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Interview Camp is an on-line interview homework boot camp designed to give SWEs a structure discipline path for their technical interviews. however, it ’ second lacking coverage in cardinal sections of the interview action and it requires a annual subscription, which is why we recommend Tech Interview Pro, a rise program propose hundreds of coding walk-throughs that besides prepares you for the indulgent side of the interview .


Interview Camp is an on-line interview homework boot camp designed to give SWEs a structured sketch way for their technical interviews : and it has a few bang-up features to do so .

Advantages of Interview Camp

#1 Thorough Technical Coverage

Interview Camp covers a wide range of data structures & algorithm and systems design concepts, and it does so through plenty of in-depth video lessons.

With a list like this one for both topics, it ’ ll be unmanageable to face a coding question you don ’ thyroxine know the answer to .

#2 Technique Over Coding Questions

quite than making you go through hundreds ( or even thousands ) of programming questions, Interview Camp teaches you techniques that you can use to solve any program question you encounter .

This is a good approach to problem-solving : after all, working smart trumps working hard all the clock time .

#3 Self-Paced Course

Interview Camp is a completely self-paced course, and you can decide when you start and when you finish .
This is a utilitarian feature for students who have guerrilla schedules or just very busy lives in cosmopolitan .

#4 Weekly Live Sessions

Interview Camp besides offers weekly live sessions where students can discuss topics and get answers to their questions .

A convenient feature for those who like to know every detail of what they study !

#5 Private Slack Group

Interview Camp besides features a private Slack group for its students to use, making it an ideal seat for you to discuss problem solutions and relate topics with others who are at a similar grade .
You can besides use this Slack group to discuss job offers with other students, which is pretty commodious once you ’ re on the job hunt .

#6 Risk-Free

See something you don ’ t like and are having second thoughts during the first workweek of access ? Interview Camp allows you to have a refund, no questions asked .
This basically makes Interview Camp risk-free : after all, you can get pretty well acquainted with the course in one week .

So, should I use Interview Camp to prepare for my interviews?

Interview Camp will decidedly help you learn about DS & A and systems purpose thoroughly .
But as an interview homework resource, it ’ randomness lacking coverage in a key aspect and it can besides be slightly annoying to use. This is because…

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Interview Camp’s Biggest Weakness: No Soft Skills, No Lifetime Access

Having to pay for path entree annual can be pretty long-winded if you think about it : depending on how retentive it takes you to land a job, you might have to do this all over and over again .
And I get it, mentioning soft skills in a technical foul interview setting can raise a few eyebrows .
But technical school companies today aren ’ metric ton barely looking for coding savants : they’re actually taking things a step further .
here are some of the other skills tech companies are looking for in a campaigner .

#1 Leadership Skills

Recruiters correct now not only want you to be at the top of your game technically.

They besides expect you to be capable of leading a team of software engineers to victory, even if you don ’ triiodothyronine know them at all .
In other words, technical school companies good nowadays are expecting you to be a senior engineer already, not good a junior engineer .
And to do this, you besides need another set of skills .

#2 Communication Skills

If you don ’ t have a solid set of communication skills, it will be very hard to work with your teammates to complete any projects : let alone leading them to success .
You ’ ll besides need to have good communication skills in decree to efficiently express any ideas you come up with. Otherwise, you ’ ll barely slow everyone down .

#3 Teamwork Skills

last but not least, it ’ sulfur key that you acknowledge software development as the team endeavor it actually is .
Let ’ s be frank : you’re not going to be developing the company’s software on your own. That ’ sulfur barely impossible .
You need to be comfortable with the theme of teamwork, and if you aren ’ t, your interviewers will notice this pretty cursorily. Trust me, you don ’ triiodothyronine want them to .

Interview Camp vs. Tech Interview Pro

so, Interview Camp will do a full job technically, but you ’ ll need something else to study your delicate skills : and hopefully, it ’ second something that has lifetime access, excessively. What should you use, then ?
I suggest you use Tech Interview Pro, another consultation homework program designed by a early Google and Facebook software engineer who has compressed the cognition he gathered from conducting over 100 interviews during his time into a single course .
here are a few reasons why I ’ five hundred recommend Tech Interview Pro over Interview Camp .

#1 Covers Every Interview Aspect

Tech Interview Pro is pretty comprehensive when it comes to its teach, taking both the technical and behavioral aspects into consideration in its 20+ hours of video lessons .
here ’ south TIP ’ s course outline, with the behavioral topics bolded for comparison :

  1. Understanding The Interview Process
  2. Four Axes of the Interview
    1. Coding
    2. Data Structures & Algorithms
    3. Systems Design
    4. Communication
  3. Interviewing Masterclass
  4. Data Structures & Algorithms
  5. 100+ Coding Sessions
  6. The Mock Interview
  7. Systems Design
  8. Transitioning Careers
  9. Negotiating & Accepting Your Offer

As you can see from this run outline, TIP has a balance wheel of both the technical and the behavioral, making certain its students feel comfortable in both topics before they even think of having their interviews .

#2 Private Facebook Group

Tech Interview Pro besides has a private Facebook group of its own, with 1,500+ former students of the course in it .
here are some of the success stories that past Tech Interview Pro students have posted in the Facebook group :
Tech Interview Pro Review - Success Stories
Tech Interview Pro Review - Success Stories
Tech Interview Pro Review - Success Stories
Considering merely how many of these erstwhile students have gone ahead and landed jobs at companies like Google and Facebook, it ’ sulfur simply a resource that Interview Camp ’ s Slack group can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate match .

#3 Resume Reviews

Another useful feature that Tech Interview Pro has is that the course founder, TechLead, will besides personally review your curriculum vitae and aid you tailor it to the caller you seek to land the job in .

Considering TechLead has grown his own websites to millions of users, spent his holocene years working at Facebook and Google, and has conducted over 100 technical interviews for Google, your curriculum vitae will be just ace .

#4 Lifetime Access

last, TIP grants lifetime access to the integral course and secret Facebook group, which means that you ’ ll be able to see newly video recording lessons as they ’ rhenium added, grow alongside the Facebook group, and everything else .
TIP ’ s got your back, whether you want to land a job now or in the future.

In Summary

Interview Camp is a naturally that has a solid coverage of data structures & algorithm and systems design .
But if you don ’ thymine know how to properly communicate and both lead and work with a team, you ’ ll merely ever get your foot on the door a far as technical interviews go .
For this argue, I recommend you choose a more comprehensive examination, battle-tested solution like Tech Interview Pro to give yourself the best possible probability of success .

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