25 Walgreens Interview Questions and Answers 2020

Do you want to apply for a job at Walgreens ? Or possibly you already have an interview lined up ?
Either way, I have a list of the most normally asked questions at Walgreens ‘ interviews ( and the answers they want to hear ) .
here we go…

Why do you want to work for Walgreens?

  • I enjoy working in the health space and I like to help people solve their health problems.
  • I like working in retail and I also like the daily contact with customers.
  • I’ve shopped at Walgreens all my life since I was a kid. You’re my favorite pharmacy store.
  • I’ve heard you take good care of your employees. I’ve heard great things about your company.
  • Walgreens is a very successful company and I like to work for top companies.

Have you ever worked for Walgreens?

Walgreens values people that have worked for them in the by because it ‘s easier to get these workers up to speed.

If you ever worked there, mention your job style and responsibilities. If you have n’t, it ‘s ok. Having worked for Walgreens is not a prerequisite to get a job .

What do you know about Walgreens?

  • Charles Walgreen founded it in 1901.
  • It’s one of the biggest pharmacy retail chains in America
  • You operate almost 10,000 stores in America
  • It employs 225,000 people.

Have you ever worked in a pharmacy? What about retail?

retail experience working for other stores translates to working in a pharmacy on many levels. You do n’t need retail pharmacy experience to work for Walgreens. But it does n’t hurt …
If you have other retail experiences, note how many years of experience you have and what companies you worked for .
If you have no drugstore experience, mention how much you like helping people and how you ‘ve always been concern in the health industry .

Why did you leave your last job?

This is a slippery one. If you were fired, avoid mentioning it. You do n’t want them thinking you ‘re a debatable actor. here are a few desirable answers :

  • I prefer to do retail/pharmacy work
  • I’m looking for more interesting work and new opportunities
  • I want to change my career and expand my horizons
  • I left when the company went bankrupt / was restructuring
  • I had to leave due to family problems. I’m ready to go back to work.

For how long will you work for Walgreens?

Do n’t give them the impression you ‘ll be there for equitable a few months to a year. They hate job hoppers .

  • I want to keep working for Walgreens for the foreseeable future. I don’t have plans for a different career. This type of job is what I like best.

You want to make them believe you ‘re there to stay. That you are invested in the company .

Tell me about your education

Walgreens wants people who have at least a high educate diploma or a GED. It ‘s identical unmanageable to get lease otherwise .
A college degree wo n’t work against you, you do n’t have to hide it. Just tell the truth .
angstrom hanker as you have a high school diploma, department of education is not a problem .

What are your salary expectations?

There ‘s not a distribute of room for negotiating wage with Walgreens. Salary is set at the corporate level with very few differences between stores .
You will only have room to negotiate work hours. And even that it ‘s based on their needs .
They good want to know if you are probable to bail because you are getting paid below expectations .

  • I’m not sure. Can you tell me how much you pay for [position name]?

When negotiating a wage there is a golden govern : never give a count beginning .

How can Walgreens become a better company?

sometimes you will be asked for suggestions on how to make more sales at the stores or how to make the company more successful .

  • More investment in customer service. Making customers happy is always priority number one.
  • Ask customers what they’d like to buy from Walgreens that is not available right now.
  • Invest more in the website and social media to increase sales.

These types of questions are more likely to be asked for management positions .

Do you consider yourself a reliable person?

Will you show up on time every day ? Are you good at following instructions ? Can you be trusted to manage money ?

  • I’m responsible, reliable, and good at following instructions. You won’t regret hiring me.
  • I’m always on time for work. Other people would depend on my punctuality to get their medicine.
  • My previous coworkers and managers respected and liked my work. I can give you references if you want them.
  • I get along great with everybody, and I’m always available to help coworkers with their work.

Describe other professional experiences you’ve had

Mention other jobs you had along with‌ job titles and daily responsibilities .

  • I worked in specialty sales at Target for 2 years. I always hit my sales quota and learned a lot dealing with customers on a daily basis.
  • I worked at CVS Health for the last 4 years. I learned a lot about how pharmacies work, and I think I can use some of that knowledge at Walgreens.

The finish here is to stress the skills you gained that can be used at Walgreens .

What is your biggest weakness?

mention a weakness that does n’t matter much for working at Walgreens .

  • Sometimes I lack confidence in myself. But that has never stopped me from trying to improve myself and to say yes to challenges.
  • I’m a little perfectionist and impatient. I’m trying to be more patient when dealing with others.

Do n’t “ brag plain ”, which is giving a failing that sounds like a strength. At least if you do it, do it wisely .

What is your biggest strength?

  • I’m a very social person and I love talking with people, including strangers. I have no issue with selling, giving suggestions, or trying to help people with their problems.
  • I have strong attention to detail and I’m an excellent organizer too. I like everything clean and in the right place.
  • I’m a flexible person and I can do many jobs. If there is something that needs to be done, I’m on it.

Do you have customer service experience?

Working at Walgreens means daily customer interaction. Whatever experience you bring from previous jobs will be a plus .
If you have customer avail experience :

  • Yes, I worked at [Company] and my job was [position]. I interacted with customers daily. I enjoyed it a lot.

If you do n’t have customer service experience :

  • I don’t, but I’m a very friendly and outgoing person. I have no problem dealing with people and helping them with their problems. I feel like I would excel in such a role.

A customer enters the store. What would you say?

  • Hello Sir, how may I help you?
  • Good morning! What can I do for you today?

A customer is angry. How do you deal with that?

  • I would make sure I understood what the issue was first.
  • Then I would apologize and offer to ‌fix it.
  • If there was no way to fix the issue, I would talk with the manager and ask him what is the proper way to address the problem.
  • If the customer is wrong, I would educate him on why he’s wrong and offer alternatives.

A customer is complaining he’s waiting too long. How do you address it?

  • I would apologize, and if the problem was on our end, we would try to speed up customer service.
  • I would try to give him an estimate of how long it would take to get to him.
  • Otherwise, I would remind the customer he’s not the only one waiting and to wait for his turn.
  • I would do this in a calm and friendly way. We should always be nice to customers.

Why should Walgreens hire you?

  • I love interacting with people and serving them in the best way I can. I’m hard working and pay attention to detail. I’m a reliable worker.
  • And I would love to ‌work in a pharmacy.

And if you have the have, go further :

  • I have experience working in retail and I understood how stores function and how the process works. If I’m hired, I will need very little training.

Do you have experience doing [activity they mention]?

There are many positions in a Walgreens store. Salespeople, pharmacy technicians, customer service people, switch leaders, smasher consultants, you name it .
For each of these roles, there are specific tasks you have to perform daily .
It ‘s easy to answer the interview if you have experience, but what if you do n’t ? Mention your soft skills like communication ability, social skills, or anything that is seen as a strength in a retail storehouse .

Are you able to lift weights easily?

If you have to manage stocks in a Walgreens memory, you will credibly be asked if you have the strength to lift arduous objects .
Do n’t worry though, we ‘re not talking about big weights. Just something that a healthy man or woman can easily deal with .

Are you a team player?

The director wants to know if you are good at working with other people in a pharmacy setting. simple answer :

  • I love to be surrounded by people and be part of a team working towards common goals. I’m definitely a team player.
  • I dislike conflict and always work towards resolving differences of opinion with customers and colleagues.
  • I like to make friends at work but also understand that Walgreens is a business and the primary goal is to help the customer and make money.

How do you handle a misbehaving colleague?

  • I would kindly warm him or her that their behavior is inconsistent with expected behavior at Walgreens.
  • I would give them a warning and expect them to change their behavior.
  • If they didn’t change or if their behavior is bad enough, I would talk with management.

What is your schedule preference? How many hours do you want to work?

You will be assigned a schedule and set hours when you ‘re starting out. You do n’t have a draw of leverage at Walgreens compared to other jobs. There is n’t vitamin a a lot tractability. But you can state your preferences .

  • I don’t have a big preference, I’m available at all times and ready to work(probably the best answer and what they want to hear).
  • I want to work full time if possible because I have a family to support. But it’s ok if I get fewer hours than that.
  • I prefer nights because I have classes during the day.

Depending on your operation while working at Walgreens, your coach might give you more hours. It all depends on your kinship with your coach, though .

Do you have transportation?

People without transportation are less probable to show up on meter at cultivate. Walgreens wants people with reliable transportation .

  • I live close to work. It’s not a problem.
  • I’m using public transportation, it doesn’t take long to get here.
  • I have a car, it’s not a problem to get here quickly.

Whatever your answer, downplay the time it takes you to get to work .

Do you have ‌questions?

If you get offered a job, make certain you ask about your schedule and a copy of your compress. Ask for your job uniform besides and when is the starting date .
It might take a few weeks for you to get started, do n’t worry .

What to wear to a Walgreens interview

Walgreens prefer candidates who dress business casual. That ‘s genuine for both men and women. If you are interviewing for management or corporate positions, bring a suit .
Walgreens is more conservative than other retail stores. They ‘re dealing with people ‘s health, so that ‘s apprehensible .

Walgreens interview process

You can apply online for a job or walk-in to any storehouse and ask for an application. Sometimes you will be asked to apply through a calculator in the storehouse. They might besides ask you to perform a little appraisal test .
They might take a few weeks to get back to you. It ‘s oklahoma to call the hire director and ask about the condition of your application. Do n’t do it excessively much though, you do n’t want to annoy them .
The consultation itself is rather informal, but make sure you show up in business free-and-easy tire. They ask very like questions to all candidates .
For management positions, there will be multiple interview rounds. Each position in a Walgreens store will be asked a few specific questions, but these are the minority .

How easy it is to get a job at Walgreens?

It depends on how well the economy is doing. When the economy is doing well, it becomes easier. When people are losing their jobs, it becomes harder .
Getting a occupation at Walgreens is not that heavily, but it ‘s not like getting a speculate at Subway. They are a bit more selective.

What skills do you need to work at Walgreens?

Since Walgreens is a retail pharmacy memory, retail skills are the most important :

  • Customer service knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management
  • Ability to work with others as a team
  • Operating a POS system or a cash register
  • Stocking based on demand
  • Basic math skills

Does Walgreens provide uniforms?

They will provide you with a uniform depend on the stead you have in the shop. Cashiers, smasher consultants, salesperson, managers, and pharmacists all wear different uniforms .

How much money do people make at Walgreens?

Walgreens pays an average of $ 13, but it depends heavily on the military position and it ‘s update early .

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