front desk position :

  • Do you have experience working in hotels or cordial reception ?
  • What is your experience with using point-of-sale systems ?
  • What other have do you have in customer serve ?
  • Are you familiar with this area or region ?
  • How has your last problem prepared you for working in a battlefront desk position ?
  • How do you think your skills will fit with this company and team ?
  • What motivates you to work ?
  • What are your greatest strengths ?
  • What is your greatest failing ?
  • What makes you qualified for this position ?
  • What have you learned from your education that you could apply to a occupation working the front man desk ?
  • Why do you want to leave your current job ?
  • What is your dream job ?

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In-depth interview questions

here are in-depth questions an interviewer can ask during an interview for a job working a hotel ‘s front desk :

  • Describe a position in which you dealt with an irate customer .
  • Have you ever disagreed with a director ‘s methods at work ? How did you handle the situation ?
  • Tell me about a time you lost your patience at function .
  • If you ‘re on an important earphone name with a customer and another customer walks up to the front desk, how would you serve the customers ?
  • What strategies do you use to handle your duties at exploit when you ‘re experiencing personal problems ?
  • How would you handle a situation in which you suspected a guest of stealing hotel property, like a gown or a towel ?
  • How would you direct me to a cake, a business-casual restaurant and dry clean service nearby ?
  • How do you handle negative situations with coworkers ?
  • What strategies would you use to communicate with many guests at once ?
  • How would your former supervisor report you ?

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Interview questions and example answers for hotel front desk employees

here are some of the top questions interviewers ask candidates for hotel front desk positions and model answers :

Why do you want to work for this company?

An interviewer asking this question normally wants to know what excites you about the ship’s company and the stead you ‘d be filling. You can perform research on the company and read the job posting to answer this question. example : “ I ‘m print by this company ‘s commitment to employee exploitation and increase. I ‘ve worked for four years in assorted customer serve positions and I ‘ve never seen a company sol dedicated to helping its employees grow their careers. I ‘m a firm believer in master exploitation through know and education, so learning about these initiatives made me feel like I would be a thoroughly personality suit for this party and this function. ”

How would you handle an upset guest?

Front desk employees at hotels normally diffuse situations with disgruntle guests and help solve problems. Interviewers asking this interview want to know how you respond to conflict at work, so you can form an answer that reflects your past experience with handling dissatisfy customers. model : “ When I worked as a waitress and bartender at a restaurant, I occasionally experienced disquieted customers. once, the restaurant had staffing issues that made the delay times for food and drinks longer than common. When a customer expressed their frustration at the wait times, I would listen to their complaints and react with empathy to help diffuse their tension. In reception to customers ‘ inconvenience, I would offer them free dessert. In the conclusion, the upset customers felt learn and appreciated the excess food I offered. ”

How do you prioritize tasks at work?

Hotel front desk staff frequently have to handle several tasks at once, from answering phones to communicating with customers face-to-face. Interviewers ask this question to learn about how you approach tasks at workplace and whether you can multitask to complete your speculate duties. You can use past experience managing your time in a feverish environment to help you answer this motion. example : “ I ‘m a highly organized person. When things got feverish at my last hotel front desk job, I would make checklists for everything I needed to get done, prioritizing customer-facing tasks. The checklist helped me ensure I would n’t forget any of my tasks while allowing me to handle any other duties that emerged, like a guest in need of aid. If I got submerge with ferment, I was certain to let my coach and coworkers know I needed assistant quite than trying to handle everything on my own to ensure I performed my tasks with the quality they deserved. As a result of these strategies, I systematically received high ratings on my performance reviews when it came to time management and the quality of my function. ”

How would you manage a situation where you couldn’t solve a guest’s issue?

unfortunately, you ‘re not always going to be able to solve every negative position at work. Interviewers asking this interrogate want to know that you ‘re will to do everything in your office to keep guests glad. They besides want to know how you would respond to excessive requests from customers. case : “ In my first customer service job at a fast food chain, I had a customer who ordered a food item we did n’t offer on the menu. I gently explained that we did n’t have the food item and suggested an alternate menu token to the customer. The customer ended up leaving the restaurant without ordering anything. I learned that the best thing to do in these situations is remain incontrovertible and try your best to offer alternatives when customers have requests that you ca n’t fulfill. ”

Describe a situation in which you delivered exceptional customer service.

This interview question is an opportunity for you to emphasize your customer overhaul talents. Your answer can besides tell interviewers about your creativity and leadership skills. You can use your by oeuvre experience to answer this question. exemplar : “ When I worked in a retail clothing store, I had a customer who was returning an on-line decree because the clothing she received was bad. The ship’s company I worked for was identical quality-focused, so this was a frustrating site for the customer. In response to the issue, I refunded the customer ‘s orderliness and offered her a gift wag for the inconvenience. She was so glad with my response that she wrote a glow on-line review for the store. ”

How do you manage stressful situations at work?

Front desk staff at hotels can have busy jobs, which can create stress at work. When interviewers ask this doubt, you can respond by describing how you ‘ve dealt with a nerve-racking professional situation in the by. case : “ In my stream position as a receptionist at a law tauten, I handle the phones and scheduling and besides make certain lawyers have the necessity files and paperwork they need for meetings. I manage the stress of this environment with arrangement and clock management. Pulling the files I need the good afternoon before a meet and looking over the agenda at the beginning of the day help me prioritize my tasks and ensure the office runs smoothly. ”

Describe a time you had to make an important decision while your supervisor was away.

Front desk staff at hotels much have to manage situations without avail from others. When interviewers ask you this question, they want to learn about your consolation with making mugwump decisions and your confidence in your abilities. exemplar : “ In my survive customer service job at a small boutique, I was frequently the only one in the storehouse to handle checkouts and sphere customer questions. One time, my coach was on vacation when we by chance ran out of one of our bestselling items. Knowing we would lose money without more armory, I decided to contact the seller for the product about the issue. It ended up being a busy workweek in the store, and when my coach got back, she praised me for thinking on my feet and calling the seller. ”

What did you like and dislike about your last job?

When a lease director asks you this question, they want to learn about your character and your past employment experience. You can avoid disparaging your past employers when answering this interview motion to show you have a positive attitude and well character. alternatively, to answer what you disliked about a past position, you could talk about miss opportunities or ways you wish the problem were more ambitious. case : “ I enjoyed interacting with customers and my coworkers as a waiter at a restaurant. The culture at that caper was fantastic, but I ‘m matter to in expanding my skill set to include serving customers in a unlike capability, like a front desk employee. I besides got to a bespeak where I felt like waiting tables was n’t challenging me as much and I wanted to keep growing in my career, so I decided to apply for this stead. ”

How would you ensure that hotel guests feel welcome?

One of the independent duties of a hotel ‘s front desk staff is to provide a welcome know for hotel guests from the begin of their last out. To answer this interview question, you can talk about strategies you ‘ve used to welcome customers in past positions. exemplar : “ I worked as a hostess at a restaurant part-time in college, and from that know I learned that the way hostesses welcome customers seemed to set the timbre for the timbre of their visit. I learned that clear communication, a positive attitude, warm demeanor and eye liaison could make the restaurant feel more incontrovertible for customers. I received positive feedback from my supervisors when I used these strategies to help customers. ”

Tell me about a time you had to multitask at work.

Front desk employees at hotels often handle multiple tasks at once. Interviewers want to know how you would respond to this type of stress. You can talk about past experiences with multitasking and how you manage to perform job duties concurrently. exemplar : “ As a barista at a chocolate patronize, I had to work the cash file while fulfilling coffee orders and fielding customer questions when one of my coworkers called in brainsick. It was a nerve-racking situation, but I resolved to carry out one undertaking at a clock to keep from getting overwhelmed. In the end, I handled the dawn rush and learned how to perform some of my tasks at work faster than ahead. ”

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