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8 Executive Assistant Interview Questions and Sample Answers

By indeed Editorial Team

Updated June 22, 2022 | Published February 25, 2020 Updated June 22, 2022 Published February 25, 2020TwitterLinkedInFacebookEmail If you have an administrator assistant consultation coming up, it ‘s a beneficial theme to plan and practice your answers to ensure you make a good impression on electric potential employers. Understanding the common questions you ‘ll likely be asked in your interview can help you prepare. In this article, we discuss what an executive adjunct is and eight common administrator assistant interview questions and sample answers, and we offer a list of roles like to an executive adjunct. Related : Why Do You Want This Job ? 3 Steps to the Best Answer In this video, Taylor, an indeed evangelist and resource on recruit, shares his strategy for creating a compel 2-3 moment answer for this critical interview doubt .

What is an executive assistant?

An executive adjunct is like to an administrative assistant or secretary because they assist and support early individuals with their influence. however, executive assistants are typically in consign of assisting one executive, and they may train or supervise other agency staff. Some of the detail responsibilities of an administrator assistant include :

  • Answering phones, taking messages and routing phone calls to the correct person
  • Handling simple bookkeeping tasks
  • Using computer software programs, such as password processors, electronic mail, spreadsheets and display software
  • Greeting visitors
  • Booking travel arrangements for executives
  • Reading and analyzing incoming memos and submissions
  • Performing other tasks for executives as request

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8 executive assistant questions and sample answers

Each business may have specific questions regarding your qualifications, the requirements of the job and the executive you ‘ll be working for. however, here are a few common questions you may be asked during an executive assistant consultation, ampere well as tips on how to answer them :

  • Why do you want to be an executive assistant ?
  • How do you prioritize tasks on your typical workday as an administrator assistant ?
  • How would you rate your calculator proficiency ?
  • How do you handle difficult personalities at work ?
  • Have you supervised other function staff members before ?
  • How do you handle try and pressure ?
  • Provide me with an case of a time you had to collaborate with a team to solve an consequence for an executive.
  • How do you go about anticipating the needs of an administrator ?

1. Why do you want to be an executive assistant?

The interviewer will likely ask you this question to gain an accurate understand of your motivation for working as an administrator assistant. They will besides be gauging whether this is a impermanent side for you or a career you are seeking to grow in. It is best if you answer this doubt honestly and provide details about why you chose to become an executive assistant and what you hope to achieve in the future. example : “ I chose to become an executive adjunct because I thought my skill set would be a bang-up fit for the position. I enjoy organizing, setting up events or meetings and aiding those who need my help. I besides knew that I could learn many different things by becoming an executive assistant because each day is different as fresh challenges present themselves. I hope to continue applying my skills to this important military position supporting one of your executives. ”

2. How do you prioritize your workday tasks?

You must be highly organized as an administrator adjunct and plan your days accordingly. Your electric potential employer will want to get an idea of your process to see if it matches their needs. Identify some key prioritization habits you have in your current or past positions that will help you to organize and prioritize for this future placement. exemplar : “ I prioritize tasks using an electronic disturbance list and calendar. I evaluate my deadlines and complete the most press or challenging tasks foremost. I am besides able to adapt cursorily when newfangled tasks or projects present themselves. ”

3. How would you rate your computer proficiency?

Most of your employment will likely be completed using computer software systems. Your employer will want to be indisputable you know how to use these systems accurately. It may be helpful if you provide an overview of the systems you know how to use in your answer. example : “ I would rate my computer skills as highly technical. I have worked with a kind of software and I know how to troubleshoot minor calculator issues on my own. I know how to make spreadsheets, use parole processors and scheduling software. ”

4. How do you handle challenging personalities at work?

The interviewer wants to get a sense of your temperament to assess if you will be able to handle the people you may encounter while working as an administrator assistant at their organization. It is best to answer this question with sympathy and confidence. exemplar : “ I understand that some personalities I will come across in this position may be difficult. I have the solitaire and communication skills to efficaciously handle difficult personalities with ease without becoming personally offended. ”

5. Have you supervised other office staff members before?

This interview allows you to explain your level of expertness and supervisory experience. If you are asked this question during an interview, then the job will probable require you to supervise others in addition to managing your own tasks. example : “ I have supervised a small group of four team members, including interns and receptionists while completing my own work. ”

6. How do you handle stress and pressure?

When you are asked this wonder, it is to assess your genial stamina. many offices are fast-paced and require tasks to be completed under hard-and-fast deadlines. Try to mention previous moments that allowed you to handle stress and blackmail well. example : “ I am well-equipped to work in a fast-paced and nerve-racking environment. I have worked well within rigorous deadlines, and I am uncoerced to put in the function to complete the necessary tasks correctly and on clock. I make certain I balance my employment with my personal animation to avoid burnout, therefore I am continuously refreshed and ready to perform. ” Read more : 16 Tips for When You ‘re Stressed About Work

7. Provide an example of collaborating with a team to solve an issue

Most of your function will likely be completed individually, but there will likely be occasions when you have to work with a team to help an executive with a job or project. Try using an case where you can accurately describe the task and the consequence. model : “ I worked with a team of five to compile and condense many pages of significant data for an executive. Our goal was to make the data more clear and actionable then the executive could make a sound decision for the company based on the data. We split our work astir into five parts and met daily to discuss progress. Each person contributed, and I compiled the final report with the condensed data and successfully turned in the grant on clock. ”

8. How do you go about anticipating the needs of an executive?

The interviewer wants to know how you ‘ll take action when you learn the behaviors of the administrator you support sour. Some tasks you complete wo n’t likely require steering. Describe any processes you have used in the past to observe your supervisor and their needs. example : “ The best way I ‘ve learned to anticipate the needs of an administrator is to learn their habits by observing their likes and dislikes, equally well as their moods on any given day. I then will adapt my cultivate and duties consequently to anticipate and meet their needs. ” Read more : administrator Assistant Resume Samples

Jobs similar to executive assistants

If you ‘re exploring executive assistant positions, there are enough of other similar jobs to consider. here are 10 roles with refer duties and characteristics to administrator assistants : 1. Office coordinator 2. Facilities director 3. virtual adjunct 4. administrative assistant 5. Receptionist 6. office adjunct 7. Scheduling coordinator 8. Data entrance clerk 9. Personal adjunct 10. administrative coach

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