Lark Voorhies Reveals Mental Health Diagnosis, Would Love to Reunite with Saved by the Bell Costars

Dr. Oz
Appearing on Dr. Oz, the former teen star says she would be “elated” to rejoin her former costars.
“Saved by the Bell” star topology Lark Voorhies’ entire consultation with Dr. Oz aired on Wednesday ‘s show, where the actress opened up about her mental health after years of questions about some of her behavior .
Following a concerning 2012 interview with Entertainment Tonight, many wondered whether Voorhies — who played Lisa Turtle on the authoritative situation comedy — was taking drugs or dealing with some kind of stranger publish. At the time, her beget came forbidden and said Voorhies was bipolar, though Lark denied the diagnosis.

Prefacing the interview by saying Voorhies ‘ disorderliness can cause her to have trouble articulating her thoughts, Dr. Oz then asked her to contribution her official diagnosis .
“ Schizoaffective remember disorder and that was a perfective example of what it does and how it behaves and what it creates around and about it, ” she said, referring to a clip from the ET consultation. She added that she has never taken drugs .

Her mother, Tricia, said that she initially said Lark was bipolar because she wanted to put “ a pronounce ” to how her demeanor at the time was being perceived. “ Lark had n’t defined to herself what was going on, so consequently she resented the fact I came forward to put a label that she herself had n’t accepted, ” added Tricia. “ She was upset with me about that. ”
Dr. Oz said he initially wanted to have Lark on his express two years ago, but “ it became apparent to my team she was inactive not well ” when they did a pre-interview with her. “ The first regulate of business was to get Lark some off-camera support, ” he said, revealing he hooked her and her mother up with psychiatrist Dr. Modir .
talk then turned to her former “ Saved by the Bell ” costars, who have reunited in holocene years for unofficial nights out, equally well as an approaching boot for NBC ‘s Peacock pour military service .
Recalling her years on the show, she said there was a “ very family-like ” air back in the day. “ Each degree performance becomes your hearing and family and we ‘re up together, down together, together together, ” she said, adding that her years on the series were “ some of my happiest moments of my childhood. ”

“ then Lark, as you look at that photograph, and I know you know about these reunions, how does it make you feel when you see them socializing ? ” Dr. Oz wondered, showing a photograph of the cast — minus her and Dustin Diamond — hanging out. “ Empowered, ” she responded, “ They have the right to do that and they ‘re happy in their component and they can have it, surely. ”
When asked if she ‘d like to be included ampere well, she said she would. “ Family is n’t continue arrant without its lead, ” she added .
Reading from a daybook, Voorhies besides explained her initial chemical reaction to not being asked back for the boot .
“ I have to admit I did feel a bit slight and hurt when I was not invited to be region of the Saved by the Bell reunion ampere well as other cast members ‘ events, yet of course, I besides realized that having this puzzling disorder may have played a major region in that factual decision. With that in mind, I am rightfully grateful for having had the find to work on a show that has been thus successful. ”
Dr. Modir used that moment as an model of how well she can read a script, saying she believes Voorhies would “ shine ” if she began acting again .

“ What would it mean for you to be invited to the reunion ? ” Dr. Oz then asked Lark. “ 100 % of what it should mean, ” she responded, “ I would be elated and happy and everything would blend as we are used to coming together for. I would have a adorable fourth dimension, just a lovely time. ”
She said that, with treatment, she hoped to work in front of the camera again and be included in a reunion, saying “ It ‘s the employment that I love. ”
“ Think I should call some of your form mates and remind them what ‘s going on with you ? ” Dr. Oz said at the end of the section. “ surely, ” she replied, “ We ‘ll call them together. That ‘s what we do, that ‘s the spirit we have on that display. ”

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