Jim Cornette 2003 Shoot Interview

When Jim Cornette talks, you need to listen. Cornette is one of the greatest minds in wrestling history and he shares his cognition, views and inside stories on this raw Shoot Interview by RF Video. Cornette takes you inside WWE developmental territory OVW and gives you the scoop on all the acme names that came through there like Brock Lesner. After watching this one you ’ ll know what daily life is like when you are working for WWE, but placid on an autonomous level. Plus, Cornette gives a moral on what it ’ s like to bible. This is like a textbook on booking from one of the diligence ’ s greatest all time bookers. Of run it wouldn ’ triiodothyronine be a Cornette shoot unless he was giving his uncensored thoughts on everyone he doesn ’ t respect from Ian Rotten and IWA Mid-South to Vince Russo. When Cornette shoots you ’ ll be entertained, you ’ ll learn something and you ’ ll be indisputable to watch it again and again. here ’ s a list of topics discussed :

-How he got started in OVW
-What is a typical workweek like for him in OVW
-What goes on behind the scenes in OVW
-Advantages to being a WWE developmental territory
-Talks about Wade Keller and his report that WWE was cutting ties with OVW
-Does he get any type of steering from WWE on what to do
-What information does WWE require from them concerning wrestlers under developmental
-Early impressions of Brock Lesnar
-How did Brock change during his time in OVW
-What the wrestlers go thru in OVW to make it
-Talks about some of the OVW wrestlers who made it to WWE ( Bashams, Shelton Benjamin, Rob Conway )
-Thoughts on Tough Enough
-Talks about the Tough Enough wrestlers who ended up sent to OVW
-Why he would never allow cameras to film the OVW school or anything behind the scenes
-Thoughts on exposing the business
-Opinion on fans thinking they know so much
-Talks about the OVW trial camp
-What they teach in OVW
-Thoughts on Ian Rotten
-Thoughts on hard-core wrestle
-Talks about Ed Ferrera and their backstage incident ( what happened that day and what led up to it )
-Talks about talent he think Vince Russo ruined while in WWE
-How to be a good booker & how to write for wrestling
-Why he doesn ’ thymine put himself in angles
-Talks about the art of tag team wrestling and the necessary formula to put together a good match
-Advice for wrestlers wanting to go to WWE & what they look for
-Thoughts on writhe schools
-Reaction when he heard Vince bought WCW
-Why the invasion angle didn ’ triiodothyronine bring
-Thoughts on there alone being one promotion
-What advice he would give to somebody wanting to start a promotion
-Talks about WWE guys coming to work in OVW
-What happened with Bobby Eaton when he was a flight simulator at OVW and why it didn ’ t work
-Talks about the comments he made about Spanky before WWE signed him
-Thoughts on whether or not WWE takes guys from OVW before they ’ re fix
-Talks about WWE putting Doug Basham & Damaja together as brothers on television receiver while they were the lead feud in OVW & discusses WWE pulling other guys while in the middle of programs
-Talks about his favored angles in OVW
-Thoughts on : Shelton Benjamin, Nathan Jones, Mark Henry, Randy Orton, Batista, Rico, John Cena ( how they changed from the time they started )
-Talks about guys who didn ’ t make it in OVW : Ron Waterman, Eric Angle, Russ McCullough, David Flair )
-All this and much more !

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