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Guide: How to Succeed at a Hiring Event or Open Interview

By indeed Editorial Team

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What is an open interview?

An open interview is a group hiring consequence where employers accept job applications and conduct on-site interviews in a group and person formats. These events are a alone opportunity to meet employers face to confront. They may besides lead to job offers on the spot, importantly cutting down the waiting time in your job search. achiever at a hiring event or open interview is about preparing ahead, arriving on time, looking your best, and leaving the hiring staff with a great stamp. This 10-step guide will help you prepare for success at your following hire event. ( If you ’ re an employer hosting a lease consequence, visit to post it on indeed. )

Hiring events and open interview tips

Read the event description

Within the description of a hire event, employers will leave important clues about what to expect. For case, employers may indicate if they plan to make offers on the spot or if they will interview candidates and contact you about a rent decisiveness by and by. They may besides include problem requirements, such as necessary certifications, forcible requirements of the problem, or other details that will help you determine if it ’ s the right equip for you. They may besides let you know what you need to bring and wear to the interview .

Research the company

Hiring events and open interviews are designed for employers to meet many candidates at once. Researching the company before the interview will help you stand out from the crowd. Find the employer ’ south company page and read about what it ’ s like to work there from stream and former employees. If the ship’s company has a retail or dining placement, you may want to visit before the event to get an understand of the daily operations. Check out their social media profiles and visit the caller web site. Related : The Complete Guide to Researching a company

Update your resume

Review your sum up to make certain it ’ randomness relevant to the jobs being offered at the lease event. One way to do this is to reflect on your past work experience while you read the event description. Consider how the speculate requirements match your qualifications. Make changes to your sum up that will make it easy for this specific employer to see you have the needed skillset. Read these articles for tips and divine guidance on how to update your resume :Resume Format prototype description Resume Format

  1. name and liaison information
  2. Summary or objective
  3. professional history
    a. caller name
    bel. Dates of tenure
    c. Description of function and accomplishment
  4. education
  5. Skills
  6. Optional ( Awards & Achievements, Hobbies & Interests )

Dress appropriately

In the event description, the employer may indicate if there ’ s a dress code. If there isn ’ t any teaching on what to wear, your research of the company may help you understand what ’ s appropriate to the culture. For any site, snip in a neat and tidy manner. In many cases, opting for blue jeans, slacks or a skirt paired with a button-down shirt, polo shirt or blouse may be a good combination.

Practice your answers

Interviews at a hiring event may be shorter than traditional interviews. Practice a brusque drumhead of yourself ( one minute or less ) to share with potential employers so that you can quickly give them an idea of what you have to offer. Review the follow articles for examples of interview questions you may be asked ( and questions you can ask your interviewers ) :

Review interview etiquette

You want to present the best adaptation of yourself to any potential employer. a soon as you step out of your home on the morning of the lease consequence, take caution to be civilized to everyone you encounter. Be kind to those you meet on public exile, in the parking draw or in an elevator : these people may well be your potential interviewers or future colleagues. At the event venue, treat everyone with respect, including anyone who appears to be facilitating the event and assisting with sign in. These people may be asked for feedback on your behavior before a lease decision is made. Read more : Everything You Need to Know About Interview Etiquette

Be prepared to wait

One common while of feedback about hiring events and open interviews is that there can be some waiting. As the name indicates, these events are receptive to many people at once, and this means you may need to wait your turn to be interviewed. typically, candidates are interviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. To help employers get an accurate count of attendees, you should RSVP ahead of time if you can. Try to arrive a little early or as close up to the consequence start time as possible. note that employers may not be able to meet with everyone in the available timeframe. In this case, they may ask you to return on another day. Knowing that there may be a expect, come prepared with something to do in that time, such as a book or magazine. Some hiring events may offer food and drink, but you may want to bring your own, just in lawsuit. Remember : you want to be in a estimable climate when you do meet with a likely employer. Bring the things that will help you stay calm, comfortable and energized in the run-up to that confluence .Interview Tips picture description Interview tips :

  1. inquiry the company and your interviewers
  2. Practice your answers to common interview questions
  3. Study the problem description
  4. Answer questions using the STAR method
  5. Recruit a supporter to practice answering questions
  6. Be prepared with examples of your work
  7. Plan your interview attire the night before
  8. Prepare fresh questions for your interviews
  9. Bring copies of your sum up, a notebook and pen
  10. Tie your answers back to your skills and accomplishments

Don’t expect much privacy

Another expression of an open consultation is that you may not be interviewed in a private room or carrel. sometimes interviews are conducted in a group fix, with several job candidates being asked and answering questions together. other times, you might meet with a recruiter one on one but in an open room with other activities taking stead. Some attendees of hiring events see this as a positive. It may allow for a more lay back and engaging conversation than a traditional interview. If you ’ rhenium interview for a job that takes place in a fast-paced environment, this consultation setting can demonstrate your ability to focus and connect with others in a bustle workplace .

Bring your resume

Bring at least five print copies of your sketch and a tilt of references. In some cases, employers may ask you to bring specific certifications to the rent event. They may besides want to see a form of state of matter or federal identification. Double-check the consequence description for these details. Pro-tip : Carry all your things in a folder or master portfolio so you can stay clean and organized throughout the consequence. Read more : What to Bring to a Job Interview

Follow up after the event

As you ’ re finishing up your conversations, ask recruiters at the lease event for their occupation cards. After the consequence, send them a follow-up e-mail. It ’ s a simple, civil room to thank them for their time—and it may help you stand out in their memory from the many candidates they ’ ve meet. For e-mail examples to use in your follow-up note, review the adopt :

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