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This page contains information on all new Hidden Coins found in the Shadow of the Colossus Remake for the PS4. On top of being a complete remake, the game includes new features not found in the former translation. One such accession are cryptic glowing coins that appear all over the universe in Shadow of the Colossus – by and large found in forget corners or hard to reach places. These coins emit a faint glow – normally when you are only a few paces off. A better sign that you are near is a faint tune emanating from your control that signifies a coin is near. ad

Coin Count

once you have collected a coin, one of the obscure in the penetrate entrust of the map will vanish to show a number – the number of coins you have ( this will carry on into New Game+ and beyond ). The sum number of coins was found through the community at bombastic and by YouTuber PS4Trophies that there are 79 coins in sum, matching a cabalistic message in the credits that alluded to “ the 79 steps to enlightenment ” .


once all the coins have been found, returning to the Main Shrine and interacting with the door will reveal a obscure passage below the shrine where the Dormin ‘s Sword lies. This weapon is infused with a blue air, increasing attack but lowering health regeneration. See below for data on coins we have located : Download the full image and zoom in Here. consult to our stream map of acknowledge coins – and the written and image guides below in arrange of the Map Quadrants that they are found : ad

Row 0

The follow coins are located in row 0 ( the very exceed ) of the map in Shadow of the Colossus .


This coin can be found at capture to the Forbidden Lands on the giant bridge. unfortunately, this means the entirely manner to get up requires adequate stamen to get up top of main shrine – which can only be obtained after defeating adequate Colossus and finding Lizards to boost your stamina, normally requiring at least four playthroughs .

Row 1

ad The surveil coins are located in rowing 1 of the function .


While in the big capable area, look along the East wall. You will see a spot with a few dead trees, and several rocks that look ascendable. Scramble up them to find a coin .


ad Upon first base entering the watery arena of the liquid Colossus, the coin you seek is located nearby. After crossing the long path to a broken section angling down, doubly back and jump across the gap. Continue back to the sphere where the bridge first began to find some debris where the coin is resting. This mint is found in the watery sphere. ad Towards the West side of the arena is a broken patch of bridge, with a very tall, feather column beside it. From the southerly side, climb the column all the room to the top to get the coin. This coin is found near the boundary of the Colossus sphere. While crossing the bridge into the water system arena, turn around. You want to then jump up on the ledge, and from here, startle to the down mass that ‘s behind the wall. once behind the rampart, just follow it South to the mint. Another mint can be found along the way that runs through the southern end of the quadrant. ad If you come from the Colossus sphere above, the path will split South/West. Go West and you ‘ll spot lots of trees among the rocks. start climbing up here, through the trees, and you ‘ll soon spot a coin .


This coin is located along the North cliffs of the quadrant. Near the North-East corner, look along the cliffs for some rocks that have shrubs on them. ad A bit West of the bushes, you ‘ll find some rocks that let you climb up. The mint is sitting among the bushes .


There are three coins to find in this quadrant. The first gear is located down the weave path leading into the dried lakebed where Colossus 11 is. At the base of the winding path, fountainhead South along the small pool to find the coin ad The second is besides located in the dry lakebed where Colossus 11 is, after heading up the ramp out of the lakebed. once you reach the top of the ramp, double bet on along the North cliff to find the coin behind a large rock candy at the end. The one-third is besides located in the dried lakebed where Colossus 11 is. After heading up the ramp out of the lakebed towards the Colossus, affect left and go South to where an old doorway has crumbled down to find the coin off to the leave. ad


The first is located at the entrance to the temple where Colossus 15 is. Climb up the tableland of rocks right in front of the entrance to the temple to find the coin in a bush. The irregular is besides located at the entrance to the temple where Colossus 15 is. ad Jump polish from the entrance to find two tunnels under the synagogue, the closest one hides a coin along the West side. The third base is besides located in the arena of Colossus 15. After defeating the elephantine, refund to where it foremost climbed up from the cliff, and search to the North english of the cliff confront to find the coin. The following coin can only be obtained while fighting the Colossus. ad During the contend, you need to climb to the very top of the South wall. You would normally do this during the crusade anyways. once at the lead, walk to the identical western lean. There is a minor overhang, and off in the distance you will see more buildings and a stairway. Aim for that, jump and Parachute your way towards it. Once you land near the stairs, go down them to find a mint. The last mint requires you to be fighting the Colossus ( This MUST be done during the report fight ). Get up to the identical top of the South wall, equitable like you did for the former coin. ad once up here, air bladder over to the area where the previous coin was located. From here, continue walking West, to the very ledge, then jump down into the area below. once here, you find a boastfully scrape that ‘s busted. Jump inside to find the mint .

Row 2

These coins can be found along course 2 of the map .


ad Found in the arena of Colossus 14, head along the way of column you had to have the Colossus random-access memory into. On the West side of the stadium, expect for a sink waterway and check the begin of the watercourse to find the coin. Another coin is besides found in the sphere. promontory to where you first see the Colossus. While facing his engender area, look left among the standing pillars to find the coin. ad


There are two coins in this quadrant. One is found along the western edge. There is a way that goes from the in-between to the acme leftover of the quadrant. At one bespeak, there are stairs and some pillars. Behind the a pillar is the coin, tucked in some brush. The following coin is found along the path that leads North-West out of the quadrant. ad equitable as you transition from 2D into 2C, look East along the rampart for some rocks you can climb. The coin is at the top .


After you fight the one-third Colossus atop the raised platform over the lake, return to where you fought him, and inspect the outer ledges. Look down below to spot respective little platforms where some still have chains attached to them. Moving counter-clockwise, move along the ledges until you pass three such platforms with chains to a platform below that is missing its chains. Leap down below ( you ‘ll only take a little damage ), and the mint is on the platform. ad You can find another coin by going through the small canyon that leads southeast from the giant crusade. A short distance through, you ‘ll see a big rock that looks like a bridge over the canyon. just a few twelve feet North of it, on the Eastern wall, are some rocks you can climb up to reach the rock candy bridge. Once improving here, you ‘ll spot the coin .


This mint is located in the middle of the quadrant, but requires you to have access to the bridge, which means you need to be able to climb the temple. You will besides need the Parachute from Time Attack Mode. once on the bridge, walk until you reach the indicate position, where a small rocky outcrop can be seen below. Jump down to it, using the Parachute to float onto the top, where the coin is. ad Another coin is located in the North-East corner of the quadrant. Simply forefront to the corner and spirit for a rock ‘n’ roll with trees on it. Climb to the tree to find the coin .


There are three coins to find in this quadrant. The beginning is found on the path to Colossus 12. ad Upon entering the modest forest, look for a large rock candy tableland that you can jump up on one slope. Cross the narrow wooden logarithm to the early side and jump to the crown to get the coin. The second is besides found on the way to Colossus 12. On the East side of the small forest is a little waterfall, and the mint is at the infrastructure of the falls. ad The third is besides located just outside the sphere where you fight Colossus 12. Swim away from the large waterfalls and hybridization to the East side, then swim down to the early side and look for moss to climb up. once across, head down and take the path East to a coin .

Row 3

You can find the following coins along row 3 of the map. ad


Located inside the sphere where you fight Colossus 9, Enter the big cave that the giant emerged from. Move along the East wall going back until you find the mint among some stalagmites .


There are two coins in this quadrant. ad When engaging the second Colossus, you ‘ll notice that the beast bursts through a large wall at the floor of the shoreline. After you defeat the colossus, return to the wall he broke when emerging. front among the darken recess of the cave the Colossus emerged from, and if you hang to the leave side when entrance, you ‘ll find the coin in a minor hole obscured from view. The next coin is found from up above the party boss arena. Head along the upper edge of the defect pit until you ‘re on the East side. ad once you ‘re on the East, you ‘ll see a topographic point you can jump down. Hop down the unretentive distance, then follow the way South-East until you spot the coin .

Row 4

These coins can be found along row 4 of the map .


A coin can be found equitable before entering the cave where the Colossus is found. merely outside the North end of the cave is a shrine. Climb to the top to find a coin. ad Located just before the arena where you fight Colossus 10. Look along the narrow tunnel for a stack of rocks blocking an alcove, and check behind it for a coin. The following coin is located during the knob fight. When the fight begins, mind South and find a small series of rocks, that stand possibly 10 feet improbable. ad Stand behind them, and let the Colossus overhead through them and you. Once they break, a coin will appear .


In the top-right corner of 4C, there is a fairly goodly mountain ( large enough to appear on the map ). You need to climb to the peak to get the coin. however, due to the extremely acuate angles, and high slopes, there is no easy way to climb up. Simply jump about, and force Wanderer up ledges and slopes until you reach the exceed .


ad There are three Coins located in this quadrant. The beginning coin is located on the South slope of the in-between landbridge that connects Colossus 9 to the forest that leads down to Colossus 6. After crossing the bridge to the South into a narrow canyon, look along the West wall for a path to jump up and over into another ravine, and follow the ravine West to find a coin at the end. The second mint, not found in any Colossus sphere, can be found on the path towards the sixth Colossus. ad From the central Shrine, forefront Southwest towards the forest, but veer to the right to enter a small dead-end canyon that stops and leads you to the mint. In the top-left corner of 4E, there is a minor stoney batch. approach from the South-West side to find a slope you can walk up. Wrap around the left and you ‘ll spot the coin sitting on some rocks .


There are three Coins located in in this quadrant. ad The foremost coin can lone be found up in the mystery garden when you have enough stamina to climb the Central Shrine up, which will take several playthroughs to amass enough stamen ( at least four ). once you reach the garden, the mint can be found along the North wall. The future mint is located to the North of the synagogue. You can see it sitting beside the pillar that holds up the bridge, just across the opening. however, in order to get it, you must beat the game several times ( or collect enough Lizards ) to increase your stamen. You need to be able to climb to the top of the temple, then jump down from the bridge to the bed and pick up the coin. The parachute is besides powerfully recommended therefore you survive the fall ( obtained by completing Time Attack ). ad The next coin is located in the bottom-right corner of the quadrant. once in the corner, face the batch to the East. There will be a large, sloped rock you can walk up, then rise North along the rocks to spot the coin .


This mint is found along a rocky rise, when following the bantam path that leads West-East.

From the West side of the rocks, start climbing up and head East to the acme until you spot the coin. ad Another mint is found on the path leading towards Colossus 4. Along the North side of the rocks, there is a path you can climb. It ‘s easier to find if you look out for a logarithm up in the mountains. Climb the rocks, go over the log, then around the corner. Once you can climb no further, look across the canyon to see the coin on the other side. Jump and Parachute to it. The next coin is in the same spot as the final. Climb the rocks again, hybridization over the log and go around the corner. now though, head left/up until you reach a big rock with a tree, and the coin. ad


Before entering the water to reach the giant, you can find a coin. precisely before you jump in the water, look left to find rocks that let you climb the cliffs. Do therefore to find a coin by some trees. After your fight with the fifth bird-like Colossus over the water, fall to the area. ad Note the rows of belittled platforms where you lured the Colosuss into attacking. From the entrance, keep to the leftover as you move astir until you come to a course of four small platforms. Look inside the far enactment on the exit to find the mint inside, near the small platforms. This next coin can only be obtained while fighting the boss ( Parachute from Time Attack Mode is besides compulsory ). Climb onto his right field fender, then hold on to the very boundary. ad While holding on, expect for it to fly over the construct you entered the stadium from. You need to jump to the upper level, so make sure the fender is lifted high enough, then chute from the wing, parachuting over to the platform. once landed, simply walk around the area until you find steps leading down, and you ‘ll see the coin sitting on them .

Row 5

The stick to coins are located on course 5 .


Located South of where Colossus 10 is fought, head down the path to the coast until you go down your first big slope to a lower area. ad then, double back along the rocky cliffs to the West to find a coin at a dead end .


Found on “ Ico Beach ” that ‘s to the West of the lone landbridge connecting Colossus 10 to Colossus 6, head down to the path below the bridge to the prop up. ride along West until you find a large rock ‘n’ roll in the middle of the beach, where you can find the coin on top. A moment coin is besides located on this beach. ad curtly after getting off the ramp that leads polish here. Enter the water so that you are basically submerged and start walking along the beach to soon spot the coin .


There are three coins found in this Quadrant. A newfangled addition to the game is located Southwest of the Main Shrine, on your room to the Sixth Colossus. head to the afforest in the Southwest and look to the right of the path leading to the cliffs to find a gradient leading into a darken cave. ad At the end of the cave you can find one of The last defender ’ second barrels. Near the barrel is a glowing coin-like object that emanates a sung from the PS4 accountant. The second mint may not be located near a Colossus, but is on the way to the one-sixth Colossus. After passing through the forest, look for a tortuous path that goes towards the defect, but hang left to find a path down to a lake and little wooded area. You should spot a waterfall on the otherside of a natural bridge – just doubly back under it once you get down to find the coin at the establish of the falls. The final mint is located in the center region of the forest. ad While walking around the forest, closer to the southern border, keep an eye out for a bombastic stone column covered in moss. Climb it to get the mint .


There are four know coins in this quadrant. After defeating the foremost Colossus, return to the sphere in which you fought the giant, and look for a carved finished wall against the far bet on. The ruined wall has two sections, and you can scramble up the debris on the justly to reach the second floor. ad When you reach the second floor, jump to the ruined alcove and hera you can find the coin hiding behind a belittled column. The moment coin is found merely a split moment before you would trigger the boss normally. deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you reach the foreman arena, take a hard properly and follow the wall. You ‘ll soon come across some rocks that look like steps. Go up them to find a coin. The following mint is very nearby. First, climb up to the arena where you would fight Colossus 1. ad once up here, hug the impart ledge until it connects to the mountain, then look down. Jump down to the ledge below ( chute can help ), then walk North until you spot the coin. The final mint is located in the canyon that connects 5F to 5G. fair as you enter it, keep your eye along the leave ( east ) edge. You ‘ll spot some ascendable rocks that lead to a mint. ad


When you head towards the grove to reach Colossus 4, you ‘ll pass through the long cave and come to the border of the cliff with a little canyon below. As you reach the edge of the cliff, look down into the canyon, and you can spot a trail going down, a well as a wall of vegetation you can use to climb down. At the bottom of the canyon is a small pool of water. Follow it to the conclusion to find the glow mint. ad Another coin is located in the area you fight the Colossus. Along the South wall, expect for a ball of rock that sticks out perceptibly and has a small tree on it. To the East are some rocks that let you climb to it, and the mint it holds. The adjacent coin is located in the little canyon that runs through the western side of 5G. Along the East wall, you ‘ll spot a section that looks ascendable. Your finish is a small cluster of trees among the rocks. ad Start a bite further back and clamber up the rocks until you ‘re able to leap to the trees .

Row 6

These coins can be found along row 6 of the map .


There are two coins in this quadrant. This is a slippery mint to find, located in the metro arena where the bearded Colossus is found. ad To get to it, you must find a means to climb to the second floor of the far balcony with the pillars where you hid from the giant star to get him to bend down. Scrambling up the forget side and leap out is hard – but possible. You can besides try reliving the fight and jump from the Colossus to the platform after climbing up his beard. The moment coin is found fair outside the temple that leads to the Colossus. While facing the temple, count left to see a small ( 20ish feet tall ) segment of gray stone. Climb it to find the mint .


There are two coins in this quadrant. ad Found in the desert area where you fight Colossus 13, mind Southeast until you find a large rocky column with another slab leaning against it. It does n’t look like it, but you can spam the leap release to run up the slab and onto the column to find a coin at the top. The second mint is located near the South edge of the quadrant. When you get near the southerly end, you ‘ll spot a trailer truck submerged gem surround. In the middle of the ring is the mint .


ad The first is located in the alcoholic poolside area where the ruins that house Colossus 8 are. When you inaugural enter the lake, front for a big rock candy rising out of the water and jump up the side to get on top and find the coin. The second is found inside the ruins leading to Colossus 8. Head across the lake area to find the ruins of a doorway leading down into a darkened area. ad In the room with the two pillars that form walk to the boss arena, look under the column on the leave side to find the mint. The following coin is located just after entering this insert area. After entering the enclose region, you cross a land bridge over water, with a waterfall to your impart. once across the bridge, turn right and go to the rampart, then leap along the ledge to the coin. Another coin is located in the arena where you fight the colossus. ad From the doorway you enter, go right. once you pass the knocked out wall section, approach the second window after it, hold R2 then roll through. now climb leave and pull yourself up to the bantam platform for the mint .


There is one coin in this quadrant. You can find it by heading to the East edge of the map. once near the edge, you ‘ll spot a section where the farming dips downwards. rather of heading down, walk up along the northern edge. You ‘ll come across a tree stump with a mint beside it. ad

Row 7

Below are all the coins found along Row 7 .


There is one coin in this quadrant. You can find it on the western point of farming that sticks out in the middle of the quadrant. When you arrive in this area, look down over the western sass to see an area below. Climb down there and you ‘ll soon spot the coin near the end of the drag. ( We had return with this coin appearing, sometimes taking several seconds to show up. Use the painting as reference if you besides have issue ). ad


There is one coin in this quadrant. You can find it by going to the identical western tip of the mountain range that spans the in-between of this area. once there, you ‘ll spot a large grouping of green stones, with a little schism between them. Walk through the split then go left to find the coin .


ad There are two coins in this sphere. The first is found towards the top of the quadrant, where there ‘s a giant cliff. digest at the top of the cliff, at the decimal point of the left most triangular dip. Look down to spot a brown/tan rocky outcrop. Drop down to it and look around for the mint. ( Parachute not compulsory, but helpful ). The second coin is located towards the South edge of the quadrant. ad As you approach the South edge, you ‘ll spot a group of big, moss covered stones. Jump up onto them, and among them will be the coin .


There is one mint in this quadrant. Hug the right side, following the border of the function. When you get closely half-way down the quadrant, you ‘ll see a section with several ledges off the border of the function. Jump polish to them to find the coin. ( Do n’t worry, you can climb back up ) .

Row 8

ad The last coins can be found in Row 8 of the map .


This is found right along the edge of the little landmass of 8E. When you approach the edge, you ‘ll see a clearly surmountable stone social organization. Do n’t go up, rather go around it ‘s proper side. A minor path leads down and around to the coin .


There are five coins to find in this Quadrant. ad The foremost coin can be found once you have opened the sealed door to face Colossus 16. correctly after opening the door, embark, and then look around on the correct side to find a coin stashed behind the door. The second mint can be found just before the point of no revert when going to fight Colossus 16. Before using Agro to jump across the bridge, question West along the walk spanning the chasm alternatively to find a platform that extends over the pit, and there you will find the coin. ad The third coin you can lone find past the point of no render when going to Colossus 16. After losing Agro, climb up onto the lower platform and use it to run East and over some rocks to bypass the bankrupt region of the walk, and find some moss to climb. Climb the moss up and to the leave to reach a very small outcropping that hides a mint. The fourth coin is located inside the stadium where you face Colossus 16, it can be hard to obtain given the colossus ‘s endless barrage of fireballs. once you drop down into the first trench, head to the improvised stairs leading back up, but look left to find a raised platform where a mint can be heard. ad To reach it, you need to drop into one of several concealed pits on the East side of the sphere. From the first barricade on the ground flat, front left to spot one such pit and promptly roll and drop down into it and take the way back to the ledge where the coin is. The one-fifth coin is besides located inside the arena where you face Colosus 16. once you drop down the second trench that empties onto the West side of the chasm, climb about back to the e entrance to the third trench. alternatively of going inside, run left and stay out of wrinkle of sight of the giant until you can move all the way left to the edge of the chasm, where a coin is on a small rocky outcrop. The final examination mint is located after you get below Colossus 16. ad alternatively of climbing up, get out from under him and go right ( West ). You will see a small path that leads around the batch. Follow it to the coin. WARNING – This coin is highly hard to reach due to fireballs. It ‘s highly suggested you have the invisibility clothe from Time Attack Mode. If you do not have it, you must sneak over. First, jump down from the Colossus platform, then hold R2 to crouch. Next, just as a bolide lands, run to the closest patch of green, and hold R2 again. If you get hit, do n’t worry, barely hold R2 through all of it. finally, your crouching will cause the Fireballs to start missing. once this starts, merely time it so you make a harebrained daunt around the corner just as a fireball hits, therefore giving you the most time to reach the mint. Given how unmanageable this is, we highly suggest you equitable do Time Attack Mode.

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