Johnny Rivera new job: The son of the ‘Great Lady’ jokes in networks

  • Jenni Rivera’s youngest son jokes about his new job
  • Give an interview to Dave Valadez for the Gordo y la Flaca program
  • Does it contradict the words you had already addressed to the show?

Johnny Rivera new job. The Rivera family is in the eye of the hurricane after the audit was requested for the company left by the singer Jenni Rivera, but besides due to the resignation of Rosie as director of said corporation ; It seems that things have not calmed down and the singer ’ second children have not stopped giving statements about how things are going .
This Monday, June 21, the youngest son of Jenni Rivera offered an consultation to the program “ El Gordo y la Flaca ”, where he made hard statements about his uncles, the situation of his family, but above all, the return of the inheritance he left the Diva of the band… And he even joked that he worked as a reporter !

Johnny Rivera new job: A new job in “El Gordo y la Flaca”

The 20-year-old joke in a video uploaded to Instagram about his new job as a reporter for “ El Gordo y la Flaca ”, frankincense responding to comments about whether he worked or not, after receiving criticism from the public and his family, for having asked that the status of the party left by his mother and the controversial inheritance became known .
Jhonny in the company of Dave Valadez began the television saying that “ he was reporting from California, from the Chiquis Rivera house ”, showing a well attitude, which caused the laughter of his companion, who did not hesitate to go along with it, saying that he was the “ new reporter for Gordo y la Flaca. ” TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

“For all those who have worried about whether I have a job”

Johnny Rivera New Job: The Prank Video
In the caption of the video and the photograph, Johnny responded in a amusing manner to the comments that have arisen from people who call him ‘ lazy ’ or ‘ unemployed people ’, after it came to alight that he was the one who asked his aunt Rosie reports on Jenni Rivera Enterprises, which caused attacks on her person .
“ effective dawn ! For all those who have worried about whether I have a job, let me tell you that I am about to start a fresh job ! I ’ ll be a reporter at @ elgordoylaflaca, giving you exclusives every week. Thank you very much to my mentor in this new chapter of my life sentence @ davevaladez for believing in my abilities to excel in this industry ”, the young man placed, ending with a hashtag where it is clarified that it is a joke. Filed Under : Johnny Rivera New Job

Johnny Rivera new job: People’s comments don’t stop

Johnny Rivera new job: The repost of 'El Gordo y la Flaca'
In the publication of the young man, the positive comments began to rain, where they mention that they love Johnny ’ s sense of wit and besides that he ignored the bad comments that people can make about him, and some were even glad to think that the young man it would be on the show program .

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contrary to the repost made by the account of “ El Gordo y La Flaca ”, where the criticism of the youngest son Jenni did not wait. “ This child has constantly been identical capricious and spoiled like that ”, “ not even for a reporter does he do it ”, “ How they advertise this family of pure scandals ”, “ It ’ s not funny for that ”, “ Better to start selling greaser ”, “ To make Rosie and Juan more angry. ” Filed Under : Johnny Rivera New Job

Johnny Rivera New Job: Johnny’s Contradiction

Johnny Rivera New Job: Contradictions
Months ago, when the scandal began for the Rivera class, the young man had expressed that he did not want to speak to the media, or to know anything about the entertainment programs. This workweek it seems that these statements are invalid, showing that sometimes it is convenient to speak with the urge to express and defend yourself from the attacks you receive through the public .
For this cause, people were storm that Johnny went to the “ Gordo y la Flaca ” platform, to give that interview that has become quite a controversy since it was announced, but above all it is storm that now I joked about a put of work from something you don ’ metric ton like. Filed Under : Johnny Rivera New Job

Johnny Rivera new job: The interview with Dave Valadez

Johnny Rivera new job: the interview given
The Univision plan, “ The fat and the skinny ” announced that he would be entirely broadcasting the interview with Johnny Rivera, who, for the beginning time since the issue of the celebrated audit was made known, had not given a statement to a media wall socket and shocked several with his version of the problems he has faced. had in the family .
It all started when the doubts about the money that Jenni Rivera had left were present for the singer ’ sulfur children, for which they asked the necessary questions to Rosie Rivera, who was in consign of the company that her baby had consolidated before her death ; not having clean accounts, Johnny was the one who asked for an ‘ accounting statement ’ that should have been done annually, but that since 2012 ( the year Jenni died ) had not happened.

Johnny Rivera new job: “It is not an audit, it is a company accounting”

The interview he gave to the program
In the interview given to the entertainment program, Jenni Rivera ’ s youngest son confessed that at twenty years of senesce he had many doubts about his mother ’ mho inheritance and that he only wanted to know the situation in which they were, for which he did not He hesitated to express his feelings to Rosie, who was the executor of the estate .
“ It is not an audit, it is an accounting of the companies so my mother ’ s will says, it says that we should receive an report at the end of each year, but we have never received anything, ” he mentioned before the cameras of ‘ El Gordo y la Flaca ‘, responding to one of the unknowns that had arisen in the previous months. Filed Under : Johnny Rivera New Job

Johnny Rivera new job: Denies Rosie

What johnny said
In previous statements, Juan and Rosie Rivera came out to say that it was not the first time that Jenni Rivera Enterprises had been audited, and that their only irritation is that it had not been kept clandestine like final fourth dimension, causing a bad time to the family, due to the comments that arose on the subjugate .

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In this interview with “ El Gordo y la Flaca ”, Johnny commented that : “ My aunt Rosie said that it is not the first audit, that is a lie, this is the inaugural time we have asked for something ”, causing them to return to doubts about how the Rivera family had been handling Jenni ’ s money resurfaced. Filed Under : Johnny Rivera New Job

He does not want to associate with his uncles

Denies the things said by Rosie and Juan Rivera
Another fact that marked this consultation was when Johnny announced that his uncles Juan and Rosie have always tried not to make them participate in the important decisions about what they would do in a topic of the career that Jenni Rivera left when she died, in addition to always They told him and his sisters that they didn ’ thymine believe them and even called them aweless .
“ I can be for the rest of my life sentence without talking to them about my mental health, specifically to my uncle Juan and my aunt Rosie, ” said the young valet, who besides mentioned his grandma, Mrs. Rosa Saavedra, with whom he did not has no contact or a dear relationship .

“We have never received anything”

"We have never received anything"
Johnny ’ south words again surprised the audience, who in these months have been aware of the site that has been handled in the family of the asleep ‘ Diva de la Banda ’, since it confirmed what Chiquis said on different occasions Rivera, and that he had been questioned.

“ We have never received anything in these 8 and a half years, ” he told Dave Valadez, after it became public that for the first time Jenni ’ mho children were asking for clarity about the finances of their mother ’ sulfur company and the money she had left distributed in the inheritance, of which, he assures they have never received partially of it .

Jacquie, the new executor

The new executor of the estate
besides in this interview it was revealed that among all the brothers, including Chiquis ( who is not included in Jenni Rivera ’ s inheritance ) they had decided to appoint a new executor, who would take over the family ’ second business and was serving at the foot of the letter what is stipulated in the inheritance .
“ The five brothers, including my sister Chiquis, decided that it was better for Jacquie to act as executor, ” said the young world for the exclusive of the course of study, making it clear that the decision had been made. former, it was reported by Juan Rivera ’ s live that Jacquie would be being advised by Rosie for six months, so that she was aware of the company ’ south actions .

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