Best 25 Project Manager Interview Questions (2022)

| Before you can plan, execute and successfully complete a project, you must hire a project director to manage it. A project director is a unmanageable position to fill. They need a broad swath of skills, cognition of project management methodologies and domination of communication .
It ’ sulfur intemperate to find a person who is both comfortable with the project management processes and ace at motivating team members to do their best. It feels as if you might have to employ a squad of workers alternatively of entirely one project director to handle every aspect of project management, such as planning, schedule, monitoring, tracking and more .
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But, there are individuals who have the breadth of cognition and experience necessary using project management methods to successfully tip projects. They ’ re experts in many things, such as using project management tools but not arrogantly so, in that they know the ability of collaboration and can have the communication skills to delegate work to focus on where their attention is needed most .
so, how do you find a project coach who fits both the standard of the occupation and the culture of your organization ? In this article we ’ ll go over common project director interview questions and answers to help you through the action of hiring a project director .

Best Project Manager Interview Questions To Ask Candidates

hera are some of the best project coach interview questions that will help you find the best endowment for your projects. They ’ re besides helpful if you want to learn how to prepare for a project coach interview. There are behavioral and scenario-based questions, adenine well as some icebreakers to start the interview .

1. Tell Me About Yourself

A distinctive question for an interview is a capital way to break the internal-combustion engine and conversate. But you can get important information about the candidate ’ mho by experiences, skills and education. You can besides get a find of how well this individual will adapt to the project director role at your constitution. A good way to do this is to ask him to tell you a short about his past, award and future job expectations .

2. What’s your background, personally and professionally?

It ’ second crucial to get a snapshot of the applicant to bring their project director resume into acuate focus. Knowing a bit about their life report can inform about their soft skills and how they might respond to issues at employment, and whether they will fit into the corporate culture. The like goes for their plan management experience. Staying at a individual job for a long clock time can be either bad or good for visualize managers, but you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know until you put their choice into context .

3. Have you worked in this industry before?

Does the campaigner have project management have in your industry ? That ’ s authoritative because they might excel at the project management methods your caller uses or may have the right risk management skills to manage your projects. If they don ’ triiodothyronine, it ’ s not a game-closer. much of project management is the like from diligence to industry. possibly they have impregnable project management skills that relate to your industry, such as undertaking management software skills even if they don ’ t have direct experience. however, if they do have experience in your battlefield, that ’ s a plus, then ask how those relevant projects panned out. Note how confidently they answer behavioral interview questions. You want an authentic person who is comfortable in the side .

4. Do you have budget management experience?

It helps to drill down into specific aspects of the visualize management feel of your candidates. naturally, if the campaigner has specific skills they ’ ll be briefly sketched in the resume, but here ’ s your opportunity to get a deeper sense of where they stand in terms of their feel with project management processes such as budget management. project managers are known as planners. They create a project schedule and run teams to achiever. But there ’ second much money involved, so they better know how to handle a project budget .

5. Have you managed remote teams?

not all projects are executed under one ceiling and distant teams are very common. With more dynamic project management tools and a global work force to choose from, many undertaking managers might never meet the members of their team, at least in person, but they ’ ll be able to work together using project management software. then there are the necessity resources that will be outsourced, which involves a different resource management proficiency than when working with employees. Knowing how they have managed people and resources can help you get an overview of their leadership skills and be a all-important degree in your decision to hire or not to hire .

6. How did your last project end?

This question is about discovering any lessons they learned from that project. Everything about project management is a memorize have, and each stick out offers lessons from which a effective project coach grows .

7. How do you prioritize tasks on a project?

Task management is authoritative. There ’ randomness going to be more work in a day than can be accomplished, so any well project director is going to have to determine what is crucial and what could be left untie if necessary. It will prove matter to and informative to see how the campaigner makes these time management and tax management decisions .

8. How do you foster team collaboration?

This behavioral interview is a great way to gauge the campaigner ’ mho basic leadership and team management cognition vitamin a well as their ability to use modern solve management software and team collaboration apps. project managers need to be able to use tools to communicate with their team members whether they ’ ra traditional, remote or hybrid teams .

9. How Do you seek help outside of the project team?

This stick out coach interview interrogate gives you information about the leadership and communication skills of your project director campaigner. Some project managers are going to think you want a person who is wholly mugwump and pulls from an inner reservoir. Fair enough. But more resourceful is the project coach who knows when they ’ re over their head and asks for help oneself from a mentor or a network of professionals .

10. Do you delegate?

They are well ! The survive thing you want is a stick out director who carries everything on their shoulders. That ’ s nuts. But this is a bit of a whoremaster question or at least one that has an implicit motion embedded in it. What you in truth want to know is not whether they delegate, but how they delegate work to their team members. This is a great room to weed out the micromanagers .
That doesn ’ thyroxine mean a project director is absent from the process. Project management software has features to keep them aware of what their team is doing but not in the direction. For example, ProjectManager has a board opinion that visualizes the work flow. The kanban allows managers to oversee their team as they work and make sure things are moving forward. even better, if a likely forget is spotted in the production, the director can reallocate resources to keep the oeuvre moving forward .

11. What was a challenging project, and how did you manage it?

This behavioral doubt takes the conversation from the theoretical to the virtual. You can see how the visualize managers responded to real-life problems, which helps you determine how they would manage projects at your administration. This question besides provides a sense of the person ’ south project management experience, such as how they lead teams and conduct with conflicts. By asking about a challenging visualize, you can see how they apply their arduous and cushy skills when pushed to their limits and beyond .

12. How do you manage team members that are not working to their full potential?

sometimes, no topic how much due diligence you put into assembling a skilled and experienced project team, person underperforms or creates conflicts. While the project is rolling, you don ’ t have meter to stop and tweak your team. Rather, the stick out director must use problem-solving techniques and communication skills to deal with the problem. This comes up with evening the best project team, so any capable undertaking coach would know how to nip underperformance in the bud .

13. How do you deal when you’re overwhelmed or underperforming?

It ’ s easily to forget that project managers are people, excessively. They are hired to perform project management processes and lead a project to success, but they can suffer the lapp setbacks as anyone on the team over the course of the project life cycle. The difference between a beneficial and great project director is the ability to monitor oneself and respond proactively to any drop-offs in performance .

14. How do you work with customers, sponsors and stakeholders?

even project managers have to answer to person. Responding to executives, undertaking sponsors and stakeholders requires a different approach than the matchless they would use with teams and vendors. separate of their duties includes managing stakeholders who hold a position of agency over the visualize coach. That takes a subtle affect .

15. What’s your leadership style?

Talking about managing a project will inescapably lead to a discussion of leadership style. There are many ways to lead, and all have their pluses and minuses. Depending on the project, a project coach might have to pick and choose how they lead, ranging from a top-down approach to servant leadership. See how well-versed they are on leadership techniques and how they apply them to project management.

16. What’s your communication style?

This is another authoritative stick out management consultation interview that directly stems from asking about managing projects and leadership. A project director is nothing if he has poor people communication skills. They need to be able to speak to team members, stakeholders, vendors, etc. Each group will need a slightly different approach. Stakeholders want the across-the-board strokes of the project management plan, while team members will need more contingent. If a visualize director can ’ t clearly communicate, the project is doomed before it has begun .
Being a good communicator is entirely the start. Project management software helps you better target that communication with your team and stakeholders. ProjectManager has project management tools like Gantt charts, kanban boards and project calendars to clearly communicate your plan design. Our cloud-based software allows you and your team to collaborate in real-time. If person has a question, they only need to tag another person on the team to get them into the conversation. Our e-mail and in-app notifications make sure you ’ re never late for a meeting or an important stakeholder display. Try our cock for dislodge today .

17. How do you know the project is off-track?

Every project hits a snag along the way, but not every project coach is aware of that delay until the visualize budget or project schedule is affected. The ability to monitor and track the progress of a project and tell immediately when it ’ s not meeting the benchmark you set in the project planning phase is possibly the most important duty of a project coach. then it ’ s besides significant to see if the visualize director candidates have experience implementing a risk management plan to mitigate risks and keep projects on budget and schedule. ProjectManager has project dashboards to help project managers spot issues before they become serious problems .

18. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made on a project?

Everyone makes mistakes ; character is defined by how you deal with them. This project management interview question will allow you to first gauge the candidate ’ mho honesty. If they say that they ’ ve never made a err, you can rest assured that they ’ re not being truthful and their curriculum vitae can go into the circular file. however, when they tell you about the mistake they ’ ve made, note if they take duty for it ( that will reveal their level of maturity ) and, of run, how they resolved it .

19. How do you gain agreement with teams?

Where there are people, there are conflicts, and tied the best projects have people ’ mho problems. estimable teams collaborate and trust one another. If there ’ s a trouble between two or more project team members, it must be resolved cursorily. But this can besides apply to stakeholders, vendors, etc. A plan director is a moment of a psychologist who must know how to resolve conflicts quickly .

20. If the project is not adhering to schedule, how do you get it back on track?

Knowing that a project is not keeping to its schedule is only arsenic important as being able to get the project back on track. once a project director is mindful of the discrepancy between the actual plan schedule and the schedule service line estimated in the undertaking plan, they need to take action, such as project crashing or fast-tracking. Any stick out coach worth hiring will be able to answer this with virtual specifics. On these types of questions, it ’ south best to answer with the STAR method .

21. What’s your ideal project?

The ideal project is the one that you ’ rhenium hiring for of course ! But seriously, try to get them to answer honestly. It will let you know what sort of projects they prefer to work on. In doing so you ’ ll get a better feel for what kind of project management methodology excites them and possibly even what they excel at. This can help you place the project director with the right project, or help them adapt to the project team you ’ ra hiring them to manage .

22. What project management software do you prefer?

A project coach needs project management tools to plan, proctor and report on the visualize. There are many, from dim-witted to more complex. This motion reveals first how up-to-date the campaigner is regarding software and project management tools. additionally, it provides a photograph of what tools and processes they use to manage a project .
Most project managers heavily rely on Gantt charts when it comes to project design and schedule. ProjectManager has award-winning on-line Gantt charts that allow project managers to plan every phase of their projects. Managers can create dependencies, add milestones, assign tasks, cope workload and more—all from one blind. Any project director you hire would appreciate the power of our plan tools .

23. What’s your preferred project management methodology?

There are about as many ways to manage a undertaking as there are projects. From traditional methods like waterfall to hybrid methodologies, you want a project director who understands the many ways to work. And more importantly, can they use the project management methodology that best suits the work at pass ?

24. How tall are the pyramids in Egypt?

talk about not being prepared. Who is going into a caper consultation with this information in their promontory ? You don ’ t truly want an accurate answer to this motion, but you do want to see how the stick out director deals critically and seriously with the question. Because during the project they will be sidelined with unexpected challenges and questions .

25. What’s something you don’t want us to know?

Ouch. Yes, you need to go there and make the campaigner uncomfortable. It ’ s not that you want to learn some unavowed or catch them in an unethical act. Less important than the content of their answer is the way they deal with the doubt. You ’ ll get a better movie of the person alternatively of the persona they ’ re stage. It besides shows their communication skills while under imperativeness. It might seem barbarous, but it ’ ll help oneself you get to the affection of the person that you ’ re going to trust with the management of your project .

Types of Project Manager Interview Questions

There are two main types of project director interview questions, behavioral and scenario-based questions. That ’ s because they give your consultation two different approaches that help you find as much about your interview candidates as possible .

Project Manager Scenario-Based Interview Questions

The purpose of scenario-based interview questions is to ask project director candidates how they would respond to hypothetical project management scenarios. here you can understand the think work of your project managers and look into their problem-solving skills, leadership vogue, cognition of project management methods and tools, etc .

Project Manager Behavioral Interview Questions

This type of interview motion asks for events that happened in the past. The aim of these project director interview questions is to get an idea of how the project director has acted in the by, and how has he applied his project management cognition and skills to solve real-life problems .

STAR Method

The asterisk method is an interview proficiency that consists in making behavioral interview questions and answering them in a structured manner. STAR stands for ( situation, job, natural process, result ). so when you ask a project director a behavioral question, he ’ ll tell you about the site or tax he had to solve, the actions taken and the results obtained .
The function of the star method acting is to provide the solid word picture of events from the plan management experience of your candidates. It helps gather all the data possible and capture details that could be missed differently .

How ProjectManager Helps Project Managers

If you ’ re looking for a project coach, then you ’ ve got projects. Projects need more than a dear project coach to lead them, they need project management tools, excessively. ProjectManager is a cloud-based visualize management software that helps project managers plan, monitor and report on the project, while team members collaborate on tasks online. It ’ s ideal for the whole organization .

Dashboards to Track Your Projects

Monitoring a plan is the only way to make indisputable your team is aligned with the project plan. Online Gantt charts measure the progress of each job, but project managers want a bird ’ s-eye view. ProjectManager has a real-time dashboard that tracks six project metrics to help visualize managers monitor the overall advancement of the project. The dashboard besides helps plan managers keep their stakeholders in the closed circuit.

ProjectManager’s dashboard view, which shows six key metrics on a projectProjectManager’s dashboard view, which shows six key metrics on a project

Generate Reports for Stakeholders

Stakeholders normally ask for wide strokes to make certain the project is going well, but sometimes they want more detail. ProjectManager has one-click reports that can be filtered to show good the data stakeholders or project managers need to keep tab key on the progress of the project .
ProjectManager's status report filterProjectManager's status report filter
Teams are a undertaking ’ s most valuable resource. ProjectManager keeps team esprit de corps high by giving project managers the tools they need to manage their workload and make certain no matchless is given excessively many tasks while others are idle. ProjectManager besides streamlines the timesheet process and has features that manage plan resources, so projects can deliver on stakeholder expectations .
One you ’ ve gotten through the project director consultation work and a subcontract offer has been made, then it ’ s up to you to provide them with the best tools to manage the project. ProjectManager is a cloud-based project management software with real-time dashboards, on-line Gantt charts and a collaborative chopine for your team. There ’ second no doubt, this is what your project director will want. Try our award-winning software for free with this 30-day test .

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