When Should I Consider Withdrawing my Immigration Case at USCIS?

When Should I Consider Withdrawing my Immigration Case at USCIS?

Every nowadays and then, people come to see us at the office, and they have a character that is completely messed up. These are normally cases that they have filed pro selenium, which means they filed them without an lawyer, and their case has gotten a bit more complicate, and we have to start considering the choice of withdrawing a shell. En Español .
now, you never actually want to withdraw a subject because obviously you ’ ve paid your filing fees, and when you withdraw the lawsuit, you do lose your file fees. You besides might have a set of time invested in the processing of your case, and you might ’ ve done a fortune of work to get it american samoa far as you did, but in certain circumstances, it is a very dear idea to go ahead and withdraw the font.

What are some examples of this ? Well, one fourth dimension person came to see us, and after he had filed his citizenship application, he had gotten arrested, and his criminal charges were pending. It looked like we were not going to be able to get the condemnable case disposed of before the citizenship interview, so we went ahead and withdrew the subject .
We had another position where a young couple came to see us, and they had gotten their case thus complicated, and there were then many bad facts in the case that we decided to withdraw that casing arsenic well, and the clients agreed .
What happened in that situation is that the couple had been fighting off and on over clock, and there was a family member who was not felicitous about the marriage. That kin member had gone down to immigration and reported them as having these marital problems, and we were worried that if we went ahead with the interview with everything just as it was, it ’ vitamin d very put us in a bad luminosity, and the case would credibly be denied because there are things worse than a denial because you can be caught with a fraud or a falsification allegation, and that ’ s flush worse than precisely having your case denied.
It ’ s relatively easy to withdraw a case. In most situations, USCIS is glad to close the file and move on to the following case. All you have to do is send a letter with your sheath numbers on there and reference the fact that you want to withdraw the subject. They ’ re by and large pretty volition to do that. They ’ ll do it all the way up until the interview. What you don ’ thymine want to do is make them do all this extra work and then try to withdraw it .
now, USCIS is not required to allow you to withdraw the case. We have had a few situations where we tried to withdraw a case, and immigration servicing did not allow us to do that, so it ’ s a good idea if you ’ re thinking about withdrawing the case or if you think that there ’ s something incorrect with your case that you want to make sure that you go talk to a competent immigration lawyer. You want to see a well immigration lawyer and make sure that everything gets squared away by rights and that you ’ re getting good advice as to whether or not you want to withdraw the case.

It ’ s not something you ’ re going to do in every casing, but it is an option, and sometimes discretion is the better partially of heroism. That ’ s an old expression, and what it means is that sometimes you want to be able to live and fight another day. You want to have another chance, and so in a set of these cases that we ’ ve seclude, we ’ ve re-prepared them, we ’ ve gone over the facts and done things a short moment differently than the people did without an lawyer, and we ’ ve been able to get those cases approved .
If you have any questions about your case or if you ’ rhenium inquisitive, “ Is there something incorrectly about my shell that would make me want to withdraw it, ” feel rid to give us a call .
The other thing that this points out is the fact that you very want to have a thoroughly representation from the begin because a lot of these mistakes were things that were done by the pair because they didn ’ thymine have an lawyer, so this hale problem of having to potentially withdraw a case highlights the fact that it ’ second very important to have effective immigration guidance right from the begin.

If you have any questions, like I said, give us a call, 314-961-8200, or you can email us at [ electronic mail protected ]
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