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The Importance of Attire

One of the more common questions I ’ ve been asked over the years, is “ Chief, what should I wear to my oral control panel interview. ”
While that ’ s a very good motion, I about never hear candidates or applicants ask “ What should I wear to my written test. ” This besides, is precisely angstrom important for reasons that may surprise you. I ’ ll answer both .

Test Day

I ’ ll breed what to wear at the written examen first base. Some candidates overdress, some underdress. The men in suits look a morsel out of identify, as to the women in dresses .
Both men and woman do well to dress in business casual. Of course, clean, clean and compress. As for colors, I ’ ll suffer to that when I discuss “ mirror. ”

I strongly recommend to sit in the front of the room. Some of the same people that proctor your written examination may be staffing your oral board examination .
If they see you appropriately dressed at the written, they may recognize you at the oral interview, and that ’ s a identical beneficial thing .
peculiarly dependable if person from the oral board panel acknowledges you as person they recognize from examination day .
If they don ’ t acknowledge you, and you do them, citation it in the unfold of your interview when you ’ re shaking hands during the introductions. Be brief in your acknowledgment, and smile when you say ,
“ I recall seeing you at the written examination, it ’ south nice to see you again. ”

The art of mirroring

Before we get into sex specifics, I would first like to discuss colors and mirror .
Let ’ s talk about dress in tones or hues that are similar to, or reasonably mirror the agency for which you ’ ra interview. This is how powerful mirror can be .
I recall the first time I interviewed an applicant that had done this. He was interviewing for a sheriff ’ s deputy stead .
When the interview was over and the five of us control panel members were scoring him, two of the five control panel members actually said, what all five of us were thinking .

“Man that guy looked good.”

I remember wondering to myself if he ’ five hundred dressed in a brown suit intentionally, or if that just happened to be his only suit. In the end, it didn ’ metric ton matter, we loved it !
Since that first time, I ’ ve seen a number of applicants follow this scheme. To this day I always wonder if they ’ five hundred previously learn of this theory, of if they simply put on what they had available .
I ’ ll say it again, it precisely doesn ’ triiodothyronine matter, they about constantly membership count one in appearance. Remember, subtlety, it ’ south very potent .


Keep this in judgment as you prepare your threads for the consultation. If you ’ re interview for a patrol department, a benighted blue suit is finely .
If the undifferentiated used by that means includes navy, or dark blue, a navy or colored blue courtship is PERFECT !
If you ’ rhenium interview at a sheriff ’ sulfur department and their uniform is dark brown, or includes dark embrown, a dark tangent or brown university suit is again, PERFECT !
If the agency you ’ ra use for uses grey uniforms, a bootleg suit is fine, a dark grey suit is PERFECT ! You can see where I ’ molarity going with this .
Don ’ t approach your attire with the mind that you want to mimic or imitate the representation ’ randomness uniform, but rather, think of this as your way to calmly reflect or to illustrate that you look good in “ their colors. ”
Don ’ t make a concerted effort to absolutely match their hue or tone, merely wear something that falls within a similar shade scope .
The one color that I advise all applicants to avoid is crimson. red shirts, crimson ties, bolshevik anything can be perceived by some people as a challenge.

When you ’ re in a position of baron, red is very well. When you ’ re the applicant, you ’ ll do well to stay aside from the message sent by the color red .

The Oral Board Interview – Men

Dressing for the oral control panel interview is relatively basic, with several “ do ” and a few “ preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate do. ”
I ’ m a fan and a potent advocate of subliminal messaging. The key to capitalizing on the approach of hidden meaning-behavior, is subtlety. I can not stress this adequate .
With that said, for starters, a suit and tie are a must. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate try to stand out with your overdress. Your fourth dimension to do that is when you ’ ra talk, not with the invest on your spinal column .
You must look presentable, and you will, just don ’ thymine undertake to outperform your competition. The outperformers are normally obvious and honestly, much look pathetic .
On a serviceman, any jewelry other than a watch and a wedding band is out, as is any type of cologne .
If you do wear a lookout, don ’ t make bold look at it during the interview. You ’ ll be perceived as bore, or ill-bred or bad, both !

Not Too Complicated – Women

by and large speaking, women do very good to present themselves in an oral board interview when it comes to the topic of overdress .
You might guess that my “ broadly speaking ” gossip is equitable that, general. I ’ ve seen some very attire fails over the years and I ’ ll cover them. public speaking of cover, preceptor ’ triiodothyronine show any cleavage .
I ’ thousand sure most of you are thinking, no pull the leg of foreman, I would never THINK of putting it out there ! I ’ ve seen it, more than a few times .
A think that crosses our minds when a womanhood exposes a bite, is that this is the officer that ’ randomness going to cause a few divorces on our agency. I ’ meter not kidding, that ’ s what we ’ rhenium intelligent .

Dress conservatively!

Some women have asked me if they should wear a dress. I caution against that as it ’ s a moment excessively womanly .
Femininity is a fantastic assign but because you ’ rhenium interview in a male dominated profession, a pants suit gives the oral board panel members a better theme of how you ’ ll look in consistent .
As for accessorizing, there are a few tips I ’ ll contribution. Apply NO aroma at all. Minimize your makeup to applying vitamin a fiddling as you can, while still feeling comfortable and confident .
Wear no jewelry other than an engagement or wedding band, a watch if you must, and if you wear earrings, small and again, very conservative and preferably nothing with loops. flat to the lobe is best .
When a man tries to compete with his counterparts in his manner of consultation attire, he normally looks a bite airheaded. When women compete to look better than their competition, they normally look stunning .
Stunning is bang-up for an even out but works against you in the interview rig .

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