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SOME coins featuring Susan B Anthony coins can be worth importantly more than their original appellation .
The women ’ randomness rights militant has been featured on more than 888million circulate coins struck by the US mint .More than 888million Anthony dollar coins have entered circulation


More than 888million Anthony dollar coins have entered circulation
When it comes to rare coins, the value is typically determined by low mintage or an error, arsenic well as mark and condition .
furthermore, the value could be driven up by grade and condition .
We explain the Susan B Anthony mint and the most valuable pieces in the series .

What is the Susan B Anthony dollar coin?

Over four years, Mrs Anthony was featured on dollar coins .
The dates include 1979, 1980, 1981, and 1999 .
Designed by engraver Frank Gasparro, the obverse features Mrs Anthony looking to the correct with the year on the bottom .
On the rearward, an eagle picture is featured with the denomination of “ One Dollar ” below it. In particular, the 1979-P wide rim and 1980-S proof repunched mintmark Anthony dollars are a match of coins that hold some value in the series .
The 1980-S proof features “ blotched remnants of another ‘S ‘ to the lower left field of the primary ‘S ‘ mintmark, ” according to U.S. Coins Guide .
For the most part, the wide brim, or near date, features on 1979-P Anthony dollar coins .

How much are they worth? 

again, the prize of a particular coin could depend on rate and stipulate. A mobilize wide rim 1979-P dollar is deserving $ 5 to $ 8, whereas an uncirculated slice could be valued at $ 25 or more, according to Coins Guide.

But that ’ mho nothing compared to the rate of the 1980-proof mint .
“ not many of these coins show up in the marketplace, though when they do they can take anywhere from $ 100 to $ 500, depending on their discipline, ” it added .
meanwhile, an Anthony 1891 proof type II coin recently sold on eBay for $ 394.99 .
The value comes from its proof and certificate .
In addition, 103 dirt 1979 coins sold in January on eBay for about $ 149. In other words, the Anthony series coins likely won ’ t sell for thousands as some Lincoln pennies do .

How to find rare coins

Your alone dollar coins aren ’ t the only thing that might hold measure, as nickels, dimes, half dollars, quarters, and others could be worth a dangerous mint .
There are many ways you can find rare coins .
The first thing you ’ ll want to do is check places in your home or any places you might store change .
Some other things you can try are using a alloy detector in know areas for bury prize and by stopping by your local bank branch and asking for a wrapping of pennies. You can besides try to get a effective deal on one on-line through USA Coin Book or eBay .
But make certain you research the coin first and know what it ’ second worth before buy .
And besides – make certain you ‘re mindful of potential fakes online .
To avoid this, make indisputable you check the seller ’ south history and whether or not the coin was certified in the list.

A mint collector revealed the conjunction of letters that could make your Lincoln penny worth $ 1,500 or more. And check out the most valuable eloquent coins in circulation .

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