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  1. [ Factors related to sarcopenia in community-dwelling aged subjects in Japan ] .
    Tanimoto, Yoshimi ; Watanabe, Misuzu ; Sugiura, Yumiko ; Hayashida, Itsushi ; Kusabiraki, Toshiyuki ; Kono, Koichi

    This survey aimed at determining the factors associated with sarcopenia, defined as low muscle bulk and persuasiveness and moo physical performance, in community-dwelling aged subjects in Japan. The subjects included 1,074 aged, community-dwelling japanese people aged 65 years or older. We measured appendicular muscle mass ( AMM ) by bioelectrical electric resistance analysis, grip strength, and common walk accelerate. A low muscle mass was defined by the AMM index ( AMI, weight [ kg ] /height [ thousand ( 2 ) ] as > 2 standard deviations below the mean AMI for convention young subjects. The lowest quartile for grip military capability and common walking rush were classified as humble brawn forte and moo physical operation, respectively. “ Sarcopenia ” was characterized by a low muscle mass, combined with either a low brawn persuasiveness or low physical performance. Subjects without moo muscle batch or intensity and first gear physical performance were classified as “ normal. ” Subjects were classified as being “ intermediate ” if they were neither “ sarcopenic ” nor “ normal. ” Items in the questionnaire included residential condition, past aesculapian history, entrance fee during the past year, fume and drink habits, leisure-time physical activity, health condition, depressive disorder, masticatory ability, and dietary variety score. Sarcopenia was identified in 13.7 % of men and 15.5 % of women. Among men, a boastfully proportion of subjects with sarcopenia had inadequate masticatory ability and a low dietary variety score compared with normal or intermediate subjects. Among women, a large proportion of the subjects with sarcopenia lived alone, had inadequate exercise habits, considered themselves to be insalubrious, and had poor masticatory ability compared with normal or intercede subjects. A multiple logistic regression analysis showed that historic period and dietary diverseness in men and age and masticatory ability in women were associated with sarcopenia. The stage analyze carried out in Japan showed that sarcopenia, assessed by muscle multitude, brawn lastingness, and physical

  2. Levothyroxine drug and fault risk according to the osteoporosis status in aged women .
    Ko, Young-Jin ; Kim, Ji Young ; Lee, Joongyub ; Song, Hong-Ji ; Kim, Ju-Young ; Choi, Nam-Kyong ; Park, Byung-Joo
    To evaluate the affiliation between fracture risk and levothyroxine use in aged women with hypothyroidism, according to previous osteoporosis history. We conducted a cohort learn from the Korean Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service claims database from January 2005 to June 2006. The analyze population comprised women aged ≥65 years who had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and official levothyroxine monotherapy. We excluded patients who met any of the take after criteria : previous fracture history, hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer, or pituitary disorder ; low levothyroxine attachment ; or a follow-up period < 90 days. We categorized the daily levothyroxine doses into 4 groups : ≤50 µg/d, 51 to 100 µg/d, 101 to 150 µg/d, and > 150 µg/d. The guess ratios ( HRs ) and 95 % assurance intervals ( CIs ) were estimated with the Cox proportional guess model, and subgroup analyses were performed according to the osteoporosis history and osteoporosis-specific drug prescription condition. Among 11 155 cohort participants, 35.6 % had previous histories of osteoporosis. The adjusted HR of fracture for the > 150 µg/d group, compared with the 51 to 100 µg/d group, was 1.56 ( 95 % CI, 1.03 to 2.37 ) in osteoporosis subgroup. In the highly probable osteoporosis subgroup, restricted to patients who were concurrently prescribed osteoporosis-specific drugs, the adjusted HR of fracture for the > 150 µg/d group, compared with the 51 to 100 µg/d group, was 1.93 ( 95 % CI, 1.14 to 3.26 ). While further studies are needed, physicians should be concerned about potential levothyroxine overtreatment in aged osteoporosis patients .
  3. Cost-effectiveness analysis of influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations among aged people in Japan .
    Cai, Li ; Uchiyama, Hachiro ; Yanagisawa, Shinichiro ; Kamae, Isao
    During the periods of seasonal worker influenza in 2003 and 2004, it was found that about 45 percentage of aged people in Japan had been inoculated with influenza vaccines. relatively, however, the symmetry of inoculation with pneumococcal vaccine was only 0.1 percentage. Taking into account such incongruent proportions, this survey assesses health and economic benefits of inoculation strategies for both influenza and pneumonia particularly for the aged population in Japan. To accomplish this objective, a cost-effectiveness analysis was conducted with the use of the Monte Carlo pretense based on the datum from checkup literature a well as from the populace organizations, wherein three strategic patterns were delineated and compared ( one ) no inoculation ( two ) influenza vaccine entirely, and ( three ) combined influenza with pneumococcal vaccines. The price for one year of life saved by each scheme was compared with the scenario of no vaccinations. It was found that for 100,000 aged people over 65 years of age in Japan, the cost-effectiveness proportion of influenza-only vaccination was 516,332 japanese yen per one year of life saved, while the compound vaccinations of influenza with pneumococcal was 459,874 japanese yen for the like benefit. The incremental cost-effectiveness proportion of the strategies ( three ) versus ( two ) was 426,698 japanese yen per one class of life saved for 100,000 people. Consequently it was indicated that the blend vaccinations would be more cost-efficient than the inoculation for influenza entirely .
  4. prospective Study on the Impact of Fear of Falling on Functional Decline among Community Dwelling Elderly Women
    PubMed Central
    Choi, Kyungwon ; Jeon, Gyeong-Suk ; Cho, Sung-il
    concern of falling ( FOF ) is expected to have effects on functional decline in the aged. In this cogitation, we examined over 2 years the effect of change in FOF on functional decline in community dwelling aged. We conducted a secondary analysis using data from aged women, 70 years of age and older, who participated in the Korean Longitudinal Study of Aging ( KLoSA ). Participants were divided into four categories according to change in FOF between the 2010 and 2012 surveys. Multiple logistic regression analysis was conducted regarding the effects of changes in FOF on functional decline after controlling for variables as known hazard factors for functional decline. Rates of functional decline were highest in the “ systematically having FOF ” group, whereas they were lowest in the “ systematically no FOF ” group in both 2010 and 2012. Characteristics independently associated with functional decline were change in FOF, depressive symptoms, low frequency of meet friends, and fear-induced natural process avoidance. Longer exposure to FOF was associated with an increased risk of functional decline. FOF is an important health trouble that deserves attention in its own correct. Public health approaches for aged persons should address early signal detection, prevention, and interposition programs for FOF. PMID:28448461
  5. Association between vitamin K intake from fermented soybeans, natto, and cram mineral concentration in aged japanese men : the Fujiwara-kyo Osteoporosis Risk in Men ( FORMEN ) study .
    Fujita, Y ; Iki, M ; Tamaki, J ; Kouda, K ; Yura, A ; Kadowaki, E ; Sato, Y ; Moon, J-S ; Tomioka, K ; Okamoto, N ; Kurumatani, N
    A cross-section analysis of 1,662 community dwelling aged japanese men suggested that accustomed natto inhalation was significantly associated with higher cram mineral density ( BMD ). When adaptation was made for undercarboxylated osteocalcin levels, this association was insignificant, showing the natto-bone association to be primarily mediated by vitamin K. Low vitamin K inhalation is associated with an increased risk of hep fracture, but reports have been inconsistent on its effect on BMD. Our first target was to examine the association between BMD and inhalation of ferment soybeans, natto, which contain vitamin K1 ( 20 μg/pack ) and K2 ( 380 μg/pack ). Our second base drive was to examine the association between undercarboxylated osteocalcin ( ucOC ), a biomarker of vitamin K consumption, and BMD to evaluate the character of vitamin K in this association. Of the japanese men aged ≥65 years who participated in the baseline survey of the Fujiwara-kyo Osteoporosis Risk in Men study, 1,662 men without diseases or medications known to affect bone metamorphosis were examined for associations between self-reported natto intake or serum ucOC levels with lumbar spinal column or pelvis BMD. The subjects with greater consumption of natto showed significantly lower degree of serum ucOC. psychoanalysis after adjustment for confounding variables showed an association of greater intake of natto with both significantly higher BMD and lower risk of moo BMD ( T-score < -1 SD ) at the total pelvis and femoral neck. This association became insignificant after far adjustment for ucOC horizontal surface. accustomed inhalation of natto was associated with a beneficial effect on cram health in aged men, and this association is chiefly due to vitamin K content of natto, although the lack of information on dietary food intake, including vitamin K1 and K2, prevented us from far examining the affiliation .
  6. Food group and micronutrient intake sufficiency among children, adults and aged women in Greece .
    Manios, Yannis ; Moschonis, George ; Grammatikaki, Evangelia ; Mavrogianni, Christina ; van den Heuvel, Ellen G H M ; Bos, Rolf ; Singh-Povel, Cecile
    The aim of the stage study was to record the share of children, adults and aged women in Greece meet food and micronutrient intake recommendations. additionally, the deliver study was aiming to identify the main food contributors of micronutrient intakes and assess the degree up to which meeting food intake recommendations besides ensures micronutrient consumption adequacy. dietary consumption data from three studies conducted in Greece ( on 9-13-year-old children ; 40-60-year-old adults ; and 50-75-year-old women ) were used to estimate average intakes, the percentages of subjects meeting food and alimentary consumption recommendations and the contribution of six core food groups to food inhalation sufficiency. The award study showed that more than 50 % of children, adults and aged women were failing to consume the recommend portions of vegetables, dairy and grains. furthermore, children and adults consuming the recommend portions of individual core food groups had significantly lower percentages of inadequate micronutrient intakes compared to their counterparts not meeting food inhalation recommendations ( phosphorus < 0.05 ). Nevertheless, even among those consuming the commend portions from a specific core food group, the recommend consumption of the represent micronutrient ( for which this food group is the main contributor ) was not always met. Indicatively, 18.2 % -44.1 % and 4.2 % -7.0 % of the populations under study were not meeting calcium and vitamin C intake recommendations, although they were consuming the commend portions of dairy and fruits, respectively. In conclusion, these findings highlight the importance for populace health policy makers to take all necessary initiatives to support the population in achieving the recommended intakes from all core food groups, but besides emphasize on food variety show to ensure adequate intake for all micronutrients .
  7. Food Group and Micronutrient Intake Adequacy among Children, Adults and Elderly Women in Greece
    PubMed Central
    Manios, Yannis ; Moschonis, George ; Grammatikaki, Evangelia ; Mavrogianni, Christina ; van den Heuvel, Ellen GHM ; Bos, Rolf ; Singh-Povel, Cecile
    The aim of the present study was to record the percentage of children, adults and aged women in Greece meeting food and micronutrient intake recommendations. additionally, the present sketch was aiming to identify the chief food contributors of micronutrient intakes and assess the degree up to which meeting food intake recommendations besides ensures micronutrient inhalation adequacy. dietary consumption data from three studies conducted in Greece ( on 9–13-year-old children ; 40–60-year-old adults ; and 50–75-year-old women ) were used to estimate mean intakes, the percentages of subjects meeting food and alimentary inhalation recommendations and the contribution of six core food groups to alimentary inhalation adequacy. The give report showed that more than 50 % of children, adults and aged women were failing to consume the commend portions of vegetables, dairy and grains. furthermore, children and adults consuming the commend portions of individual core food groups had importantly lower percentages of inadequate micronutrient intakes compared to their counterparts not meeting food consumption recommendations ( p < 0.05 ). Nevertheless, even among those consuming the recommend portions from a specific core food group, the recommend intake of the corresponding micronutrient ( for which this food group is the independent contributor ) was not constantly met. Indicatively, 18.2 % –44.1 % and 4.2 % –7.0 % of the populations under study were not meeting calcium and vitamin C intake recommendations, although they were consuming the recommend portions of dairy and fruits, respectively. In ending, these findings highlight the importance for public health policy makers to take all necessary initiatives to support the population in achieving the recommended intakes from all core food groups, but besides emphasize on food kind to ensure adequate intake for all micronutrients. PMID:25768954
  8. Proper drill decreases plasma carcinoembryonic antigen levels with the improvement of body condition in aged women .
    Ko, Il-Gyu ; Park, Eung-Mi ; Choi, Hye-Jung ; Yoo, Jaehyun ; Lee, Jong-Kyun ; Jee, Yong-Seok
    Aging increases the gamble of chronic diseases including cancers. Physical use has the beneficial effects for the aged susceptible to the development of cancers, through maintaining a healthy body condition and improving the immune system. however, excessive or insufficient practice might increase the gamble for cancer. In the portray study, we investigated what use frequency improves cancer-related biomarkers, such as carcinoembryonic antigen ( CEA ), alpha fetoprotein ( AFP ), red lineage cell ( RBC ), and white blood cell ( WBC ), and the body composition of aged women. fifty-four females, aged 70 to 77 years, were divided into 4 groups : control, 1-day exercise ( 1E ), 2-3-day exercise ( 2-3E ), and 5-day practice ( 5E ) groups. The control group did not participate in any physical activity, while the subjects in the exercise groups underwent the practice program for 12 weeks. As results, CEA was significantly decreased in the use groups, with the lowest values in 2-3E group. In contrast, AFP, RBC and WBC were not importantly changed. CEA is an oncofetal glycoprotein that is overexpressed in adenocarcinoma. Although the routine of CEA has not been amply understand, CEA has been suggested to be involved in the dismissal of proinflammatory cytokines via stimulating monocytes and macrophages. furthermore, body slant and body batch index were improved in the drill groups, with the lowest levels in 5E group. thus, we suggest that exercise for 2-3 days per week decreases the expression of CEA and improves body condition, without loading fatigue or stress, which may contribute to preventing cancer in the aged women .
  9. adhesiveness to physical natural process guidelines and functional fitness of aged women, using objective measurement .
    Nawrocka, Agnieszka ; Mynarski, Władysław ; Cholewa, Jarosław
    physical natural process is an authoritative component in maintaining the health and running seaworthiness of aged people. The target of the study was to determine the count of senior women meeting the physical activity guidelines, and their level of functional fitness in comparison to women who are not sufficiently physically active. The study involved 61 women, aged 60-75. physical action was monitored on seven consecutive days of the workweek, using a triaxial accelerometer ActiGraph GT3X. Results of the appraisal of physical activeness were verified against the Global Recommendations of Physical Activity for Health. The Senior Fitness Test ( Fullerton Test ) was used to evaluate functional seaworthiness. In the study group, 36.1 % achieved the commend level of physical natural process. All those examined chiefly undertake physical natural process of broken saturation. vigorous physical activeness during the week was noted in only 6 seniors. Women who met the recommendations of physical activeness achieved importantly better results in test trials, e.g. Chair Stands, Up and Go, Six Minute Step Test. attachment to physical natural process guidelines was associated with better functional fitness of older women. however, less than one-half of the probe seniors met the Global Recommendations on Physical Activity for Health .
  10. korean lecture sound development in children from bilingual Japanese-Korean environments
    PubMed Central
    Kim, Jeoung Suk ; Lee, Jun Ho ; Choi, Yoon Mi ; Kim, Hyun Gi ; Kim, Sung Hwan ; Lee, Min Kyung
    Purpose This study investigates Korean lecture sound development, including articulatory mistake patterns, among the Japanese-Korean children whose mothers are japanese immigrants to Korea. Methods The subjects were 28 Japanese-Korean children with normal development born to japanese women immigrants who lived in Jeonbuk province, Korea. They were assessed through Computerized Speech Lab 4500. The control group consisted of 15 korean children who lived in the same area. Results The values of the voice onset time of consonants /ph/, /t/, /th/, and /k * / among the children were prolonged. The children replaced the lenis sounds with aspirate or fortis sounds rather than replacing the fortis sounds with lenis or aspirate sounds, which are typical among japanese immigrants. The children showed numerous articulatory errors for /c/ and /l/ sounds ( exchangeable to Koreans ) rather than errors on /p/ sounds, which are more patronize among japanese immigrants. The vowel formants of the children showed a significantly prolonged vowel /o/ as compared to that of korean children ( P < 0.05 ). The japanese immigrants and their children showed a alike substitution /n/ for /ɧ/ [ japanese immigrants ( 62.5 % ) vanadium Japanese-Korean children ( 14.3 % ) ], which is rarely seen among Koreans. Conclusion The findings suggest that Korean speech audio development among Japanese-Korean children is influenced not only by the korean language environment but besides by their maternal language. therefore, allow language education programs may be warranted not only or immigrant women but besides for their children. PMID:21189968
  11. agrarian workers in a cohort of middle-aged japanese women showed better health condition than did women with other occupations.

    Iijima, Hisaka ; Suzuki, Shosuke ; Koyama, Hiroshi ; Nakazawa, Minato ; Wakimoto, Yuji
    objective : This study investigated the kinship between occupations and health condition to obtain an overall understanding of a age group of japanese middle-aged women, including unemployed people women, who comprised approximately 30 % of the sample. Participants and Methods : Participants of this study were 4,454 women aged 40-69 years, classified into the follow five groups based on their occupation : unemployed, 1,432 ; farming, 439 ; freelance, 1,596 ; egg white collared, 793 ; and blue collared, 194. Participants ‘ perceived health was assessed using a symptom checklist called the Todai Health Index ( THI, late renamed as the Total Health Index ) in a baseline review conducted in 1993. The mortality risk of the participants was assessed using the Cox ‘s Proportional Hazards Model. Results : The means of the percentile values on the Total Scale 1 in the THI were as follows : farming, 43.7 ; unemployed, 50.8 ; freelance, 52.5 ; white collared, 53.0 ; and blue collared, 56.1, with lower percentile values indicating well perceived health. The results showed that women engaged in agribusiness were in significantly better health than were those in the other four occupations. The venture ratios ( HRs ) and 95 % confidence intervals of the occupational groups adjusted for historic period, area of residency, and Total Scale 1 scores were as follows : department of agriculture ( reference group ), 1 ; white collared, 1.16 ( 0.77-1.74 ) ; freelance, 1.25 ( 0.87-1.78 ) ; unemployed, 1.27 ( 0.91-1.77 ) ; and blue collared, 1.50 ( 0.86-2.60 ). Conclusions : Women engaged in farming had a importantly higher inclination to have a better health condition on the THI as compared to those from the other four occupational groups, and they exhibited the lowest hour as compared to their counterparts, though not statistically meaning. We concluded that the sensed health status of unemployed people women was similar to that of women engaged in agriculture .

  12. effect of low-intensity resistance discipline with heat try on the HSP72, anabolic hormones, muscle size, and force in aged women .
    Yoon, Sung Jin ; Lee, Moon Jin ; Lee, Hyo Min ; Lee, Jin Seok
    several late studies have reported that heating system try stimulates the activation of heating system shock protein 72 ( HSP72 ), leading to an increase in muscle synthesis. Some studies suggested that low-intensity underground discipline combined with heat stress could improve muscle size and forte. This study aimed to identify the effect of low-intensity resistor trail with heating system stress over 12 weeks on the HSP72, anabolic hormones, muscle size, and forte in aged women. The subjects were physically goodly women of 65-75 years, who were randomly assigned to one of three groups : a low-intensity electric resistance train with heating sheet group ( HRT group, north = 8 ), a moderate-intensity resistance train ( RT group, north = 6 ), and a inflame sail group ( HEAT group, n = 7 ). Computed imaging scans, 1-repetition maximum ( 1RM ), and blood samples were taken pre- and post-training. The HSP72 did not deviate significantly between the unlike groups and times. The IGF-1 and 1RM had significantly increased in all three groups after the training ( respectively, p < 0.05 ). furthermore, the cross-sectional area ( CSA ) of the quadriceps showed a significantly greater increase in the HRT group than in the HEAT group ( phosphorus < 0.05 ). We found that low-intensity train with heat stress stimulated the anabolic hormones of aged women, improving their muscle lastingness and hypertrophy. We believe that low-intensity training with estrus try is an effective way to prevent brawn atrophy and to improve muscle forte in aged women .
  13. Development of the japanese version of the Council on Nutrition Appetite Questionnaire and its simplify versions, and evaluation of their dependability, robustness, and reproducibility .
    Tokudome, Yuko ; Okumura, Keiko ; Kumagai, Yoshiko ; Hirano, Hirohiko ; Kim, Hunkyung ; Morishita, Shiho ; Watanabe, Yutaka
    Because few japanese questionnaires assess the aged ‘s appetite, there is an pressing want to develop an appetite questionnaire with verify dependability, cogency, and reproducibility. We translated and back-translated the Council on Nutrition Appetite Questionnaire ( CNAQ ), which has eight items, into japanese ( CNAQ-J ), american samoa well as the Simplified Nutritional Appetite Questionnaire ( SNAQ-J ), which includes four CNAQ-J-derived items. Using structural equation model, we examined the CNAQ-J structure based on data of 649 japanese aged people in 2013, including individuals having a certain degree of cognitive disability, and we developed the SNAQ for the japanese aged ( SNAQ-JE ) according to an exploratory factor analysis. Confirmatory factor analyses on the appetite questionnaires were conducted to probe fitting to the model. We computed Cronbach ‘s α coefficients and criterion-referenced/-related validity figures examining associations of the three appetite battery scores with body mass index ( BMI ) values and with nutrition-related questionnaire values. Test-retest reproducibility of appetite tools was scrutinized over an approximately 2-week interval. An exploratory factor analysis demonstrated that the CNAQ-J was constructed of one factor ( appetite ), yielding the SNAQ-JE, which includes four questions derived from the CNAQ-J. The three appetite instruments showed about equivalent match to the mannequin and reproducibility. The CNAQ-J and SNAQ-JE demonstrated satisfactory dependability and significant criterion-referenced/-related validity values, including BMIs, but the SNAQ-J included a low factor-loading item, exhibited less satisfactory dependability and had a non-significant relationship to BMI. The CNAQ-J and SNAQ-JE may be applied to assess the appetite of japanese aged, including persons with some cognitive stultification. Copyright © 2017 The Authors. production and host by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved .
  14. Demographic and life style factors associated with vitamin D status in pregnant japanese women .
    Shiraishi, Mie ; Haruna, Megumi ; Matsuzaki, Masayo ; Murayama, Ryoko
    Maternal vitamin D insufficiency causes pregnancy complications and delay skeletal exploitation in offspring. This analyze aimed at identifying demographic and life style factors associated with vitamin D condition in fraught japanese women. A total of 284 healthy meaning women in the irregular spare were recruited at a university hospital in Tokyo, between June 2010 and July 2011. Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D ( 25 ( OH ) D ) concentrations were measured using chemiluminescent immunoassay. We assessed vitamin D consumption using a self-administered diet history questionnaire and asked participants about life style variables, including casual duration of sunlight exposure and supplement use. The mean ( SD ) serum 25 ( OH ) D concentration was 9.8 ( 4.7 ) ng/mL. Almost 60 % of the participants had dangerous vitamin D insufficiency ( measured as 25 ( OH ) D < 10 ng/mL ). multiple regression analysis showed that multigravidity, pre-pregnancy non-underweight status, higher energy-adjusted vitamin D consumption, and use of vitamin D supplements were correlated with higher serum 25 ( OH ) D concentrations ( β=0.245, β=-0.119, β=0.226, and β=0.197, respectively ). In the summer probe, women with longer durations of sunlight exposure had significantly higher serum 25 ( OH ) D concentrations ( β=0.201 ) that were unrelated to the factors outlined previously. In the winter probe, women with a gamey education level had higher serum 25 ( OH ) D concentrations than others ( β=0.330 ). Our results would be utilitarian for identifying fraught women at a high risk of low vitamin D status, such as primigravida and those with pre-pregnancy scraggy condition, broken education level, low vitamin D intake, and abruptly durations of sunlight exposure .
  15. Effects of Eight Months of Whole-Body Vibration Training on the Muscle Mass and Functional Capacity of Elderly Women .
    Santin-Medeiros, Fernanda ; Rey-López, Juan P ; Santos-Lozano, Alejandro ; Cristi-Montero, Carlos S ; Garatachea Vallejo, Nuria
    few interposition studies have used whole-body oscillation ( WBV ) training in the aged, and there is inconclusive tell about its health benefits. We examined the consequence of 8 months of WBV training on muscleman mass and functional capability in aged women. A entire of 37 women ( aged 82.4 ± 5.7 years ) voluntarily participated in this survey. Subjects were randomly assigned to a shaking group ( newton = 19 ) or a control group ( nitrogen = 18 ). The vibration group trained on a upright vibration chopine doubly a workweek. The see group was requested not to change their accustomed life style. The quadriceps femur muscleman cross-section area was determined by magnetic rapport image. All participants were evaluated by a battery of tests ( Senior Fitness Test ) to determine their functional capacity, arsenic well as handle lastingness and balance/gait. general linear repeated-measure psychoanalysis of discrepancy ( group by time ) was performed to examine the consequence of the interposition on the outcomes variables. After 8 months, nonstatistically significant differences in the quadriceps CSA ( pre-training : 8,516.16 ± 1,271.78 mm² and post-training : 8,671.63 ± 1,389.03 mm² ) ( p > 0.05 ) were found in the WBV group ( Cohen ‘s vitamin d : -0.12 ), whereas the CON group importantly decreased muscle mass ( pre-training : 9,756.18 ± 1,420.07 mm² and post-training : 9,326.82 ± 1,577.53 mm² ), with centrist effect size discernible ( Cohen ‘s d : 0.29 ). In both groups, no changes were observed in the functional capability, handle persuasiveness and balance/gait. The WBV educate could prevent the passing of quadriceps CSA in aged women .
  16. In vitro activities of 10 antimicrobial agents against bacterial vaginosis-associated anaerobic isolates from pregnant japanese and thai women .
    Puapermpoonsiri, S ; Watanabe, K ; Kato, N ; Ueno, K
    The in vitro activities of 10 antimicrobial agents against 159 bacterial vaginosis-associated anaerobic isolates from meaning japanese and thai women were determined. Clindamycin, imipenem, cefmetazole, amoxicillin, amoxicillin-clavulanate, and metronidazole were highly active against all anaerobic isolates except Prevotella bivia and Mobiluncus species, which were repellent to amoxicillin and metronidazole, respectively. Cefotiam, ceftazidime, and ofloxacin were variably effective, while cefaclor was the least effective agent .
  17. Ventilatory and cardiometabolic responses to unilateral sandpaper in aged women with ischemic heart disease : a pilot program learn .
    Muraki, T ; Kujime, K ; Kaneko, T ; Su, M ; Ueba, Y
    This report was undertaken to investigate how 8 aged women with ischemic heart disease would respond to a unilateral sandpaper action. Three ventilatory measures-expiratory tidal volume, respiratory rate, and expiratory volume — and four cardiometabolic measures — metabolic equivalent, systolic lineage blackmail, heart pace, and press rate merchandise — were continuously recorded during the sandpaper bodily process. The two freelancer variables were angle of the sanding board and sanding speed. The bodily process was graded to yield five conditions : ( a ) sitting at respite ; ( b-complex vitamin ) 0 degrees at 15 cycles per minute ( cpm ) ; ( coulomb ) 0 degrees at 30 cpm ; ( five hundred ) 15 degrees at 15 cpm ; and ( east ) 15 degrees at 30 cpm. The findings indicated that increasing the angle of the board while holding the speed changeless did not always increase the mean values of the ventilatory and cardiometabolic measures. however, increasing the speed while holding the angle constant constantly increased the mean values of the dependant variables. The data besides indicated that the metabolic equivalent reached during the sandpaper activity was no greater than 2, which corresponds to a light activeness, such as playing a melodious musical instrument. rejoinder of the study with a larger sample size may further elucidate the behavior of these two functions during a graded sandpaper action. In the deliver discipline, a unilateral sandpaper natural process by aged patients with cardiac impairment was shown to provide valuable data on ventilatory and cardiometabolic functions. The study besides demonstrated that a unilateral sandpaper bodily process can be safely used as a grade activeness in occupational therapy for the cardiac reclamation of aged women .
  18. Overweight/obesity and scraggy are both risk factors for osteoporotic fractures at different sites in japanese postmenopausal women .
    Tanaka, S ; Kuroda, T ; Saito, M ; Shiraki, M
    This cohort study of 1,614 postmenopausal japanese women followed for 6.7 years showed that overweight/obesity and scraggy are both gamble factors for fractures at different sites. fracture hazard assessment may be improved if fracture sites are taken into account and BMI is categorized. The effect of soundbox mass index ( BMI ) on fracture at a given level of bone mineral density ( BMD ) is controversial, since varying associations between BMI and fracture sites have been reported. A full of 1,614 postmenopausal japanese women were followed for 6.7 years in a hospital-based age group study. Endpoints included incidental vertebral, femoral neck, and long-bone fractures. Rate ratios were estimated by Poisson regression models adjusted for age, diabetes mellitus, BMD, prior fracture, back pain, and discussion by estrogen. Over a bastardly follow-up period of 6.7 years, a entire of 254 clinical and 335 morphometric vertebral fractures, 48 femoral neck fractures, and 159 long-bone fractures were observed. Incidence rates of vertebral fracture in scraggy and convention weight women were importantly lower than overweight or corpulent women by 0.45 ( 95 % confidence time interval : 0.32 to 0.63 ) and 0.61 ( 0.50 to 0.74 ), respectively, if BMD and other risk factors were adjusted, and by 0.66 ( 0.48 to 0.90 ) and 0.70 ( 0.58 to 0.84 ) if only BMD was not adjusted. Incidence rates of femoral neck and long-bone fractures in the scraggy group were higher than the overweight/obese group by 2.15 ( 0.73 to 6.34 ) and 1.51 ( 0.82 to 2.77 ) and were exchangeable between normal weight and overweight/obesity. Overweight/obesity and scraggy are both risk factors for fractures at different sites. fracture risk judgment may be improved if fracture sites are taken into account and BMI is categorized .
  19. Is dietary diverseness a proxy measurement of nutrient sufficiency in irani aged women ?
    Tavakoli, Sogand ; Dorosty-Motlagh, Ahmad Reza ; Hoshiar-Rad, Anahita ; Eshraghian, Mohamad Reza ; Sotoudeh, Gity ; Azadbakht, Leila ; Karimi, Mehrdad ; Jalali-Farahani, Sara
    To investigate whether pulmonary tuberculosis of more divers diets would increase the probability of nutrients sufficiency among aged women in Tehran, Iran. This cross-section sketch was conducted on 292 women aged ≥60 years who were randomly selected from 10 public health centers among 31 centers in south area of Tehran. Because of some limitations we randomly chose these 10 centers. The sample sizes provided 80 % statistical might to meet the drive of study for test the relationship between Nutrient Adequacy Ratio ( NAR ), Mean Adequacy Ratio ( MAR ) as a dependent variable and entire Dietary Diversity Score ( DDS ) as an independent varying. dietary intakes were assessed by two 24-h echo questionnaires. The beggarly probability of sufficiency across 12 nutrients and energy were calculated using the Dietary Reference Index ( DRI ). dietary diversity Score was defined according to diet choice index revised ( Haines et alabama. method ). To investigate the relationship between MAR and DDS some demographic and socioeconomic variables were examined. Mean ± SD of total dietary diversity was 4.22 ± 1.28 ( range 1.07-6.93 ). The Fruit and vegetable groups had the highest ( 1.27 ± 0.65, range 0-2.0 ) and the lowest ( 0.56 ± 0.36, range 0-1.71 ) diversity score, respectively. We observed that total DDS has significant positive correlation with MAR ( r = 0.65, P < 0.001 ). full DDS was significantly associated with NAR of all 12 studied nutrients ( P < 0.01 ) ; probability sufficiency of vitamin B2 revealed the strongest ( gas constant = 0.63, P < 0.01 ) and vitamin B12 revealed the weakest ( gas constant = 0.28, P < 0.01 ) relationship with entire DDS. When maximizing sensitivity and specificity, the best cut-off point for achieving MAR≥1 was 4.5 for DDS. The results of our study showed that DDS is an appropriate indicator of the probability of nutrient adequacy in Tehranian aged women. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved .
  20. Frailty Change and Major Osteoporotic Fracture in the aged : Data from the Global Longitudinal Study of Osteoporosis in Women 3-Year Hamilton Cohort .

    Li, Guowei ; Papaioannou, Alexandra ; Thabane, Lehana ; Cheng, Ji ; Adachi, Jonathan D
    Investigating the accumulative rate of deficits and the change of a frailty index ( FI ) chronologically is helpful in clinical and inquiry settings in the aged. however, limited attest for the change of frailty before and after some nonfatal adverse health event such as a major osteoporotic fault ( MOF ) is available. Data from the Global Longitudinal Study of Osteoporosis in Women 3-Year Hamilton cohort were used in this study. The changes of FI before and after onset of MOF were compared between the women with and without incident MOF. We besides evaluated the relationship between risk of MOF, falls, and death and the change of FI and the absolute FI measures. There were 3985 women included in this learn ( beggarly age 69.4 years ). The change of FI was significantly larger in the women with MOF than those without MOF at class 1 ( 0.085 versus 0.067, phosphorus = 0.036 ) and year 2 ( 0.080 versus 0.052, phosphorus = 0.042 ) post-baseline. The FI change was not significantly related with risk of MOF independently of age. however, the absolute FI measures were importantly associated with increase risk of MOF, falls, and death independently of age. In compendious, the increase of the FI is importantly larger in the aged women experiencing a MOF than their peer controls, indicating their worsening frailty and greater deficit accretion after a MOF. Measures of the FI deepen may aid in the understand of accumulative aging nature in the aged and serve as an musical instrument for interposition plan and assessment. © 2015 american Society for Bone and Mineral Research .

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