New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine – NY Interview Feedback

“ Interviewer was super nice, I was just so anxious ”
“ stay calm ”
“ Felt more like a traditional interview preferably than getting to know me. Didn ’ metric ton necessitate about any adulterous material, etc. ”
“ The students at the school are awful and talk down to people. They believe they know it all, and that they were better than everyone. This speaks volumes about what type of school this is and what type of students they accept. It ‘s a shame that medical schools like this exist. ”

“ Everyone is in truth dainty and gave a capital impression of the school. The scholar ambassadors are fantastic to ask questions to during the tour. ”
“ New facilities, students seem felicitous, interview thousands and plan on interviewing lots more. flow classes between both campuses. ”
“ Send a thank you & an update letter, mail my update I got accept 3 days late ! ”
“ great school, great benefits. ”
“ n/a ”
“ There needs to be a agile, better way for students for students to receive the reach information of their interviewer than merely calling or emailing admissions. ”
“ overall, highly plus have. great school at which to have your first interview ! ”
“ Loved the educate ! It felt like home ! ”
“ Be indisputable to besides ask your interviewers questions. ”
“ I in truth got an perplex vibration from the school. ”
“ very print with the school and the interview day process. I hope to be going here in the fall. ”
“ great educate with big staff and facilities. I just wish the school was n’t so expensive : ( “
“ pretty good school, had some great residency matches. ”
“ great school ! ”
“ i actually interviewed at the arkansas submit campus of NYITCOM but they do n’t have this campus up on SDN yet. however, the interviewers are physicians/professors from NYITCOM indeed if you ‘re doing the conference call consultation, decidedly listen to what these students have to say about their interviews because they ‘re identical like, if not the same. ”
“ Be prepared to answer questions that catch you off guard ”
“ The interview is very colloquial sol just be yourself ! ”
“ not as impressed by the school as I was by other schools ”
“ relaxed Interview day ”
“ overall, quite a dainty school, and very easy-going interview experience ( do n’t worry ) ”
“ The interviewer did not seem concerned in anything I was saying. I felt taken aback when the interview was over in 5 minutes. I wanted to talk about so many things on my application ! ”
“ beautiful campus, decent facilities, friendly staff. Has the feel of an undergraduate campus but besides has its own unique DO quad. Huge class size ~300. very high tutelage. big vehemence on primary concern. ”
“ Love this school = ) “
“ very decent school. ”
“ I absolutely loved this school and my interviewer ! ! ! ! ! ! ”
“ A good feel overall. I ‘m by no means in love with the educate, but I would not have any problem serve it. “
“ I absolutely loved my feel hera. It truly made picking this school ( if accepted ) over my early choices a no-brainer. Their modern facilities, combined with TOP ROTATION choices in NY and 96-97 % BOARD pass rates, make this school actually one of the prime minister DO schools in the area. The students besides said there is a great smell of school pride among their classmates, which is always good to hear ! ”
“ hands-down, the best on-campus experience I ‘ve had at any school. “
“ I was identical glad with my interview experience. All the students with me were very friendly, so it decidedly relaxes you to chat while waiting. This is an excellent school, and the wellbeing and friendly nature of everyone I met made the experience all the more bettor. I was accepted a month after my interview. “
“ I actually enjoyed my clock time at NYCOM. Because of the high monetary value of tutelage and living/ commuting situation I was hoping I would n’t like it angstrom much as I did. But the students, staff, and plan in truth print me. If I am golden adequate to be accepted, my decisiveness is going to be very unmanageable ! ”
“ interviews tend to be short ”
“ Interview was REALLY fast, like possibly 10 minutes. I thought it was a bad sign at beginning but then I found out it was reasonably much the like for everyone else. Nice school, I barely do n’t personally want to live on teh island ”
“ fantastic school, made a fantastic impression on me, first choice ! ”
“ The interview is outdoors file, but they do not have your GPA or MCAT scores. The interviewer has your AACOMAS personal statement and secondary lotion. My interviewer was quiet chatty during the consultation ; she had a personal fib for about every topic we discussed. I kinda had to make an campaign to say all I wanted to say. however, she was friendly, and I liked the fact that she participated in neuroscience research in accession to being an osteopath. “
“ My interviewers, Dr. Ahn, DO and Dr. Dixson, PhD were truly dainty. They made me feel comfortable and were very laid back. I highly suggest that you buff up your cognition on osteopathic medicate. besides, ask the go guides as many questions as you can … they answer them honestly. good fortune ! “
“ The interview know was pretty laidback, more like a conversation, though at times it was alittle hard understanding him. ”
“ The person who interviewed me was a MD who did n’t speak english identical well. I had a hard clock time understanding the questions she asked me, and she obviously could n’t understand the answers I was giving her ( as she asked me two of the questions multiple times ). She abruptly ended the interview after realizing she had asked the same doubt twice. She would n’t shake my pass upon entering the interview or leaving. I do n’t understand why they would have an allopathic doctor interviewing applicants at an osteopathic school, let alone one who does n’t speak english very well. “
“ Interviews were practically stress-free, more like an informal chitchat. Campus is reasonably. fair be prepared for a long day. Make certain that you ( and whoever comes with you ) has something to do, like a book to read or something. There will decidedly be some downtime. ”
“ hale office is actually decent, interviewer was truly laid back, note was colloquial, people i was interviewing with were friendly, ambassadors were decent, facilities were adept ; no real complaints ”
“ The sophisticate who interviewed me was extremely decent. She had no purpose of intimidating me or making me anxious in anyhow. From the start she told me that if I see her writing anything they ‘re only good things. She said that she does n’t have much of a say in the decision making process unlike in some schools where the interviewer decides whether you get an acceptance. “
“ the doctor was n’t very warm, but most doctors are n’t. she asked lots of questions that could intelligibly be seen in my file ( Ex- what is your mcat score ? ) and made the interview feel rushed. “
“ extremely laid bet on and easy interview experience ”
“ identical positivist. ”
“ arrival in the early dawn, students talk about their NYCOM experience, introduce yourself to other candidates, fiscal aid display, interviews, go home ! “
“ very decent position, the people, sans the one negative student, were big. I enjoyed it identical much and did n’t think I would be going there until after the interview. now, I have been accepted and will be attending in the fall of 2008. ”
“ I truly enjoyed the people at NYCOM. They were truly felicitous to be there and be DOs. The interview was truly laid rear thus there is no need to stress. I know everyone tells you that anyhow, but in this case it in truth is true. just be yourself ! ”
“ It is a good school. very technological ( two human-like robots Stan and Peda ), lectures stream on-line, radio receiver everywhere, video-recorded simulations with patients … It ‘s costly and school does not give much of fiscal help. Averall, the scool is well ! ”
“ The charwoman I interviewed with was identical nice. besides, this was my first consultation, so I in truth do n’t have anything to compare the school to yet, but I was still identical impress. ”
“ Relaxing but I am paranoid about my answers. It seemed excessively easy … ”
“ I was in the PM session, so it was nice to have the tour and time to chat with students before the consultation. My interviewer was a DO and professor at NYCOM who I had a few things in coarse with, so my interview was quite colloquial. It was n’t highly nerve-racking, and I feel as though he got to know me as a person, flush though it was reasonably short. I believe the consultation was open file, although we did n’t discuss grades or MCAT, only LOR, EC ‘s, etc. ”
“ I registered and waited around with other students for about 20 minutes before they started the day. They spoke about the day and fiscal help for about half an hour before the student ambassadors came to eat lunch with us and take us on our tour. The tour is courteous because they take you through the human body lab, the OMM lab. After that, we return to a league room and wait there while the interviewers call us one by one. After the interview, we ‘re free to leave. ”
“ It ‘s a nice school. It is relatively compress, but it seems to be a commodious musical arrangement. I saw several students who, upon seeing me in a become, wished me commodity luck. So that was good. besides, I noticed many attractive girls, not something I was expecting. That separate was excellent. high five for admitting them ! ”
“ I was in the afternoon department. My interviewer was having a bad day and did n’t want to be interviewing 5 students. In the actual interview she seemed to try to be nice though. The interview started with some specific questions but finally led to a convention conversation about things besides medicate. ”
“ I was in a group of 10 people. We were the good afternoon session. I was surprised they did n’t spread out their interviews more sparsely. We only had one interview with one person and it was, at least for me, a brusque one. But the school appears to have a large medical classify, so they probably accept over > 400 to 500 students to fill their class of 300. ”
“ overall, the interview experience was capital. The unharmed sidereal day went by smoothly, the students who gave the go were very nice and honest. When they found out who our interviewers were, they gave us tips on what to talk about, and the areas of our applications that we should make certain to stress. The interviewer was very lay back, no ethical questions, and barely wanted to know about me and what I ‘ve been doing and where I would like to go in the future. “
“ Relax. No hard interrogate. The doctor ( film director of emergency music ) who interviewed me was highly courteous and very informative. “
“ This educate has a draw of positive aspects american samoa well as minus ones. I know I could go to this educate and become a competent doctor. however, I do not think this school is the best fit for me in terms of location, culture and people, but it would provide an excellent education. I received an adoption letter about a week after interviewing and I have to figure out which school I should accept ( NYCOM requires a $ 1,500 non-refundable down sediment on tutelage ). If you are considering NYCOM I highly recommend visiting the campus to get a feel for the initiation to see if it is veracious for you. good luck ! “
“ The interview was very casual and slack. I was n’t asked many questions at all and the interviewer seemed to be reading my file while asking me questions so she was n’t even very looking at me. “
“ it was very laid back, no stress ”
“ The interview was fairly relaxed. the finacial aid ladly said there would be enough stafford loan money if your already in debt from undergraduate. The school is courteous, kinda minor, but charming. I Like the fact they have streaming television. ”
“ very casual, the interviewer pretty much just wanted to get to know me better. highly try free ! ! ”
“ overall it was a humble tension fun experiance. ”
“ It was very incontrovertible and very relax. My interviewer, an anatomy prof., barely sat behind his desk and asked me a few questions and I did the lapp of him. He was very lay back. It was short and nothing to worry about. No ethical or curve-ball questions. ”
“ He was very square, he did not even ask why I want to be a D.O. or why I want to practice medicine. “
“ I just found out I was accepted which is amazing, only took a week. The overall experience was estimable, I was the first one interviewed in the good morning seance and my interview was a piece more intense then a conversation as many people seem to have, but none the less the interviewer was very decent and try to make certain I was relaxed. none of the questions asked were besides leave plain and be prepared to sell yourself to the school as it seems most people were asked to do therefore. This was my first interview and it was a big way to start. ”
“ 8 -10 applicant per session. divide into 2 groups, then called randomly for 15-45 min interview. My interviewer was just out of school which helped a fortune. He did not look down on me at all as if i wasnt the best canidate, which helped a heck of a lot. honestly if uracil show them that uracil are a better person than you are a student and that uranium have human qualities like fun, being sociable, and however showing a sleep together for your field you will do fine in the interview. “
“ I good got offered acceptance, but I am still figuring out if NYCOM is for me. I will put in my deposit, but waiting from allopathic aesculapian schools. just be prepared to answer why you want to be a DO and be ready to talk about your activities. I had a lady with a TERRIBLE stress, so I said excuse me twenty times, but our conversation went well. ”
“ Got there at 8:30 ( for a 9:00 interview slot ), and was NOT the first one there. I was possibly the 6th of about 10 or thus that came for a dawn interview. I just so happened to run into an honest-to-god acquaintance of mine who I ‘ve seen ONCE since high school ( last summer ) … who woulda thought ? anyhow, there were two interviewers for all 10 of us : one a male diagnostician, DO, and the early a female MD with a sturdy stress to understand. Another interviewee said that the male diagnostician is besides question of academic probation or something like that … the bottom line is he deals with people who are failing. After like 2 hours, we got lunch, got presentations by two people who ‘s names I have written somewhere else ( I do n’t feel like getting up ), including the aforesaid woman from fiscal care. Four scholar ambassadors held a Q & A with us, then took us and the good afternoon group ( besides ~10 people ) on the enlistment. I was back in my cable car by 1:00PM. I was not asked why I want to be a doctor of the church, merely why I want to be a DO. “
“ I think the know itself was not bad, since this was my first interview, I was so nervous ! ”
“ It was more of a conversation then an consultation. She asked me how i was doing, iodine asked her how she was doing, she asked me about my research, iodine asked about hers – truly straight forward. No need to be skittish. ”
“ good School, Positive attitude among students. ”
“ The interviewer made me feel very comfortable, made it easy to just be myself and not be skittish ”
“ identical RELAXZED. More of a conversation. “
“ overall I think it went well. I wish we could have slowed the pace of the actual interview down a short, but I was still able to make my points pass. School is very decent and students seemed happy to be there. ”
“ The consultation went pretty smoothly, despite the rain. The regulate in which you were interview was the same order in which you signed in. so if you were the first to sign in then you were the first to be called in for your interview. My interview alone lasted about ten-spot minutes, I did not feel that the interviewer actually learned much about me. When the enlistment guides were asked why they chose NYCOM, it seemed like it was chiefly the localization or it was the merely school they were accepted to. “
“ Since it was my first consultation for aesculapian school, surely I was a bit nervous. I was not sure how my consultation went as my interviewer kept on asking questions and I answered. There were no diversion into any early topics as I heard some of the other interviewees talked about. however, at the end of the interview, he said that he would like to see me in the accrue. And, after 9 days I got an accptance letter. ”
“ overall the day went quite well. My co-interviewees were all dainty and friendly. My interviewer was a very calm friendly ridicule who made it a point to make certain you felt comfortable. He made it seem like a conversation and not like a Q & A seance. I was very pleased with this low stress environment. ”
“ basically, we barely talked. Did n’t ask me anything about myself. only questions about the discipline of healthcare/how to change it and my interests. There were three different interviewers, and from talking to the other students in the board I realize that there is no consistency between them. I guess I was lucky with my interviewer ( well, I guess I should wait to see if I was excepted before making such claims = ). ”
“ The interviewer was recently coming from NJ. He gave me feedback on most of my answers angstrom soon as I finished answering ( some good, some constructive criticism ). The enlistment was instructive and often entertain, courtesy of one of the witty student ambassadors. ”
“ very relax ”
“ very loosen, I found out one got in a week late. I ‘m going to NYCOM ( : ”
“ identical lay back. My interviewer was pretty cool and asked me straightfoward questions. I did feel like I had a bunch more to say that I was alotted time for but this could have been attributed to me being the last person to consultation during our session. Eitherway, the interview went well and I just found out that I got in … I ‘ll be going to NYCOM come August ! ! ! ”
“ identical pleasant ”
“ some of the comments on this net is need to be updated. it ‘s a beautiful campus, bang-up facility, great location and excellent match tilt. ”
“ The interviewers ( there were 2 who questioned me at the lapp fourth dimension in one board ) were very friendly and made the interview about stress-free. Since I was a BS/DO with the requirements that I needed, I felt no press during the interview. silent the interviewers were not intimidating to the least bite. From what I had heard, they had entirely been teaching at NYCOM for 1 year or so themselves. ”
“ The procedure was very lay back. The interview was very cozy, like a normal conversation. “
“ It was a very farseeing sidereal day commuting from Westchester. I got there at 9 and did n’t get out till 5. The students were real number friendly and the enlistment was interesting. overall I got a big impression of the educate. It is definitley my first choice. ”
“ very positive. i had applied here on a notion without knowing much, but immediately i’t msy top choice and one hope one get in ! ”
“ It was so easy. My interviewer was laidback and truly easy to talk to. Half the clock we didnt talk about anything remotely related to medicine. After I told him why I wanted to do medicine ( a 2-3 hour reply ) he spent the remainder of the interview convincing me why I should go there. Doesnt get any easier than this. It was amazing. People at the school were in truth nice .. I kept getting lost and trying to get to the building and everyone would tell me where to go and wished me estimable fortune. ”
“ overall the day went quite well. My co-interviewees were all decent and friendly. My interviewer was a very calm friendly guy who made it a point to make certain you felt comfortable. He made it seem like a conversation and not like a Q & A seance. I was very please with this low stress environment. I was distressed at the price of taxi cab and them not knowing where NYCOM was but just where NYIT was ( not excessively big of a trouble ). ”
“ The interview itself was identical relax. I was asked the distinctive interview questions ( see below ). The campus is small. There are no “ facilities ” as such, such as housing, gymnasium etc. The library is belittled. Anatomy labs seem like they can get crowded with 8 students to a cadaver. They are pretty-techno grok, with the pretense robots and the streamlined lectures. classroom are decent sized with radio connections. They are besides trying a new problem-based-learning course of study. alternatively of sitting in lectures, students work in small groups on case studies mentored by a faculty extremity. Its a more hands-on approach with no classroom clock time for those who hate sitting in hours of lecture. ”
“ My interview felt in truth bad, but it turned out to have gone better than I anticipated. other than the actual consultation, the visit to the school was very great. “
“ good interview, relax, identical conversational. “
“ overall, very cool, felt comfortable, and just talked about my dreams, why he became a DO, his wife and kids, just felt like a conversation, not an interview ”
“ The doctor was young, unplayful but nice. He asked a couple of difficult questions that caught me off guard. ”
“ On travelling – the directions given to us via mail was n’t so great. But the directions on the web site were brilliant. identical easy to get to. I was prepared to answer the questions. They were pretty general questions and you answer and direct them in a way that is suited for you. I love to cook and bake, so my interviewer asked a few questions about what I cook and bake. I besides knew quite a snatch about urban health, which my interviewer was interested in and had some cognition about. He asked me about my class and I asked about his. We had a capital conversation ! ”
“ identical courteous school. enthusiastic students. Interview is very relax ; no ethical questions asked ; good went over my application. Expensive. first base year is gon na cost $ 54k-62k depending on whether you live @ home or not. ”
“ good intvw, closed charge, with anatomy professor … identical decent, colloquial ”
“ It was very lay back. The scholar ambassadors were capital. I actually knew one of them, which was bizarre. They were very informational and helpful. My interviewer was wyrd, but a very nice guy. He had a PHD in biochemistry and for some strange reason we started talking about cooking, and that tenderizing kernel question came up, which, by the manner iodine did n’t know how to answer. By the conclusion of the consultation, he gave me his e-mail address so that iodine can send him the suffice. Nice guy, though ; everything else from the interview was very well. He good asked me basic questions from my file. There were no osteopathic medicine questions and no “ why do want to be a bash ? ” wonder. And ultimately, I did end up sending him an suffice. ”
“ Plesantly impressed by the campus and the students. My interviewer is identical laid-back. He constantly leaned forward which shows he was in truth concern in what I have to say. My file was closed at the time of the interview but he had my experiences ( both academically and clinically ) down. overall, it was one of my most pleasant interview experience. “
“ It was very laid back … no stress at all. Everyone was cool, and made you feel comfortable. “
“ it was great. They took 2 people at a time and the interviews were pretty much short and to the luff. No stressfull questions, more conversational. “
“ great know. My interviewer made me truly comfortable. Nice campus, beneficial facilities, and friendly staff. I would love to go here ! ”
“ This is my top choice and I was identical happy with the experience. Met the Assoc Dean who was capital and my boyfriend interviewers were besides a great group. The sandwiches served at the Open House and the Interview were capital so I ‘m hoping they serve them in the cafeteria if I matriculate. ranked the cultural life an 8 lone because NYC is accessible if you live near NYCOM. ”
“ The food was capital and the interview was very lay back. The students were on spring break so we did not get to meet any students and the go was given by this identical courteous lady in the admissions function. The lady DO was identical courteous and told me that the MD school that rejected me lost a great future sophisticate. Cool huh ! ”
“ Disapointing. “
“ I did not expect the ethical case questions, but found them to make the interview very interesting, induce, which actually took me out of my jitteriness & allowed me to semonstrate critical intend to the interviewer. just be prepared to stand behind what u say when he questions you extensively. knowing current events does n’t hurt. ask singular ques that show uranium know school & that uracil are ambitious. I walked out feel great about how the interview went. ”
“ I left the former Interview Feedback post and ment to put a green smiley face alternatively of the jaundiced one therefore I ‘m posting this one with a green font ; ). I was definatley affect with the intervew/school. ”
“ After reviewing the shuffle consultation feedback and forum posts on SDN about NYCOM I did n’t know what to expect before my visit. My impression of the school was better than I expected. I made a number of the strengths that each previously visited school had. This list included engineering, facilities, affilation hospitals, availablity of problem based learning nerve pathway, and residency meet list. Unlike any of the other schools I have visited, NYCOM is potent in every one of these catagories. obviously, if accepted, this is where I will be going. ”

“ I loved the interview ! It was cool talking to my interviewer ( a DO ). Made me real at ease and relax. More of a conversation which was AWESOME. this is where I decidedly wan sodium go. ”
“ The interview was very humble key. My interviewer very precisely wanted to figure out who I was and what my passions are all about. ”
“ The ridicule was not what I would call “ excited ”. He was very laid back ( about one-half quiescence ) and asked fair questions. HE ACTUALLY READ my material and based his questions based on those contents. In most interviews I went on, the interviewers did not even bother to read your stuff ! For a good assign of the interview, we talked about my hobbies. even though the guy was a DO, he did not sudanese pound me with questions about what ‘s so great about being a DO. He just asked what interested me in applying to a DO school and I gave him a well answer. Basically, it was a nice laid back interview with predictable questions and it was apparent the interviewer was experienced and read your material. The entirely “ badly ” thing was that I left the interview thinking the interviewer was uninterested in me since he did not seem to enjoy interviewing people. But do n’t let this gull you, since I got accepted in the school. ”
“ There were two groups of consultation, one in the dawn and one in the good afternoon. I was one of the good morning interviews. ( There were about 8 of us ) While waiting for our interviews, we were given some information about the school to look over. My interviewer was a identical friendly and spend the irregular half of the interview showing me a streaming video of one of his lectures. After my interview, which lasted about 15 minutes, we were shown a presentation about the Problem Based Learning Curriculum during lunch and fiscal care. then we were given a tour of campus. The second group of interviewees went for their interviews while the first group was dismissed. ”
“ I had a capital know at NYCOM, the early students interviewing were identical courteous and were easy to talk to ( no competitative attitudes ). The staff and staff were will to stop in and talk to you, american samoa well as offer advice. Some of the students were available to offer remark. My interview went well and I wasnt asked anything excessively difficult. The atmosphere seemed identical slack and inviting. ”
“ excellent. They already have a compendious of your credintals made for the interviewer with points for certain categories. I got a look at mine and a pair of others ‘ and one was wayyyy ahead of the game so one didnt stress. Very relax and laid back. They good ask you to elaborate on things you already put therefore its up to you to showcase how important it was by explaining on an outdoors opportunity ”
“ The interviewer was very kind and seemed matter to in the conversation. It was not a under the grease-gun type of consultation. ”
“ I knew this was the school I was going to end up at ( barring entree to a metropolitan east seashore MD granting school ) from the here and now I got out of the cab. The feeling only increased when I met the Dean ( who has great expressive style by the way ) and continued into my interview where after a rapid open fire discussion about fudge, the homo cost of archaeological preservation and a few other curious topics the interviewer told me he was trying to recruit more students like me for his school. My interviewer talked VERY fast. ”
“ It was a in truth capital expereince. The staff seemed very laid back. They were besides focused on getting the student into the mindframe of treating patients early. The students who gave us our go were in truth cool. There was this one guy though, Dan I think it was, who was in truth hot. I about messed up the rest of my interview because I could n’t stop thinking about him. I kinda wish I get in equitable to be able to see him more. “
“ I drove from New Jersey, so I had expected some traffic. It took about 1.5 hours to get there from Bergen County. once in, about 10 of us interviewees waited for our names to be called and interviewed. The interview literally took 10, possibly 15, minutes. We were all done by 10 am, and then had to wait until 11:30 when the good afternoon group arrived. It would have been agonizing but I took advantage of the oppurtunity to get to know my chap interview. There is a Dunkin’Donuts and Starbucks nearby to pass the time. At 11:30, we heard from fiscal help, and about NYCOM ‘s PBL course of study, while having lunch. then we went on a tour with two first-years, and the day was done. An incredibly slack, laid-back experience. “
“ The interviewer seemed a spot strange, but u never judge a book by its top. I think he was very shanghai with me and I believe he is what made the remainder in respect to my acceptance. ”
“ overall I like the school and actually rated it above an allopathic school I interviewed at. Students seem glad as well. The interview was stress detached and the questions were identical basic ”
“ overall positve feel. The interviewer did not ask me any direct questions with the exception of tell me about yourself. I suspect that this was an try to see how I dealt with uncertainty or stress. I besides think that this especial tactic may have been used when the interviewer managed to go off on a tangent from something that I had mentioned in a fairly extreme point manner. Either he was a little peculiar, or he was trying to throw me and see how I handled myself. He did not challenge me or say anything confrontational. I would say that the interview was more of a conversation than a Q & A school term. ”
“ low stress, instructive, friendly. besides, the fact that the students were felicitous shanghai me more than anything. If they are felicitous, I ‘ll credibly be hpapy, besides, if I go there. ”
“ It was very lay back. There was very little stress involved. ”
“ It felt estimable to me because I think I gave my best consultation. The go guides were enjoyable and answer questions well. I like the school and I like the clinical experience that a large population affords. The interview was not nerve-racking, and mine was brusque. Be confident in yourself and that your reasons for wanting to be a doctor are genuine. Do n’t try to be impressive because sincerity and character shine through on their own. You are the expert on you, not the interviewer. so, do n’t be rock from your true thoughts and answers. And if you do n’t know an answer, barely admit that ( see question 2 — I had no hint, and I ‘ll bet that he merely wanted to see if I could say, “ I do n’t know ” without tiptoeing around it or blurting out some absurd answer ). I hope this assistant and adept luck ! “
“ I was not impressed with how my consultation went. He made me feel like I was fresh adequate to be there but did n’t actually WANT to be there. I had to defend myself over and over to convince him that I actually do want to be a doctor, why else would I be there ! ! “
“ Everything went fine in regards to the interview. The process was very low key, and I was accepted four days late. ”
“ Everyone was very nice and the school is reasonably high-tech, which was great. even though the school s small, it seems tight-knit and comfortable. The interviewer ( a diagnostician ) was decent off-hand, but in the actual interview asked some pretty hood q ‘s and seemed to about turn things around on me ( not maliciously, though ). ”
“ My interviewer was very helpful and enlightening, and seemed to allude that he would recommend me, however, his body lyric seemed to indicate that he was n’t very interested in what I had to say. ”
“ The interviewer was nice and pretty lay back, and he was helpful in answering my questions and offering positive advice. The consultation was relatively abject stress and I think if I had not been indeed aflutter it actually would ‘ve been quite enjoyable. “
“ For me, interview day at NYCOM was a capital experience. The interviewer ( a DO ) was highly personable and make certain we were all relaxed. The scholar ambassador was a bang-up resource and gave a identical good sense of the school. I think the school provides all of its students with a great education and numerous resources, and I since I was accepted, I look advancing to attending in the fall. ”
“ I was sent a letter telling me that I would have the choice of interviewing in the dawn or afternoon. I chose dawn, and was told to be there by 8:45am. When iodine got there, people in the office laughed at me and said ‘no, you do n’t have to be here until 11:00am. ‘ When i showed them the letter I was sent, they again chuckled and said that was the adjacent day ‘s agenda and not today ‘s. Well, thank you for the information … possibly following time you will add that little piece of significant information in the darn letter ! What a waste of a day. The area is expensive and well, you have to deal with New Yorkers. The school appears to have bang-up students, however. This would be my second option with PCOM being my first. ”
“ I thought the interview was highly short, but relatively low stress. ”
“ traffic was a nightmare coming in that dawn, indeed leave yourself plenty of clock time fair in lawsuit. My interview group was fanastic – very friendly & people that I would be happy to start my checkup school career with. The student tour guides are fantastic & they talk freely with you & are there to help, therefore ask away ! The students are all of divers backgrounds, making for a great eruditeness experience. The patient model automaton engineering is fresh & I ca n’t wait to use it following year ! ! You will LOVE this school ! ! ”
“ Had a great time, colleague interviewers were friendly and we had good conversations, students who had lunch with us and gave tour were in truth helpful, interview was very low key and I felt comfortable throughout the whole day. “
“ I was expecting to be grilled on my desire to go into osteopathic music, and on the history of osteopathic music, etc, but I was not asked any questions about it at all. It was reasonably obvious to me that they had decided to accept me before my interview, and that the consultation was merely a formality that I had to go through in order to get my acceptance ( which I did one week late. ) I was actually a small defeated, because I had truly done a good deal of inquiry, and I was tidal bore to discuss osteopathic music with a D.O. I tried to lengthen my interview by asking questions like “ Do you like working here ? ” Hey, I tried ! ”
“ one got there barely 15 minute before i was supposed to, and the admissions office was n’t tied open yet. i waited until people showed up, my interviewer was former and he did n’t seem excessively matter to to be interviewing that sidereal day. if iodine had not asked questions, the interview might have lasted 5 minutes. he was interrupted by his students who were trying to come to him for office hour. and this happened not alone to me but to the other people being interviewed that day. not very indisputable how that day in truth turned out. ”
“ I was only asked four questions and the consultation seemed real short circuit. The guy did n’t actually probe my answers at all. Some of the early people getting interviewed said they felt they did n’t have a probability to very sell themselves then when you get a motion barely spit out vitamin a much as you can, without seeming like you have ADD. “
“ Was a great day, but as expected it was a long day with a set of waiting around prior to interviews. All in all it was a plus have ”
“ I liked the interview experience a lot. I had a good time at NYCOM. The enlistment gave me a better feel of the school. It was a marathon of an interview day, indeed cause eat breakfast and lunch. The school was kind enough to provide us with the latter. The LIRR is a sting of a trek and “ connect trains ” do n’t constantly connect. : ) so design consequently : There are two full ways to go by prepare. One could take the Oyster Bay train to Greenvale and catch a cab to the school, or one could take the Port Jefferson Branch coach to Hicksville and either take the N20 busbar or a cab. “
“ The morning started off with six of us waiting in a conference room to be inteviewed by a professor of NYCOM. After all of us got interviewed, the afternoon school term students came in the room, and the adjunct direction of admissions gave a small speech about the school. We then had lunch with one of the master of education students, and we had a tour afterwards. “
“ overall I think it went well. The students who gave us the go were friendly and helpful. The interviewer was very nice and provided a low stress environment. I have to wait till December before I truly know ! ”
“ My consultation know was capital ! The other interviewees were veridical cool. They were easy to talk to. My interviewer was very cool. He made me feel real calm and at ease. “
“ This looks like a solid school with laid back interviews. My fellow interviewees were very nice and the day ran just about on schedule. ”
“ very positive ”
“ The people there were big. It was a slack, comfortable atmosphere and the interview was pretty laid back. Everything was on schedule and the go was very instructive. ”
“ Since we were the concluding ones to get interviewed, it seems like they rushed everything. however everything went well, and if the admissions director wouldn ‘ y have left at 3:00pm, I would ‘ve gotten accepted proper after the interview. alternatively I got accepted the adjacent day and will be enrolling in the fall ”
“ NYCOM seems like a great school. I will be attending the shcool in August. They responded back to me within a week, which was big ! “
“ The interview was much more like a conversation than an interview. The professor who interviewed me was very friendly and positive. half of the questions he asked me had nothing to do with checkup school at all. “
“ The day was supposed to start at 11:30 as it was an good afternoon school term. Did n’t start until 12:15 ! We had lunch and met our 2nd class enlistment guides who were very cool. Had an excellent enlistment of the campus ( NYCOM ‘s share of NYIT encompasses three buildings ). The interviews were reasonably colloquial in nature so I do n’t know why I was then aflutter. The day ended after our second gear interviews at approximately 3. ”
“ Waited in a room with 16 other applicants. We were called in individually by one of three interviewers. reasonably much everybody recounted the questions asked during their interview to the rest of the group. When I went tin for my interview, direct questions were not asked for the most separate, the interviewer chiefly asked me to expand on the things that were in my file. The interviewer besides spent time telling me about the demands of the school. After the interview a box lunch was served and we all went on a enlistment led by students. ultimately, we met with the guy in charge of admissions to check that our files were accomplished. Interview lasted from 9 – 3. ”
“ Great tim by all. OMM Lab and Anatomy Lab is very full. ”
“ The interview was very bore, I felt like the interviewer wished I had not come. We scantily spoke. I very feel like it was a waste of my clock time. Everything that was asked was on my application. I was the lone one who had a minus interview that day, but I was besides the only non-science major. “
“ NYCOM appears to have its merits and its drawbacks. good location, close to NYC but not excessively close. I was disappointed by the consultation because I did n’t see how it would have any shock on whether or not I would be a good fit for the school. not my peak choice but I will attend if not accepted anywhere else. ”
“ I have a 3.7 GPA with MCAT score of 27 from SUNY Binghamton. I was accepted precisely 2 days belated. I put in my depository ( $ 500 ) and I am quick to go. Their residency programs ( and their clinical rotations ) are the best compared to any DO schools. I noticed people getting into truly big residency programs, in both allopathic and osteopathic. ”
“ NYCOM is a firm DO school, and they have the best clinical facilites and affliations : NYU Medical Center, NYU Downtown Hospital, North Shore-LIJ Hospitals, Jamaica Medical Center, NY Presbyterian, Barnabus, etc … ”
“ I was in a belittled group, all very friendly people. We were met by some administration members, who laid out the day for us over breakfast. We handed in our secondary applications with the checks. then we had our interviews. My interviewer was very lay bet on. He did n’t ask any difficult questions and we had a very dainty chat. Everyone at the school made me feel very welcome and extremely comfortable. then we had lunch and tour with first base year students, who answered all of our questions. We then spoke to more people from administration and fiscal aid. Everyone was identical very friendly and easily approachable. ”
“ I got a batch of positive feedback and was told “ I think you are fantastic ; You do n’t very have to say anything at all. I gave you a perfect score. ” ”
“ It was fantastic. I ‘m sold on the school, if entirely they ‘ll have me ! ”
“ overall, smooth and not excessively nerve-racking. Surprised that the checkup students were dressed in sweats and caps etc … ”
“ one got there over an hour early b/c one was afraid of hitting traffic. i sat in my car and tried to talk through some answers in my headway. then i went inside and met the other students. they put us in a bad room, with snacks, and then interviewers came in and took some people. one was brought downstairs to another office, and chatted with my interviewer on the way down. adenine soon as one sat down, he asks why one want to be a dr, then why DO, then why nycom. one kept my answers pretty brief, i was skittish. then he asked about what i like to do for fun, and we started talking about the outdoors and the campus. he never once mentioned grades or scores or asked about my research. he barely glanced at the secondary coil i had equitable handed in. at the end i had the opportunity to ask him some questions. then more expect, got to chat with the other interviewees ( who were so nice ! ) had some lunch, talked to the tour guide and fellows, and walked around a spot. one felt our tour lead gave us the inside scoop on alot of things, it was great. ”
“ The interview was much more of a conversation than person asking you a million questions. We colloquially discussed the issues of stem cellular telephone research and medical malpractice insurance. besides, we talked about my research experience and the basics of osteopathic medicine. “
“ overall very incontrovertible although it is my first base interview indeed have nothing to very compare it to. I was identical print with the facilities but by and large NYCOM ‘s affiliations with then many different kinds of residencies within the NY/NJ/CT sphere. Look forward to hearing from them. now if merely they could do something about that tutelage ! ”
“ overall, I thought that the interview itself was the most concern ones that I ‘ve had therefore far. I think some of the the other people who left consultation feedbacks had the same interviewer. I actually in truth liked him and his interview style made the serve reasonably of a fun challenge for me. Although, I must say that the interview, in general, did have a mini-therapy session feel and I could see how other people could get stressed out by this finical interviewer. The scholar seem in truth happy and it looks like there are a batch of opportunities at NYCOM, specially in NYC. besides, I am acquainted with a large phone number of NYCOM grads, who have nothing but positivist things to say about the school. however, I was slenderly disappoint with the facilities and large class size. ”
“ Day began with no presentation, no introductions, nothing. just 3+ hours of sitting in a board chatting with the other interviewees, fortunately they were all friendly. Since this was my last interview ( out of 6 ) I was able to share experiences with them. Interviews ran long, and around 12:30 we were given a box lunch ( bum ), and a discussion with current students who seemed enthusiastic, but knew very little about the new course of study. quick presentation by a student services person, who besides seemed evasive about the “ modern ” course of study, followed by a tour to show off the deplorably inadequate facilities and saw several unhappy students. overall my least front-runner of 6 schools, both in facilities and in general “ vibration ”. ”
“ There was initially a batch of sitting about. We had a few friendly visitors who tried to keep us relax. The early candidates were great. The interviews were relatively casual, however I was thrown a few biology-related questions concerning my research. “
“ In the morning when I arrived there was a good half an hour where all of the interviewees were able to talk and get to know eachother. The interviews were held downstairs. I was asked questions, but the interview was at times like a conversation. My interviewer spent quite a while telling me that checkup school was like having your head in a frailty. He talked about it for about twenty dollar bill minutes. I thought it was a fiddling strange, but reasonably apprehensible. After the interviews, some current students came to talk to us. They were capital. They were very enthusiastic and seemed so happy to be at NYCOM. Later the Dean and a woman from finacial aid came to speak to us. They were both ardent and seemed excited about us being there. We then went on a tour with the students and got to look around the facilities. ”
“ overall, it was a well experience. The interviewers asked very standard questions. They just want to get a tactile property for who you are. ”
“ overall I thought it was identical relax. She did n’t truly ask me any ethical questions. She did refer to my grades and my MCAT, so if you have any discrepancies between your grades and MCAT scores, be prepared to answer that. Most of the clock time we were talking about my interests. Just smile, slack, and adenine long as you ‘re honest about your answers, you should n’t have a trouble. ”
“ I in truth liked the educate ”
“ The people were all very friendly. very low stress know. The extracurricular facilities stink, but at least there are facilities nearby. ”
“ It was an overall pleasent experince considering it was an interview for aesculapian school. Graduates of this school have many recidency opportunities. I found out I was accepted in precisely fifteen days. ”
“ Since this was my first interview, I felt that this was the most I would have to prepare for any of my interviews. Right before the interview, as I sat in my car before going in the build, I pepped myself up and calmed my nerves by just appreciating the fact that I got the interview in the first gear place. besides, they stick all the interviewees in one board, and there ‘s lots of waiting, so it besides calmed me down to talk to others. “
“ I had a very full first interview experience. I was able to connect with the interviewer since he did his post doctor at my undergraduate institution. Met actually dainty people that were besides interviewing. The negatives I cited are made up for by the atmosphere of the school and the opportunities and success graduates have had getting into residencies. ”
“ overall, the NYCOM interview experience is very laid back and relax. We merely had one interviewer, as there was some type of faculty routine going on in the good afternoon. After asked a few questions, my interviewer asked, “ Do you have any more questions ? ” It about seemed as if he fair wanted to get out of there. I ‘m curious to know how critical interviewer comments are in the entire admissions process. ”
“ NYCOM is a big school in a great localization. You have access to some of the best hospitals in NYC in which to do your rotations. however, NYCOM is a identical impersonal school. From the moment I walked in the doorway, I was already sweating. I did n’t get a very welcome feel. The secretary was very dull and merely talked collecting our junior-grade applications and fees. My interviewer was identical impersonal. All she talked about was the MCAT. She was very haunted with it. Granted I got a 25 10 ( V ) 9 ( B ) 6 ( P ) R ( W ), all she talked about was my physical sciences. “
“ overall, I thought it was great. I felt wholly at ease and therefore comfortable. They besides got back to us pretty quickly. I was interviewed on Nov 20th and found out on Dec 12th that I got accepted. There were no harsh questions like “ Why did you get this grade in this course ? ” or even any questions on health care reform. It was more like they precisely wanted to talk to you and find out what kind of person you were. “
“ the interview was basic and laid back. the interviewers did not give feedback to your responses. the interview was besides inadequate and did not feel very personal. ”
“ As this was my first interview, I was a fiddling anxious. however, during the consultation I was very slack and calm. The consultation barely made certain that you want to become a DO and not an doctor of medicine. ”
“ overall, I did n’t get a positive opinion of the school, but I noticed that a draw of the people I interviewed with did like it. Because you have to wait in a room for 3 hours while you wait for everyone to be interviewed, the day drags on – test to get to know the other people there while you wait. The interviewers alone look at your application for like 30 seconds before you walk in. The school seemed to me to be impersonal – everyone does their own thing. “
“ esteemed private school with many great clinical affiliations and outstanding residencies. besides have classy intellectuals ( who are identical nice, for professors etc. ), to go along with all the school has 2 offer. ”
“ very nice, it was my beginning. ”
“ not besides nerve-racking. One consultation was with an MD who teaches at NYCOM ( she asked the basic questions about why I want to be a doctor and osteopathic med in general, my grades, and my activities ), the other was a PhD in neuroscience ( he asked me about cytokines, haha ). ”
“ overall, I did n’t like the educate much, but I did n’t have a bad have. I felt like the interviewers did n’t get to know me much. Plus, I ‘m not a big fan of the NYC area in cosmopolitan, since I lived there for most of my biography. It ‘s besides crowded and the traffic stinks. Plus house is very expensive and a car is necessary to commute. The campus is very dainty though, and there is batch of parking ! ! ! “
“ This was my first interview and it was reasonably first gear stress. There were about 10 of us there for the day. We all equitable chatted while we waited for each other to interview. I guess the other interviewer ( there were 2 ) did ask a crowd of DO specific questions, but the person who interviewed me did n’t. ”
“ NYCOM is very great and its my beginning choice ! The scholar diverseness is big and the atmosphere is very very friendly and laid back. Students showed genuin interest in what the were doing and in helping us learn more about the school. The day began at 9am, we had interviews until about 12 and then we had lunch at their cafeteria with a 2nd class med scholar. After that we toured aroud the hale campus and were given a completion lecture by the admissions dean. The day ended at around 2:30pm. ”
“ the interview was in truth laid back. there are two interviewers who interview you individually. one was first interviewed by an human body professor who was EXTREMELY cool. he was lying back in his president with his hands behind his oral sex. he besides had a reasonably effective sense of temper. after my first interview, iodine had about 30 minute delay before my adjacent one, with a doctor. the doctor seemed a moment more serious, but his interview was highly short. he seemed to have looked at my accomas application more than the human body prof. after my interviews, one had to wait till the rest of the interviewees completed theirs arsenic well. we then were given a abbreviated go of the campus and had lunch. ”
“ The first interview was colloquial, the second was a moment more confrontational. overall, I think they balanced each other out. There was nothing on ethics, fair questions that were aimed to make you talk about yourself. The conductor of admissions gave us the opportunity at the goal to make sure our files were complete, which helped me because I got to give him an answer for something that the interviewers may not have been able to convey. The school itself seems to be undergoing a batch of renovations. The campus is fairly small, but the facilities are adequate. The students seem to have made the decision to attend for reasons other than “ I did n’t get in anywhere else ”. ”
“ If I have to go here, I will, but my first option is an MD programm ”
“ Great. Best interview I had had. open file we talked about each other. ”
“ overall, a very pleasant have – more like having a conversation with a faculty member ”
“ I had heard repugnance stories about this school. I was not even going to interview with them barely because I did n’t think it was worth it. once I got there, I was able to make my own opinion about the school. I loved it. If I get accepted I would go there. Their residents are well placed, the % of students that pass the USMLE and COMPLEX is very high. I ‘m glad I went & I hope I get accepted. “
“ The day began with my arrival at the Office of Admissions located in the newest build on the master of education school campus. The admissions people were identical receptive and helpful. The interviewees were placed in a room off to the side in which a little breakfast is served. Make yourself at home plate because this is going to be the room you will be spending the majority of the day in. We were then asked to submit our checks and complete our supplementary applications. The interviewer arrived about an hour by and by and began calling appoint. As it was not my inaugural interview, my stress flat was a little lower than the others with me. I was the last one to be called so it raised my anxiety level slenderly. The expect is long, but there are others in the lapp posisiton as you to help you pass the clock time. Make sure to read the endorsement on the wall in the room – they tend to ask you about them. freshman students then came to give the go and we had lunch following. WHen we rturned to the Admissions Office, the Director of Admissions spoke for a few minutes and proceeded to meet with each of us individually. We were then release to go. Overall, the consultation was actually laid back and I was n’t asked any questions about Osteopathic Medicine nor my motivation to go into music. According to the others with me, neither were they. We were all asked the same questions. NYCOM is my beginning option and being there seeing all that the school has to offer lone solidifies my decision. good fortune and make certain to bring a pen, resume, check, visualize, and small paragraph on why NYCOM. “
“ The environment is in truth relax, I thought I was going to get a dialog box of interviewers but alternatively it was a one-on-one deal. Time very flies after the consultation but the wait prior to that is nerve-wrecking. overall, the experience was better than I anticipated. All you truly need is a transcript of your curriculum vitae and possibly the AACOMAS app, beside for the check and photograph. ”
“ The interview was therefore slowly … they asked me a few things I wrote about in my essay, and they besides asked me about my volunteer experience and other extracurricular things I wrote about, so the consultation to me was basically just expanding on my application ”
“ For the consultation. .. know why you want to be a D.O. and why NYCOM. besides be prepared for the long wait. As for the enlistment. .. it was oklahoma. The tour guides seemed a short aloof. ”
“ All in all, the experience was good. I ‘m not from NY or NJ, so I expected the dealings to be a fiddling feverish. Yeah it was … I had to have a beer when I got to my hotel. But for you city family, I ‘m certain you ‘re used to the traffic. Anyway, I got to the interview and had to wait for a while before they started calling us back. Like I said, it ‘s a good theme to bring a copy of your lotion or resume so the junior-grade is easy to fill out. The interviewers were identical casual ; they were n’t forbidden to get me. Just go in there relaxed, know what you put on your application, know the mention of their new dean, and know the principles and general ideas of osteopathic medicine. If you take concern of this, you ‘re golden. The main thing is to relax. Trust me, the whole have is not ampere regretful as people imagine. Just put a little clock into preparing, like anything else, and you ‘ll be ticket. personally, for me, the go was agony. This is not a observation of the school, the facilities are actually reasonably nice. The two med students, who were very courteous, told some stories during the go. Everyone was enjoying themselves, but all I could do is think about getting out and avoiding the @ # $ * dealings. The tour finally ended, so I promptly walked to my car, tried to start it, and guess what ….. I left my lights on ! ! The car was dead. I ran back to admissions agency and told them about my stupidity. They were very dainty about it, and called security system to give me a jump. The guy found me in the park bunch, and obliged. This showed me that this was a pretty mastermind school, I was grateful. I made it out of New York, drove back to Pittsburgh, and had a six throng in celebration of my interview day. “
“ be very brusque. The admissions staff was not very enthusiastic. They truly did n’t sell their school to me. It seems like most of the students are local NY residents. “
“ v.straight fwd besides means not much room for error ”
“ just the basic get to know you questions. If you have an interview you are 90 % there just be able to talk about crimson flags in your application and why medicine, specifically DO ? REMEMBER you have to fill out a auxiliary application, bring PEN, curriculum vitae, humble paragraph on why NYCOM, photograph and CHECK ! I heard precisely two weeks after my interview. good luck ALL. ”
“ It was aite … altho the wait was a bite excessively long ! other than that, I thought it was origin ! ! ”
“ The 2 interviewers wanted to get to know me … a big plus, they made me feel highly comfortable talking to them about my future goals in medicine. ”
“ It was definately postive. I was stressed in the begin waiting to get called in but the interviewers were truly laid back. The people I interviewed with seemed like the type of people I would like to spend 4 years with. “
“ During my consultation, I was repeatedly asked why, since my grades / MCATs are high, I was only applying DO and not MD. This is not an effective room to sell me on your school. then at the end of the interview I asked, “ What can NYCOM offer me that the early osteopathic schools I ‘ve applied to [ UMDNJ, PCOM, CCOM, MSUCOM ] ca n’t ? ” Their answer : NYCOM is the “ premier ” osteopathic medical educate due in no little depart to its hospital affiliations. She mentioned North Shore University Hospital at Manhasset as an model. Give me a break. North Shore has a fine reputation, yes, but they have NEVER admitted a DO into their general surgery residency broadcast. So what good are they ? In this regard, the consultation was insulting. The go was nice — I love the pond ! — but the tour guide ( MS-II ) did n’t know that much and responded to unmanageable questions with, “ … I ‘ll find that out for you. ” My advice : If you ‘re serious about going to NYCOM, do A LOT of autonomous research. I was in truth disappoint. Pay that much money to be one of 320 ( 320 ! ! ! ! ! ) members of the class of 2007 ? No thanks. Caveat buyer … ”
“ Out of the 5 DO interviews I had, this one was by far the worst ! The interviewers were highly harsh and impersonal. It did n’t feel like they were interested in getting to know me at all ! The majority of the time was spent on me explaining DO stuff. The secondary gives you fiddling to no board to explain your adulterous activities/experiences and I didnt have the casual to talk about these much in my interview either. With all this said, I was surpised to get an acceptance ! I ‘m not sure what they are looking for in the interview …. even though my interview feel was thus negative, NYCOM is still high on my number of DO schools because of its localization & reputation. ”
“ the interview was identical colloquial … but, the students did not look happy ”
“ Interview know was very well. Some waiting around added to the anxiety, but I ‘ve been waiting around at every interview that I ‘ve attended. “
“ overall, it was a big experience. Our student guide was amazing and was a capital preach for the school. very diverse scholar body and the clinical rotations are the best. I will decidedly go here if I dont get into my state of matter DO school ! ”
“ the whole dawn is truly inefficient. they give you about 45 min to fill out the junior-grade — which is truly short ( bring your sum up to help fill it out ) and then everyone has to sit there while people are interviewed on at a time. half manner through, another interviewer arrived, which sped things up a little. the consultation is n’t truly nerve-racking, good make certain you know arsenic a lot as you can about osteopathy. one ‘d bring a koran. ”
“ Everyone was truly nice. I thought that students would be unfriendly and stress, but people seemed glad and eager to talk about the school. ”
“ They make all of those being interview wait in one room and they call you individually, which made it nerve-racking. They should have scheduled different times for each person to show up to minimize the total of time that you are waiting. I think they were more concerned with the fact that you know what Osteopathic Medicine is and less about yourself and your accomplishments. ”
“ NYCOM is my first option. I was impressed by the efforts the school is making to change the apprearance of it ‘s campus. I am stimulate that Barbra Ross Lee is the dean of the school. I heard from a acquaintance that she “ owns osteopathic medicate ” in three states. ”
“ very loosen ”
“ The interview was in truth easy. Bring a book because there is a fortune of down time. besides bring your curriculum vitae because you have to fill out your secondary coil lotion there and a resume helps with dates. ”
“ Be prepared to defend everything in your application. They asked me about everything ( grades and MCAT ). This increased the stress level and left me feeling like full CRAP. They were cold and antagonistic. ”
“ NYCOM is a great school. I have the greatest deference for the people who work and study there. I was n’t impressed by the surrounding area. Many of the students seemed dysphoric. I would n’t have fit in at a school with therefore much tension amongst the students. ”

“ One on one in an office. It felt more like a conversation in which they got to know me. ”
“ The school was in a relax plaza and I thought there were a lot of effective opportunities for 3rd and 4th year rotations. I do n’t like the fact that it ‘s not in an urban dress with sidewalks and apartments across the street from campus. The film director of admissions was credibly the most enlightening person there. I expected a bigger campus because it ‘s such a large school, but there are merely three buildings. It was adequate, though. ”
“ overall, I enjoyed my visit to NYCOM. The school is nice and the faculty are identical helpful. I did n’t get a chance to talk to many students because we were pretty busy and they were in class, but those that I did meet were identical nice. The Admission staff are amazing .. they truly made me feel welcome and comfortable throughout the sidereal day. overall, I came aside with a more plus impression of NYCOM than before I went for the interview. ”

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