Funnyman Lewis Capaldi Saves AWKWARD Graham Norton Show

Lewis Capaldi ‘s appearance on Friday evening ‘s Graham Norton is the talk of Twitter this dawn and it ‘s not because of his whistle .
The Scotsman dropped by the indicate to join a leading line up on the couch for a promptly chinwag and within seconds he had audiences in the handle of his hired hand with his down-to-earth banter. nowadays ‘s top video

not to mention the fact that he diffused what appeared to be some rightfully awkward vibes between boyfriend guests Margot Robbie and Jim Carey !
Taking to Twitter, viewers speculated what could have riled Margot up so much that she could n’t hide her disgust towards the Ace Ventura actor .
While some wondered if they have regretful air between them from previous encounters, others thought it may have had something to do with Jim ‘s ‘joke ‘ suggesting Margot lone achieved fame because of her well looks .
‘Jim Carey is unmanageable to watch, ‘ commented one fan on Twitter. ‘Not keen on his ingratiation about Margot Robbie ’ second looks being her talent. She is a bally Oscar campaigner ! ‘
‘ I ‘d love to know what ‘s going on inside Margot Robbie ‘s head correctly now, ‘ said another. ‘Jim Carey being very patronising about her career. ‘
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While the Aussie actress was far from impressed with Jim ‘s antics, Lewis Capaldi ‘s curtly and sugared appearance put a massive smile on her confront .
Viewers at home thought the ‘Before You Go ‘ singer ‘saved the show ‘ with his feel of humor, relaying a report about how he was very about kicked out of the Grammy ‘s by person who did n’t recognise him. Turns out she mistook him for a ‘seat filler ‘ who are there to make the crowd shots look interfering if people have to step outside .
Of course confused Lewis said : ‘ I know I did n’t win the Grammy, but I thought I ‘d be able to stay till the end, ‘ proving he has impeccable amusing time .

In another moment, when host Graham asked how he managed to sell out his upcoming enlistment before his debut album was even released, Lewis confidently replied : ‘Just raw sex appeal. ‘
‘ I mean I ‘m a banquet for the eyes. But yeah, lots of bums in seats, and lots of money in my pouch ! ‘

gratuitous to say, everyone was in stitches ! flush more then when he apologised to early guest Jodie Turner Smith ‘s bare blow for oath .

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